Swaragini- my friend (Episode 31)

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All Previous Parts:

Let I start the last part.
In Vrindavan,
Kalyani sobs and Suji and Radhika tries to console her. Everyone just frozen and try to digest the biggest truth. Janki, janvi and kavitha reminisces their moments with Laxmi while others reminisces their moment with Laksh and as laxmi.
“Bhabhi…” Annu called and entered with rehan.
Dp and Sultan followed her.
Suji,kalyani and Radhika hugs her.
“my Laksh left me, Annu…” Kalyani sobs.
Annu caresses her hair” no bhabhi.. he will definitely return as my son Rehan returned to me. Just give some time to them.”
“Don’t worry about their safety. I made every arrangements”Sultan assured.
Veer folds his hand before” thanks thanks for everything Sultanji.”
Sultan holds his hand” its not needed Veer, Laksh is also like Arjun to me. Laksh rebuilt your firm that too after so much struggles. You have to take chairmenship till he returns. I hope you all never let his hard work waste and when the time comes, I will tell you about him where he is…”
Sultan and Dp leaves while Ap stayed in Vrindavan itself to give moral support to her family.

After five months,
In Ooty,
In a medium sized house,
In Kitchen,
A person and a man takes knife in their hands. Their eyes shows a feeling of Rage and cruelity.
Another person lays before them in a slab. Man signs person and both stabs that another person.
“Papa, it’s so hard to cut. How will you do this?” person asked innocently.
“Arre Prince, it’s jack fruit . it’s like that only… “ Laksh said and parted the jack fruit and takes seeds and fruit pulps separately.
“Papa, it’s so yummy..”Sathya said while licking his hand.
Laksh smiles and grinds the pulp.
Sathya yawns”Papa, when will we complete this? We don’t have so much time”
“Arre prince, put a spoon full of ghee in kada. I will come…” Laksh replied.
Sathya put spoon full of ghee in kada and laksh comes with grinded pulp.
Laksh sautés cashew and badam, raisins in ghee and then put another kada in stove, cooks Jackfruit halwa.
“haan.. it will need some time, prince. Come we will knead this flour…” Laksh takes Sathya hands with his hands and kneads flour.
Sathya giggles while Laksh putting flour in his nose.
“haan Halwa is ready” Laksh announced and gives a taste to Sathya and eagerly sees his face.
Sathya licks his mouth” papa, it’s so yummy..”
Sathya hugs and Lakshya smiles in happiness as he gets some award.
“papa, it’s time to surprise cutie..” Sathya announced.
Ragini who is watching their cooking at kitchen corridor slowly walks towards her room, lays on her bed and pretends to sleep.

