Recap-Last epi we saw mihika asks Raman to confess his feelings to Ishita n to stp her from going to Mumbai but raman says he will never come in between Ishita’ s dreams n her happiness matter most.they are shown to talking on phone they miss each other.Ishita surprises Raman on his bday they meet after 3yrs

Epi start with hustle bustle around a factory
a garland is put on top
a board is being put
Raman is looking dapper in blazer
Raman is talking to somebody on phone
Toshi is dressed in a designer sari she pats Raman
Raman hugs her
Toshi-putar am so so proud of u this is ur third factor in a year be always successful son

Toshi’s eyes are moist

simmi-Bhai congratulations,so happy for u bhai there is a surprise for u
Raman-tell me tell me simmi
simmi-bhai be patient lets start inauguration
Raman (sadly) -where is papa?
Toshi-putaar he was ready but suddenly got headache so
Raman interrupts
Raman-please dnt lie u dnt know to lie I know he doesn’t care
Toshi-na putaar

Raman smirks
somebody closes his eyes
surprise surprise
its Ishita
Ishita-Raman congoooooooooooooooo, for ur third factory so so so proud of u

she hugs him
Ishita-yes Raman am back never to go again my last exam got over yesterday so I, aunty n simmi planned this surprise for u
simmi (naughtyly)-How is the surprise
Raman(smiles)-wonderful awesome so happy Ishita
Toshi-Both of u worked hard n achieved ur dreams god bless u

they both hug Toshi

Toshi cuts ribbon n everybody claps so Toshi Textiles is inaugurated

Ishita’ s home
Amma, appa n Mihika give warm welcome to Ishita
they pamper Ishita
they make her eat
Ishita (emotionally)-I missed u all so much during this five years now I will never go away

Raman comes with sweet box
he touches amma, appa’s feet both congratulate n bless him

Ishita smiles

mihika hugs him
Mihika-so Raman now both u n akka have achieved ur dreams when do u plan to become my jiju

mihika smiles
Raman blushes

Raman-very soon

Ishita comes there
Raman-Ishita u should see my new home
Ishita-Raman its wonderful u have already shown me in pics but yes I will surely come in evening

Bhalla house
(Its now a big flat nicely decorated)

Raman is busy in arranging things

simmi-so finally chief guest Ishita is coming woooh wooohhhh
Raman-simmi chup I need to prepare dinner too dnt trouble

Raman is preparing dinner

Ishita comes she is dumbstruck to see wonderful house
Ishita-wooowww am so so proud of u Raman

Raman-all credits to u madam today am whatever its because of ur support n encouragement

ishra have emotional eye contact sanam re plays in bg
At dinner table
Toshi-Ishita today’s dinner is made by Raman
Ishita-its soo tasty just perfect Raman u r best

In Raman’s balcony
Ishita-Raman thanks for everything u made my evening
Raman there is something I wanted to say from alot of time can u meet me tom at cafe at 4pm
Raman (excited) -sure

Mihika calls Raman
Mihika-yuppie akka jiju’s first date tom
Raman-kya mihika
mihika-tom u have to propose her maybe she too wants to do same
Raman- am so nervous
Mihika-just pour ur heart tom to akka all the best

Raman calls Mihir
Raman (excitedly )-Mihir she, Ishita came today am going to propose her tom
Mihir (smiles)-wooohhhhh finally but u got to tell me how u met her u never told me ur love story
Raman-Ofcourse I will
Mihir-all the best

Raman tries different shirts he is supper excited he is unable to sleep he keeps again n again looking at watch

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  1. Super duper episode……but sad for Raman ….I guess he would be heart broken after hearing ishus confession…

  2. Ruksy

    love it. would be sad for raman to be heart broken.

  3. Very beautiful story loved it a lot

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