Together Forever, chapter 36

Abeer cries looking at Meher through the glass and recalls their every happy moment. He was falling weak. His heart broke when the doctor said that their child is no more and even Meher can die. It wasn’t that now the child was more important than Meher, he loved her even more now because she was ready to do anything for his happiness and felt blessed to have her. He was afraid that how will she react knowing this? Just one week before when she got free from Rahul’s clutches, she got panic attacks recalling the torture. What if she starts having them again? It would be difficult to control her now. “Abeer if u care for me then let me abort this child, we can have one later”, these words continuously echoed in his ears, he regretted forcing her for this and shouting on her when she secretly went to the doctor. Was Abeer at fault? Was he responsible for all this? Maybe yes, maybe no. His thoughts broke when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turns and sees Madhvi.
Abeer: mom Meher

Madhvi: kuchh nh hoga usey, theek hojaegi vo…I m sorry beta. I warned him but then also he did all this.
Abeer: agar aapko is baare mein pta tha to aapko humein warn krna chahye tha unke intentions k baare mein, mujhe ye afsos nahi k humara bacha margaya, mujhe drr hai k vo kese react kregi? Don’t u remember those panic attacks, what if she starts having them again? I will take her far from here till she gets OK, her family trusted me for everything, I can’t break their trust. I hope u understand.

The doctor comes out.
Doctor: now u can meet her, when she wakes up call me and your dead child is In the morgue room. M so sorry for ur loss.

Abeer goes in Maher’s ward and sits by her side, he touches her stomach.
Abeer: m so sorry baby, I couldn’t save u.

He continues crying and sleeps resting his head on her palm. Later he goes to morgue room with doctor towards the bed on which his dead baby was laying. The doctor uncovers her.
Doctor: its a girl
Abeer picks his daughter and cries hugging her.
Abeer: papa and mama will meet u one day in heaven, we’ll always love u…doctor can u wrap her plz?
Doctor nods and wraps her. Abeer goes to Meher’s ward with the baby.
Abeer: look Meher, our baby, m sorry I won’t show her to u, I don’t want u to go in a shock, baby look ur mom is not waking up plz do something na.
He goes to the small temple in the room.

Abeer: abb aap he kuchh kro, Meher ko hosh mein lao, agar aapne Meher ko bhi mujhse chheen liya to main aapke mandir mein kabhi enter nh hounga.
He goes to the exit of the room. Meher moves her hand and wakes up.
Meher: Abeer
He stops on the exit and tries covering the dead baby.
Abeer: u rest I will just come.
He was about to go but she comes running to him.
Meher: what has happened? Our baby is OK na? What r u carrying?
He shuts his eyes tightly in fear. He was about to go but she turns him towards her and her gaze goes on their child.
Meher: yeh bacha kiska hai? And y ur face is so dull?
Abeer: I took it from an aunty to play with her, now that she’s asleep m going to return it.
He again tries to go but us stopped.
Meher: baat to kch or he hai nh to hum yahan nh hote, hum apne room mein thay to yahan kese agaye? Btao na plz

Abeer: our baby died, the milk dad gave u had abortion pill and it killed our baby.
Meher is shocked.
Meher: this can’t be, tell me u r lying, tell me it’s a sick joke (she starts crying) MATLAB yeh humara bacha hai? Haina? Y did u hide from me? Don’t I have the right to know? She’s my baby too…I won’t let anyone take her from here, give me.

She takes her daughter from his hands and kisses her cold forehead.
Meher: plz don’t take her from here right now?
Abeer: I can’t do anything Meher, I will have to take her.
Meher: u…just stop it, she’s my daughter too and u can’t take her till I hug her for the first and last time, I won’t meet her again so plz let me see her whole heartedly for the first and last time.
She buries her face in her daughter, not even a tear dropped from her eyes, she lost all her senses by now. She got totally numb, she didn’t knew what was happening, she was lost, lost in her own world, lost in the same darkness where she once used to live. ?

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