Ragini’s POV
It’s been a five months , we settled down in this place. I asked Dadu to buy a coffee estate in Laksh name which he earned through paintings . first month, it’s so hard for us. I made jaan busy in estate farming works and in house, our prince always made him busy by spenting more time with his papa. He slowly adapted his new surrounding but he longed for our family. in second month, he habituated with new surrounding and slowly his mental state become normal. He and my prince always try to give surprise me. he even made my prince call me cutie.both shared a friendly father son bond. They always do pranks on kannama kaki, who is innocent worker of this house and sometime my companion when Laksh went for farm. One time, they do a ghost prank and another time, they drawn moustache and beard when she slept in working hour. both are such a dramebazz. But I saw Laksh smile which is genuine not fake. Their happiness made this building as house.Nowadays I am seeing my jaan whom I seen in my college and sahil bhai’s house. Sahil bhai, I am longing for my family. I want to see Shona, swayam, Amar and Sahil bhai. even laksh also longing for his family but till my fear didn’t let me. I want them to find us and take us. I know even Arjun bhai stopped them, they will find us. Today is my birthday and they are cooking for me. I know laksh is a great cook. But don’t know what he cooked. They entered in our room. I can smell a sweet aroma. Definitely he cooked something special.
I slowly half opened my eyes and sees jaan and prince who sees each other and smiling. Laksh takes halwa in finger and put it in my lip. I can’t control myself, it’s heavenly sweety, the ghee lightly entered intered into my mouth, it’s aroma, it’s divine make me lick my lips. I can hear jaan and prince giggle.
I opened my eyes.”maa, happy birthday…”
My prince kissed my cheeks and I see My jaan and reminded our incomplete kiss by licking my lip. He gives me a shocked expression and signed Sathya.
“Happy birthday cutie…”my jaan wished me and give me a dress a designer saree which was designed by him.
“papa, milk man came. I will buy milk”Sathya said and gone out.
I pulled my jaan by pulling his t shirt and he bumped in me.
“I want my gift, jaan and you know how to make me wear saree if you want me to see in saree” I whispered in his ear.
“waah! My cutie is in full form. In morning …” I didn’t let him to complete as I kissed his lips.
He looked me in surprise.
“maa..”prince entered our room.
I take our prince in my hand.” come, I will make you ready..”
“maa, I helped papa to make halwa even we prepared break fast also…” our prince said happily.
I kissed his cheeks” that’s why it’s so tasty otherwise your papa always make taste less food..” I lied.
“no maa.. you are saying wrong. papa always cook better than you..” my prince said and started to run.
I started to chase him and we ran the whole house and finally he hide behind my jaan.
Laksh POV
It’s been five months, we settled here. First, I badly missed my beloved ones my family especially my sansku. He should be heart broken. But I don’t find any otherway. Still, I remember what he said to my hologram when I exposed k is me.” my Laku is innocent, he can’t” it’s the word he said. Yes, everyone saw me only as innocent. My dark shade should be a hell shock to them. first they will miss me then they will start to live their life. I made them to habituated them. but I am longing for my family as cutie. I made myself immerse in farming work and started to explore this new place and made me fit in this place and In house, my prince always shares his feelings with me as he did that in school, he did this. I lost myself in his talks. After a long time, I started to laugh and smile genuinely with his pranks. He always made me his partner in crime and our relationship is not typical father and son. It’s kinda different, he always treat me as his friend, his special friend.
“papa, save me..” my little cute price hide behind me to escape from his maa, my cutie.
“jaan, he said my cooking is bad”My cutie complained me.
“sometimes,he will say true cutie. don’t bother about that” I put my hand on cutie to stop her and said .
She shrugged and sit in sofa angrily.
My prince and me sees each other.
“papa, we made maa angry that too in her birthday… we are so bad” my prince smartly added me also guilt.
I stared him in O mouth.
“arre Papa, come on , we will convince maa…”my prince said and dragged my hand with him.
He kneeled down and made me kneeled down.
“maa.. we are sorry. Your cooking is so good..” my prince said with puppy face.
“haan cutie. Prince always speak truth. He is son of king Harishchandra’s neighbour…” I said sarcastically while gaining glare from my both cutie and prince.
My cutie huffed.”Prince, you only so good.” My cutie hugged my prince and turned her face so beautifully. I don’t know why I always love to tease her nowadays. But something is in it while I convincing her, her expressions, her smile .
Soon, we both feeded sathya and he feeded us two bites.
School van come infront of house and blown horn. We bidded bye to them and while turning inside our house, she hitted me in my chest for reminding morning fight.
“cutie..” I called her and get inside to convince her.
She entered our room and I hold her hands and pulled towards me. she bumped in my chest and I locked her in my embrace and I put my face in her neck.

