You are only mine- ragsan- part 3

Hi everyone. Hope u all enjoyed diwali very much.

Remember this ff?

Lets start now..

Next mrng

Jan: ragini. I have to go for shopping. When will u be free?

Rag: u tell me time mom. I’ll tell abt that.

Jan: evng 4.

Rag: naina(from swabhiman) will pick u. I’ll join both of u at mall directly.

Jan: ok.

Evng at mall.

Jan: naina. Where is this girl? She had told she’ll join us. Now it 5. Still don’t know where’s she.

Nai: don’t wry aunty. She’ll come soon. She had left there. Wait I’ll cal her.

Naina is abt to call, ragini comes from back.

Nai: hi ragu. U r late.

Rag: lets do shopping. Mom.. everything over or still anything is remaining.

Jan: yes. That section is remained. Come lets go.

Rag: u both go. I’ll be here.

Jan: u came to join us rite?

Rag: mom pls. m with u only. U complete it and come. Till that I’ll see here something for me.

Jan: ok. Be here only.

Both went that side. Ragini was there only just walking slowly seeing shops.

Same time sanskar and karan enter the mall.

San: karan already we searched 2 malls, u dint like anything. At least tell wat u r luking for?

Kar: it shud b different gift. Its my bestie bday.

San: from mrng we r searching karan.

Kar: this is last. Ok. Pls sanky. Come.

San: ok . last.

Both went inside a gift shop. It was a big shop. While searching sanskars hand touches to a gift. A soft music played from that gift. He heard music and went with karan to next row. Ragini stops at her place listening that music. She goes in that direction. She entered into shop. She saw that gift. It was bowl in which a beautiful girl was standing and boy was bending on knees holding rose towards her. As music plays that snow will fall within that bowl. Ragini liked it a lot, specially that music. She was moving towards that gift. But before her another girl took it. That girl went to owner and told to pack it. Ragini comes there.

Rag: excuse me, I want this gift. U take another one.

Girl: this is a single piece. I liked it. I cant give.

Rag: I’ll give u double money of this.

Girl: no way.

Rag: four times more money.

Girl: no.

Girl was not at all ready to give.

Ragini turns towards owner.

Rag: I want that gift. I’ll pay u as much u want.

Own: sry ma’am. Its already taken by her. I cant do anything.

Rag: last time m asking u.

Own: sry ma’am.

Ragini takes a other gift from that shop and drops it. It breaks.

Own: ma’am wat r u doing?

Rag: r u giving or not?

Own: ma’am wats this way?

Rag: yes or no?

Again breaks one more gift.

Owner scared: ok ok ma’am. M giving it to u. (to that girl) plz ma’am, u take another. Otherwise this girl will destroy my shop.

Girl also scared, gave it to owner and left from there.

Owner packs that gift and gives it to ragini. Ragini gives him gift money as well as the things which she has broken. Owner luks at her in little fear. He scared to take money.

Rag: take it. I don’t want anyone’s sympathy. So take money whatever I damaged here.

Owner takes it. Ragini left from there. As she left sanskar and karan comes there.

Sanskar to owner: wat was happening here? Why these things r broken?

Owner told everything to them. Sanskar went out to see her but by the time she was not there.

San: how crazy? How can she do like this?

Janki and naina were luking from far whatever ragini did.

Jan: is this way to behave? All were luking at us only.

Rag: I don’t care abt anyothers. I just do wat my mind and heart say.

Jan: ragu, this is not gud.

Rag: mom plz. Don’t give ur lecture now. If ur shopping over then lets move to home. M waiting for u both in car. Saying she left.

Janki got tensed.

Nai: don’t wry aunty. U know abt her nature. Don’t get upset. Come lets go. Its too late. We have to prepare dinner too. M staying with u people today. Smilingly ,, is it ok na aunty?

Jan: of course dear. U don’t need our permission.

Nai: oh no.. aunty I left my purse in that shop only. I’ll just come.

Saying so she walk fastly towards shop. From opp karan and sanskar were coming. She collides with karan and both fell down. Naina was on top of karan. They have an eyelock. After few seconds still they are in same position. Sanskar bend down and sees both.

San: still for how much long u both want to stare? Shall I play a background song?

Both came to sense.

Nai: am sry. Actually I was going fast. Cudnt see u.

Kar: no prob. Its ok. Nothing happened to u rite?

San: audible to karan. She was on ur top karan. Something is happened to u. not her.

Nai: nothing. M ok. Sry again and thanks.

She went. Karan was looking at that direction only.

San: bro.. now u r not getting late.

Kar: came to sense. Ok come lets go.

Naina comes to janaki.

Trio left in car to home.


San & kar were discussing abt whatever happened in shop.

Karan was thinking abt naina.

San: how that girl is.? I wish I cud see her face. This much attitude is not gud.

Kar: leav sanky. Y r u still in that topic.?

San: no. it just came in mind. By the way wat u r thinking? Abt that girl?

Kar: she’s very cute.

San: means I’ll get my bhabhi first.

Kar: stop it.

San: how ur girl was and how that shop girl was?

Sanskar was thinking abt her only.

Kar: leav sanky. u r not going to live ur life with her.

How this part sissy’s? I hope u like it. Do likes and comments.

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