YOU and ME..!! Second Shot

YOU and ME..!! – Second Shot

Swasan somehow managed to pack up all of Swara’s belongings with a few brief breaks and got her all unpacked in the spare room at Sanky’s and Lucky’s house.

Swara got used to living with two boys, doing the dishes, the laundry and the buying of groceries, and she managed to keep hers and Sanky’s raging hormones in check when they were out in public, such as at work, in classes, or studying.

Towards her and spooned her. He was quite okay with it though, it felt….right, so he kissed her neck, and went back to sleep after tightening his arm over her waist.

The first night that Swara lived in the house as an actual housemate, Sanky woke up in the middle of the night and was again startled to discover that Swara had come in and curled up under his comforter with him, and that he had apparently responded to her presence in his sleep and had turned.

Sanky and Swara developed a consistent schedule :- Wake up, eat a quick breakfast, hurry off to their separate classes, eat lunch at the campus coffee shop, and alternated between studying and making out, and on Fridays when Lucky would throw yet another party, Sanky would take Swara out on a date, off campus, and Swara would somehow end up back in Sanky’s bed each night.

It was kind of funny actually, every night, Swara would go to bed in her own room, but she would at an unknown hour sneak into Sanky’s room without fail.

There was one Friday in particular that was so much better than any other in the past.

It started off with Sanky taking Swara to a nice steak restaurant off campus, when they arrived Swara was surprised to see that except for them, the restaurant was empty and there was a single table covered with a red tablecloth in the center of the room with tall candles burning in the middle and a large bouquet of red and white roses at Swara’s seat.

She was so happy and realized how much he loved her and how great of a guy he was.

Sanky had pulled out Swara’s chair for her and pushed it back in, and then sat down across from her, Swara smiled at Sanky and when he beamed back.,

She blushed and bit her bottom lip as she looked down at her plate.

She heard Sanky chuckle, looked up, and saw him fiddling with something just below the table.,

Sanky : Swara, I was going to wait until later in the evening for this, but I think that maybe I’ll just do it now.

Swara giggled nervously.,

Swara : Eh Sanky, what are you up to…??

Sanky smiled brilliantly in a way that caused very attractive dimples to appear, he stood up, pulled a paintball out of his pocket and handed it to Swara.

Swara was suddenly very confused and she could feel her brow crinkle and heard Sanky chuckle.,

Sanky : Swara baby, it’s not a real paintball, you can crack it open and there won’t be any paint in it.

Swara felt herself blush in embarrassment for not having realized that it wasn’t a real paintball for herself, even though it definitely looked real.

She tried to squeeze and crack the shell, but was unable, luckily she thought to use her steak knife, she peeled the two sides apart and inside saw something sparkly.

She stuck a finger inside to pull whatever it was outside and gasped, shocked to see that it was a diamond ring.

She felt Sanky grab both of her hands, she looked at him kneeling on one knee and beaming up at her,

Sanky : So, Swara what do you say…?? Miss. Swara Gadodia, are you willing to chain yourself to me for the rest of our lives and if one dies before the other, to be buried alive as company..??

Swara laughed through her teary eyes.,

Swara : Oh, is that all..?? Of course ‘YES’..!!!

Sanky wrapped his arms around Swara’s waist, still on his knee and Swara wrapped her arms around his head, pressing his head to her stomach.

Sanky eventually got up, gently pried the tiny, delicate ring from Swara’s grip, and slid her purity ring off of her ring finger sending a thrill through her and put the engagement ring in its place, put the purity ring in his pocket and the pulled Swara against him, kissed her with a passion that made her absolutely breathless.

It was quite some time before they drew apart, but even once they did, they didn’t go very far from each other.

Sanky sat back down and Swara not being able to handle being all the way across the table from him, sat on his lap.

They got their steaks and ate in excited, happy silence and were drinking the sparkling apple cider that the restaurant had given them on the house for their engagement and that last thought sent a thrill of absolute joy through Swara.

ENGAGED. She is Sanky’s fiancée and Sanky is her fiancé.

They finally finished their dinner and bottle of sparkling apple cider and headed back home, where unfortunately Lucky was throwing yet another party.

Swara pulled Sanky into her room to talk and to ask him something that she had been considering for a few months now.,

She turned to Sanky and saw watching her curiously with his head cocked like an adorable puppy.

Swara : Sanky, would you be okay with instead of me sleeping in your room with you tonight, if you would sleep in here with me…!!

Sanky nodded.

Sanky : Of course Swara, it also helps that your room isn’t too girly. I’ll go brush my teeth, if I can get to the bathroom, go in my room to get changed into my night dress, lock my door after I leave my room, and I’ll come back here.

Swara sighed in relief.

Swara : Thanks Sanky, I’m going to do the same as well.

Sanky grinned.

Sanky : Of course, my lovely fiancée.

Swara : I like how that sounds, my lovely fiancé.

Sanky : I like how that sounds too.

They both just grinned at each other for a moment, Sanky attempted to briefly kiss Swara, but that worked about as well as it ever had in the past, they eventually detached and Sanky raced out the door.

Sanky finally came back and closed the door while locking it so that no partygoers could barge in.

Swara was standing by the corner of the room a little awkwardly because except for that first night after seeing Sanky, she had always snuck in after he was asleep.,

Sanky smiled gently to reassure her.,

He got into the bed, next to the wall and under the covers, and held up the other side for Swara.

She crawled into bed and turned so that her back was to Sanky’s chest and when he looped his arms around her waist, she entwined their fingers together and squeezed softly and was rewarded with a soft squeeze back and a kiss on the back of her neck.


That was it..!!

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