Ragini’s POV
“Cutie..” my jaan whispered in my ears. I don’t know why I always loose myself in his touch, his magical touch.
He put his face in my neck .
“do you anger on me?” my jaan asked me huskily while seeing my face in mirror.
“no.. never..” I muttered unconsciously.
He turned me and kissed my lips. I started to respond, I kissed him back.
His phone correctly ringed and he parted away from me.
“cutie.. some urgent work, I want your sign”my jaan asked me and I signed some papers.
I hitted his chest”you always know jaan how to convince me easily..”
He smiled, I lost myself in his killer smile.
“ lock the door cutie. I will come as soon as possible today…” my jaan said and left the house.
I smiled and muttered” I love you jaan…”
Time is running,
Nowadays I feel vomiting sensation and little bit dizzy. I decide to consult with a doctor.
I went to clinic.
In doctor’s cabin,
“Mrs.Ragini, didn’t your husband come with you?”Doctor asked me.
“no doctor..” I said scaringly. Don’t tell me that I am ill again. I prayed god.
“don’t need to fear mrs.Ragini. you are pregnant..”Doctor said with a smile.
Unknowingly, my hand touched my belly. Again A little baby formed in my vomb, sign of our love.
I smiled and at the same time, my eyes sheds tears in happiness. My long time wish is going to fulfil that too on my birthday.
I thanked doctor and returned home as soon as possible.
At evening,
I made my self ready in saree which my jaan gifted me. that Red colour and his designs made me look so beautiful. Kaki take kajal and put a dark mark beside my earlobe.
“you are looking so beautiful..beti. today Laksh beta can’t take his eyes from you”Kaki said which makes me blush.
My Jaan and my prince returned to home.
My jaan come towards me with smile and hold my shoulders.
He looked my eyes and I nodded my head down to control my blushing. I sense that he is smiling.
He come beside me and close my eyes with soft cloth. I touched that cloth.
“don’t take that cloth or don’t cheat me” he whispered in my ears.
“Prince, ready to give surprise for maa” he included my prince also.
“jolly papa..”my prince said, I can sense my prince is jumping in happiness.
He puts his hand in my waist and take me in his hand.
I hear door locking sound may be prince locks the door. He put me in his open jeep front seat and I tried to take cloth but he holded my hands.
“no..cutie..just have patience of five minutes..”My jaan whispered in my ears.

My prince sits beside me and holded my hands. After a five minute travel, he stopped the jeep.
He take me in his hand and walked. My prince hold my pallu of saree and walked with us.He make me stand carefully and opened my eyes.
That place.. it’s magnificient. I can’t describe. I feel clouds are passing through me. that chillness… I start to feel something different.
My jaan wrapped me with a shawl and pointed towards direction.
In far ,
I see”Happy birthday Cutie” organized by rose flowers that too in red. I don’t know what to say.
My prince hold my hands and take me to a place. In there, it’s decorated with jasmine. I love jasmine too after he always put me jasmine in my hair daily. I standed before a table and my jaan removed the cloth of table. There is a cake which in it “Happy birthday maa” is written.
“Maa.. I do it for you and papa also helped me”my prince said. I hugged him without bending and he encircled his hands in my waist.
“we love you maa so much…”my prince said.
“ok. it’s time to cut the cake…” my jaan reminded by understanding, I am getting emotional.
I hold my prince hands and I made my jaan hold my hands, we trio cut the cake.
I took a piece and feed my jaan and prince. My prince take a piece and feed me, and smeared cream in my nose little and smiled. I take a little cream in my hand and smeared it in cheeks. I sense my jaan is smiling and I turned and rubbed my nose in his cheek.
“Papa, you also have cream in face, wait.. I will clean it” my prince said. I sense he is going to do something.
He smeared more cream in my jaan’s face and ran. My jaan take more cream in his hand and chase my prince. He can easily catch him but he intentionally make him run and after a long time, he smeared cream in prince face. my happy little world… their both smile make me smile and I felt that I am in heaven.
“ok, prince. It’s getting late. Chalo…”my jaan said as dark starts to surround the place.
I stand at my place”hello, how you get me here the same way you have to take me..” I said and raised my hands.
My jaan smirked and walk towards me, take me in his hand. I digged my head in his chest and I waited to for the moment of revealing about my pregnancy.

