YHM-Ruhi’s new life in Australia


Hey guys, this is my first fan fiction so tell me if you all liked it or not after reading it. The story is set after Raman and Ishita get married and get custody of Ruhi. Ruhi wholeheartedly accepts Raman and Ishita as her dad and mom . But Ruhi comes back to Australia alone to continue her celebrity life.
The episode starts with the crowd shouting Ruhan -Ruhan. Ruhan comes and performs her concert. After the concert is over it is announced that there will be a lottery competition among fans of Ruhan. They have to send fanmails to her and she will select one fanmail among those and the person who send the fanmail will get the chance of having a dinner with Ruhaan.
Ruhi meets Aliya after the concert. Aliya praises Ruhi and Says that the show was really good and you were awesome Ruhaan. Ruhi says please Aliya ,don’t call me Ruhaan, call me Ruhi. Ruhaan is only for my fans but Ruhi is for my family. You are not only my secretary but also the girlfriend of my brother Adi, so we also have a relation, right? Aliya says ok. Ruhi asks that do you miss Adi. Aliya says yes, I really miss him . After I left India with dad we decided to have a long distance relationship. Ruhi says don’t worry, Adi will soon come to Australia to meet u. Aliya says u look really tired, u should go home and have some rest. Ruhi says ok fine, say my hello to uncle Mani. They both depart.
The next day, Ruhi gets the call of Ishita. Ishita asks how are u Ruhi. Ruhi gets emotional hearing Ishita’s voice. She says I am fine Ishima. How r u and Ishima? He says we both are fine and Adi and Pihu are also good. But we all miss u a lot. Ruhi says I also miss u all, when will u all come to meet me in Australia. He says we will all come soon to meet u. Just wait a little. Raman says talk to ur Ishima and gives the phone to Raman. Raman says show is my Ruhan the rockstar? Raman says Pihu misses u a lot. Ruhi asks how is Adi. He says Adi has gone mad, he doesn’t talks much nowadays and always thinks about Aliya. Ruhi laughs and says even Aliya is missing Adi a lot. These two love birds cant live without each other. Ruhi says ok papa and Ishima, I have to go to a function so I will call uou all later. Raman says ok , bye Ruhi. Ishita says our daughter is so independent that she is living alone in Australia. Raman says yeah, we should be proud of her.
Aliya comes and tells Ruhi that all the fanmails have come. U have to choose one among them. Ruhi says I have to go to a function in a school as a chief guest, so you please select one fanmail among these. Aliya says, but it wont be right. Ur fans have written these letters with so much love, so u should only select one. Aliya says please, it will only take few minutes. Ruhi agrees. She selects one fan mail, it was of an Australian guy named Max Martin. Ruhi says ok, call this guy, we will have dinner tonight and she leaves. Aliya calls Max and tells him that he has been selected and has got a chance to have dinner with Ruhaan. Max gets happy.

Credit to: Kimberly

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  1. OMG !! U Kimberley u have written it can’t beleive but it’s ok

    1. same here lisa but is it good. plz continue. I would request u all to read my fan fiction too. It’s name is- ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Ishra’

  2. nice…… but make it long epsode ………

  3. rssika jadhav

    It was nice script

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