After a few minute of travelling, we reached our home.
Prince is so sleepy. My jaan take him in his hand and make him lay on our bed.
He come towards me and gave me a paper and hugged me from my backside.
I opened the papers. It’s estate papers. He transferred it into my name. but it’s the only property which he owns now.
“Jaan.. it’s..”I stammered.
“whatever I own it’s you and whatever you owns, it’s mine”he whispered in my ears and kissed my neck.
I took his hands and put it my belly. In the same position, I turned and he leaned to kiss my lips.
“ I am carrying your child again Jaan.. our sign of love…”I said.
His eyes Shown different type of expressions. His eyes become moist but the same time he is smiling. He pecked my forehead very lightly and a drop of tear falled in eye lids. I fully immersed myself in his peck, his love, his care in that peck. Now I am the most blessed one in the world to have a life partner like my jaan, to lost myself in his love.
I opened my eyes and see myself again in his arms. He put me carefully in bed and lays beside me inmiddle of me and prince. He put his one hand in prince’s head like a pillow and put another hand encircling through my waist and take me in his embrace carefully. I put my head in his hard chest. I know what he is feeling now.
“close your eyes and sleep jaan..” I said and kissed his forehead. He slowly slept by hugging me. I stared his face. I must say he have a angelic face while sleeping and smile is frozen in his face. I digged my self in his embrace and start to slept.
I opened my eyes and a luke warm milk kept beside me. it’s been four months after I revealed my pregnancy. He never let me do work not even a minute he leave me alone. He always take me even to his farm. There, he will direct people and at the same time, he cares me. I saw another shade of him. his manliness and leadership while he directing people in work. I immersed myself in his love and care fully. My prince is gone another step. He even takes me while he playing with father and always reminds about food and little exercises which will help me in delivery. Both father and son did all the works and left only exercise to me. prince also like his papa, loving and caring.
I stand before mirror and see myself in mirror. My baby bump. It’s gives me a special beauty..mothership. nowadays I feel his heart beat, sometimes he will kick me as he is in seventh month. Sometimes, me and my jaan will fought. I always said that I want another jaan and my jaan always says that he wants another cutie and our prince will be a judge of this fights. He will write boy and girl in paper and tells us to choose and accept us to close the problem for that time. Till, I laugh whenever I remember that fight. But now I realized that a mother not only give growth a baby in her vomb also the dreams about that baby, how he looks like his papa or not maa, or my parents , his parents, or our grandparents.. from look we both dreamt. Now my prince also is in his school exam leave as half yearly exams completed. He didn’t leave me a single second. Sometimes, my jaan will help me by making him busy with play and in this time, I will finish some small house hold works.
“cutie, it’s time for little walk”my jaan reminded me and helped me to stand. I hold my baby bump in one hand and hold his hand for support. My prince helped me to stand up and we both walked towards park. Nowadays I felt someone watching us but I refused this feelings.
I started to walk and both papa and beta started to play. I sit in a place and stared their playing. My jaan teach my prince to play football. Both have a little smile in their face and my jaan desperately misses the ball to give smile in our prince face at the same time, he take care that he learned it. I smiled by staring them. my prince noticed it and signed that is I want something. I nodded no. he is also like his father. Jaan also mostly uses his eyes to speak, his expressive eyes! I don’t know why my cheeks turned red when I think about my jaan. he looked me once and then again immersed in prince.
Ragini POV ends..

“ see baby… how much they are happy. I am seeing a genuine smile in my Laku’s face after so much long” Sanskar said with moist eyes while seeing raglak and Sathya through binaculor.
Swara puts her head in Sanskar’s shoulder”even I am seeing Rago so much happy after so many days. I never seen her this much happy after her parents dead. Even that happiness made her so beautiful. I want to see her. I don’t know how she manage.”Swara muttered.
Swasan sees each other and nods.
Sanskar and Swara walks towards Laksh house .
After half an hour,
Laksh takes Ragini in his hand and entered into his house.
“Laksh beta, are you invited everyone for Ragini’s VALAIKAPPU(GODHBARAI)?” Kannama kaki asked as they treats her family not servant .
“haan Kaki. I invited everyone and I checked decorations and confirmed caterars. So don’t worry..”Laksh replied.
Kaki showed two peoples and one puts veil in her face.
“beta.. they are my relations. She is sanskriti and she is swathi. Swathi is dumb and her husband left her but both will do all household works”Kaki assured.
Laksh looks both and then Ragini and Ragini nodded.
“Kaki, give them the room which is next to us, tell them to take rest and both of their First work is make ready our prince and cutie tomorrow..” Laksh said.
Both nodded and left.

At night,
Laksh wakes up in mid night and sees Ragini is missing.
Laksh walks towards the secret room which he set in his house.
Laksh sees ragini stands before a photo of Swaragini.
Laksh puts his hand in her shoulder and Ragini looks at him with moist eyes.
The room is full of everyone pictures including Raksh , Amar and Sahil’s new born baby, Aditya –uttra’s marriage photo, Raj and his love nisha marriage photo. Some photo’s which taken in Janki and meenu’s godhbharai.
Ragini puts her head in Laksh shoulder.
“Distance never can’t make relations faraway naa Jaan..”Ragini said.
“what happened? Today my cutie is speaking like an 90 year old granny..”laksh teased to make her normal.
Ragini punched his chest playfully.
“come on, lets sleep..”Laksh said and take Ragini in his embrace , walked towards his bed.
The next day morning,
Swathi helps her Ragini to ready.
“can you put this bangle in my hand?” Ragini asked.
“But first bangle is put by husband or from maternal house”Kaki reminded.
“That’s why I asked her to make me wear this bangle. Come on shona, we are getting late..”Ragini says hurriedly.
A drop of tear falls on ragini’s hand which from [email protected]’s eyes.
Ragini stands up with little difficulty and removes veil, Swara looks ragini with moist eyes.
“how did you find me?” Swara asked her while sobbing little.
“they said that they are your sasural”Kaki asked and by seeing them, leaves the room by giving privacy.
“ how will I fail to recognize my shona?”Ragini asked while cupping Swara’s face.
With tears, Swara tries to hug Ragini but her baby bump stop her.Ragini stops her and side hugs her.
Sanskriti runs behind Sathya and Sathya didn’t gave her heed.
“Arre prince, you are making you dad run..”[email protected] said and cuts his tongue.
Sathya turns and Sanskar takes his mask.
“Shh! I planned a surprise for your papa. Don’t tell him”Sanskar pleads and Sathya nods.
“come I will make you ready”Sanskar takes Sathya in his hand.
“Dad, I have so many things to share with you. how is my little dost?why didn’t you take him to see me..?”Sathya asked questions continuously.
“wait. I will tell after . first I will make you ready…”Sanskar said and make Sathya take bath.

After an hour,
Sanskar comes outside very tiredly.
“ I think you needs it Sansku..”laksh gives luke warm water.
“haan Laku..”Sanskar drinks the water in one go and looks Laksh shockingly.
Laksh puts his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder and takes necklace which changes his voice, throws it.
Sanskar looks him with shocked face.
“ don’t forget Sansku, we each other can sense other’s presence and I can recognize you just by your eyes”Laksh said.
Sanskar looks at Laksh a minute and slapped him a little bit hard.
“not harder than I expected..”Laksh said while wiping a little bit blood from lips.
Sanskar looked Laksh with moist eyes and hugs him tighter.
“how can you leave me Laku? Is that much easy to you leave me?”Sanskar asked with a painful voice.
“ it’s never been easy to me Sansku.but I know you all need time to accept the truth and I felt guilt.. but now I am ok. I did for my family only”Laksh answered.
Swarag comes out and sees Sanlak with moist eyes.
“where is champ?”Ragini asked.
“he is in with their dadi in mandap.Actually we planned a surprise”Swara answered.
“Doll, but janki bhabhi and meenu’s date is coming near. How could you allow them to take journey that too in hill side area?”Ragin asked worriedly.
“and moreover Janvi and Kavitha ,Adittra both delivered babies just few months before. How could you let them to come?”Laksh asked.
Swasan passes a intense look towards Raglak.
“So, that means you both know everything what happens in our house.. you both know how much we miss you still..”Sanskar asked with suppressed anger tone.
“yes we know everything but I didn’t have any confidence to face you all and I also need some time to come over from my past and refresh my life Sansku”Laksh said while turning his face.
“we can’t withstand any hide and seek game more Laksh”Veer said and holding Laksh hands.
Laksh looks at veer with moist eyes and Veer wipes his tears.
“ I am your papa and we are your family Laksh. actually mistake is ours, we didn’t give confidence that we will understand you at any situation “Veer said while caressing Laksh’s face.
Laksh hugs Veer and fells some other hands also caressing his hair.
“maaa..”Laksh muttered without seeing Kalyani face and kalyani hugs him.
Laksh raised his head and sees his whole family except new born babies and pregnant sisterinlaws.
“Aaru..Ammu..Aadi..panda..Ajju..ree..Raksh bhai.. Raj…”Laksh muttered in happiness.
Youngers comes and punches Laksh little bit.
Aadi stops them”Don’t dare bhai to do again this..next time, we will definitely make you admit in hospital. This time too we leave you only for bhabhi” Aadi threatened and then hugged laksh tighter.
“bhai, you did everything just for our family. you only did good see now VR Industries is Asia’s no.1 industry”Aadi did his best to convince laksh.
Youngers hugged him tighter while Sanskar witness it with moist eyes.
On other hand, Ragini hugs her bhai’s Amar,Sahil and Swayam.
Everyone goes to mandap and Ragini’s godhbharai happens.

At noon,
Sathya plays with his little dost Lakshman.
“Laksh, when did you return home?”Veer asked.
“after six months Appa”Laksh answered.
“but…”Amrit hesitates but Veer stops him. youngers also objects.
“Appa ,Cutie is in her seventh month. It’s not good for her to climb down . that’s why only Appa”Laksh justified.
Kalyani, suji and radhu feeds youngers and everyone enjoys the time.
At night,
In terrace,
Laksh sits and stares moon.Sanskar sits beside him and takes Laksh head in his lap and caresses his hairs.
Laksh looks Sanskar”not only bhabhi, sometime friend also take Maa’s position Laku”Sanskar said teasingly.
Laksh smiles by remembering him words when he is laxmi.
“you and cutie are best persons who made my lifebeautiful, Sansku. I think god blessed me with some extra grace. Having a caring friend and loving wife together is a blessing Sansku..”Laksh said.
“then I also blessed to have you with me,laku..”Sanskar said.
Slowly , Laksh start to slept in Sanskar’s hand and Sanskar sleep in Laksh hand.
Veer and ram,Vishnu comes there to sanlak. Ram decide to wake up them but Vishnu stops him.
“ let them as they ram. They are meeting after a long time.”Vishnu said and veer nods.
Veer covers them with blanket and surprised to see another direction. There Lakshman sleeps on Sathya.
Veer smiles and covers them also with another blanket.
Veer,ram and Vishnu lays inbetween their sons and grandsons and start to sleep.
Moon witnesses the unseparable friendship of three generations.
The next day morning,
Laksh gives them air tickets.
“bade maa, swara and me decide to stay here till Rago’s delivery and this climate is don’t suits you”Sanskar said.
Kalyani have moist eyes and caresses Laksh face.
“maa.. I will come soon..”Laksh assured.
Soon, everyone except Swasanlakshman and swayam left.
Three months rolled,
Swara and Swayam took care Rago and Swayam gets little bit closer to sathya .
“Jaan..”ragini yelled in pain.
“Cutie.. don’t worry we will reach hospital soon”Laksh try to convince Ragini but all in vein. By seeing Ragini’s cry , Laksh starts to cry . Sathya starts to sob and Swara convinces him.
“Cutie.. just some minute..”Laksh consoles and hugs.
They arrived hospital. After few minute, Laksh hears baby crying sound .
Nurse comes with babies.”Sir, you have twins. One boy and one girl..”
Laksh carefully takes them in his hand and babies cries.
“Papa, so I have a choti bhai and behan both.now you both don’t need to fight”Sathya jumps in happiness to celebrate the new arrivals in his family.
Laksh gets inside with babies in his hand.
Swasan sees each other happily and runs towards Laksh to see the baby and Ragini.
“Cutie, see there we have twins. One is boy and another one is girl..”Laksh showed babies to Ragini.
Laksh carefully puts babies in bed.
Ragini smiles by seeing her babies and holds Laksh hands and pressed it lightly by seeing tears in Laksh eyes and Laksh nods happily.
Soon, Raglak returns to VR Mansion.
It’s naming ceremony of Laksh children.
Sathya and Lakshman plays and babies laughing sound fills the house.
Ragini and Laksh comes with their babies.
Laksh and Ragini names them as Suryadev and Diya .
“Bade maa, it’s time for family photo..”Aarav announced.

A big diwan placed in hall.
Sultan ji sits in middle,Veer and Kalyani sits in next with Sathya and Lakshman next Suji and Ram with Suryadev and Diya, then Vishnu and Radhika. Aditya and Uttra sits before them in knelling postion, both sides Swayam with his fiancé Piya and Rehan with his fiancé Reshmi,Raj and nisha, Arjun and Subatra, Aarav-janki with their son Aashik, Amrit and Meenu with their son Krishna,Amar-janvi with their daughter mahi, Sahil and kavitha with their daughter Ganga and yamuna, raksh and Adittra with their son Varun.
“waah! Insha allah! What a big family!” Photographer whispered and then said “Smile..”
A flash is shown and clicked that beautiful moment.
It’s been 14 years after. I checked myself in mirror. Everything perfect… I come out of my room and see the scenario. Girls are dancing as it’s haldi of Mahi. I climbed down everyone smears haldi in her face.
“Can I ?” I asked politely.
“why are asking permission Laksh ? she is your bahu”Someone said.
I take haldi in my hand and smeared in Mahi’s face.
She smiled to me and I smiled to her. Everything is going correct until my maa hold my ears.
“Arre Rago, why are you holding Laksh ears?” Amar mamaji asked.
“ arre bhai, he is not my jaan. my prince..Sathya..”My mom exposed me and all looked at me with O face.
“maa.. you always caught me. this time I correctly cloned papa even his few silver hairs” I pouted.
My maa pulls my ear little but faster and I screamed in pain.
“ I am your maa.. prince. So , I know.. go and pack your bags , you can return on your marriage date”my maa ordered.
“Rago, if he is Sathya then who is eating sweets there ? even he got permission for Sansku to eat sweets .”Swara mom my doll exposed papa and dad’s plan.
My maa huffed and went from there with Swara bademaa. I turned and see my little dost Laksman with smirk in his face. I should name him little devil but what can do destiny made him my best buddy whom I can share everything and he also.
To avoid embarrassing , I ran towards my room. I entered my room and see photo in which me, dad and papa present.
Dad and papa are my partner in crime sometimes, they both do some pranks on me and Lakshman.
Still, I am 21, but he never advised me. even once I caught for smoking by maa, I remember what he said.” My prince never hides me anything from me and he knows how to rectify his mistake if he commited”. I left smoking at that day itself. He showed world’s best things love, care and beautiful emotions and he always let me to live my life. He never forced me for his decisions. Being a business man son, I am a cricket player now. Even I saw human’s worst side betrayal ,hate and revenge. But whenever I lost confidence, he encouraged me, stand beside me as my backbone. still I remember when he gave me his diaries when I was 18.
When I completed his diaries, I don’t know what I am thinking. But I know I am blessed to have him as my papa and to be born in this beautiful family. still some problems arised between them but even the scar is not left for evidence of their problems. They never gaveup another one infront of others.
I asked my papa to come garden and light the fire.
“Papa, it’s unwanted and put it in fire” I said. Still, the expression he gave I can’t forget.
He puts his diaries in fire, looked at me with moist eyes and I hugged him.
My thoughts are cut by vase fall down sound.
I smiled when I see myself in mirror as I am looking like my papa. Still sometimes, he looks younger than me. still, he have a few not few very few silver hairs but it makes him looks more hot and handsome. Still I can’t beat him in pushups. My papa.. words can’t describe him such a man he is.
My maa banged the room door. I opened the door and see my papa and dad who stands with pout face.
“ Prince, I let you stay in home that you promised me that you never go near mahi till your marriage. But..”My maa snapped me.
I signed my dadu’s and dadi’s to help me. even Sweety refused me to help by seeing maa’s state.
“Rago beta..”Suji maa tried to convince maa.
“maa.. still I respected your words and let him stay here. Even when he saw mahi at night, I allowed him. but today he crossed his limits…” my maa said.
“arre Cutie.. forgive him..” my papa comes my side.
“ohh! Still you also have your punishment for cheating Shona to eat sweets…”my maa reminisced my papa’s punishment.
“Rago..” my dad pouted.
“Jaan… take prince with you and leave this house now. You both can return before the day of marriage” my maa ordered my papa.
“take Lakshman and Sansku with you”mom added additional two members.
“maa.. please..” I try to convince her but my little devil take me in his shoulder and come outwards.
mumma ka bacha.. I snapped my little dost in mind. He never leaves a chance to irritate me. I pouted towards my family and they burst out in laughter.
we four reached my maa’s maternal house and stayed there. We four enjoyed a lot .

Finally my life’s most awaited day come. My marriage day.
I made myself ready in red sandal shervani and my papa come inside.
I hugged him in happiness.
“Prince,no one is perfect even me and cutie. it’s all in how we make each others imperfections ,perfect for each other. Have patience and trust in your love. Mahi loves you very much…” my papa said and patted my shoulders and left. Sometimes, I felt why I not remained as kid to always cuddle in his embrace.
“bhai,come soon..” my little dost Lakshman reminded me.
I smiled and climbed down. I see my papa side hugged my maa. It’s been 21 years plus after their marriage. But still love between them is just remained as I saw in my younger days. I also want to be live like my them. I filled my mahi’s mang with sindoor and make her wear mangalsutra.
I see my papa and maa who stands with moist eyes and my choti surya and diya hugging them. I small bit of tear escaped from my eyes by seeing their happiness. That moment I remembered my childhood days and want to hug my papa.
I waited till the marriage rituals get completed and after completed, I hugged my maa and papa tighter.
“ I want to live like you papa” I said.
“ live like what you are , prince” my papa blessed me and I smiled to him.
Dad side hugged my papa in happiness. Still, sometimes I feel jealous of my papa and dad. They got eternal friendship and eternal love my maa and mom. “I love you papa a lot “ I said to myself and smiled. He patted my shoulders and left me to see guest with my dad.

Friends, finally I ended my ff- My Friend. It’s really a wonderful journey to me. I got new sisso’s Bharathi and Asra and many more friends. This swaragini world gave me manythings My little sis Megha and cutie SIS yashu, now Asra and bharathi and many more friends. Hope you all enjoyed a lot. Now I want to share how I make it. my first theme is so simple. A village boy who comes to city side college for study, his problems, Ragging and how he became confident by his friend who is completely opposite to him. I wrote prologue based on this a boy who is commiting suicide because of ragging and how he become successful. After writing my first episode, a sudden problem raised in my project and so I asked my choti to continue. I just said him that base concept is friendship. He wrote five episodes in even he gave characteristics to Laksh which was completely opposite what I want to give and made Swara to love as he misunderstood Swalak as pair. Then, we both started to write and wrote completely until 13th part.
I asked him that everything is ok, how will gave prologue part in that. He just smiled to me and wrote after past till ragini missing. I asked him why he made Laksh misunderstood Sanskar. He said that Lamyksh world revolved on Ragini, his love and Sanskar, his soulmate. Until he broke down completely, he will not take that decision. still, I cant believe how he made a situation like this and made my friends accept prologue. Still I remember how we both stand before mobile to see your response even we didnt so much eager toknow board results.
I asked him about the concept to write further. He said that colours. Each and every colour have different shades like men. A human never been have a single shade like that we will describe Laksh shades with the friendship. When he makes Laksh as pranker, he said that he went near to death and now he is alive, then he will try to enjoy his life .When he make Laksh as cruel, angry don, he justified that Laksh will stuck between his principles and loss, preventing loss. Being in that stress, he will become like that cruel but his own character will always hide himself deeper. But when he is with his family, his own shade will come out . like that only, we made this ff. this is combined work of me and my choti and the comments gave by you only made us to think wider. We thank you all my friends and sissys to make this ff memorable to us and bharathi, I am eager to see your surprise and you never hurted us, so don’t say sorry. We have a secret that the 28 th part where Raglak go near to death, is specially made to clear your doubts. Actually at that time we saw a movie Nenchirukum varai, a sad movie, hero sacrifices his heart for heroine, we both become sad and resulted like that. Then when we reconstruct it in the next episode, we felt that may be Laksh will feel guilt as his own character is innocence for lived as cruel don. We reread once again and what I felt, we gave as arjun words.
Finally enough of our bla blas, we always get feedback when we complete an ff. I want all your suggestions friends.
1) What did you think about the concept of this ff Friendship and shades?
2) What your opinion about our writing style?
3) Rate this ff based on 10 and if you can, share you’re the part which you enjoyed in this ff.
Please all my friends and silent readers, please please please give your opinions and suggestions. It’s really needed for us. Please don’t forget to answer our questions. I know we lost 10 precious friends in last but please give your opinion don’t hesitate to give negative comments. Criticism is mostly welcome and if we made any mistake in this, please forgive us and inform us.
Bala and Sara signing out .

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