YHM – Love After 10 Years (Chapter 2)


Ruhi when reached Kashaf’s house her phone was ringing continuously. Kanav, Swayam, Rey all were calling her. Abhi was sitting there with tears in his eyes & with a thought in mind that he will loose his sister. Ruhi connected everyone through conference call & sat besides Abhi holding his hands.

Kanav :- Shona what’ve u done? I mean its good that u met ur family but u should’ve told me abt revealing ur truth to them.
Swayam :- Di r u really gonna live with them?
Rey :- will u leave us & go?
Abhi (holding her hand more tightly) :- no i won’t let u go Di.
Ruhi :- r u all done with ur QnA’s? Now listen to me. Kanav I know that I should’ve have told u before but I my self didn’t know that I’ll reveal the truth. When I saw Ishita with Pihu I was really pissed & in frustration I just blurted out the truth.
Swayam :- but Di u hate them right then why u agreed to stay with them?
Ruhi :- I hate Ishita, Raman & that Pihu but not the whole family. Dadi’s condition is not well & if by me staying there she gets better than why not? I know that now Pihu is more imp to them than me but I still have my humanity. I’m going there just for the humanity sake & not b’coz I miss them or love them.
Rey :- but Di where r we gonna stay? U know na we can’t live without u.
Ruhi :- Rey we all r together since 10 yrs & in future too we r gonna be together for forever. U all will stay with me in the Bhalla-Iyer house.
Kanav :- Shona have u told them abt us & our marriage?
Ruhi :- no. But I’ll tell them in my way. I just wanna see their shocked faces when they’ll come to know that now I’m not Ruhi Bhalla.
Swayam :- OK Di bye love u.
Rey :- bye Di love u.
Ruhi :- love u too bye.
Kanav :- bye wifey love u miss u.
Ruhi :- bye husband. Love u miss u too.

They all hang up. Its evening. Ruhi has packed all her belongings & was getting ready. She wore a blue denim jeans & a kurti with a stole round her neck, red bangles in her hands (not the shadi wala chuda). She then puts the vermilion on her forehead (in music concerts she do wear her mangalsutra – but hides it in her tops – & vermilion – hides it by her hair styles). Zaroon has come to pick them up. Ruhi along with Abhi, Kashaf & both the kids left. There in the Bhalla-Iyer House all preparations were done for Ruhi’s welcome. A small feast is organized, Ruhi’s favorite dishes were prepared. Everyone was waiting for Ruhi eagerly especially IshRa. The car entered the premises, first Abhi, Zaroon & Kashaf stepped out & then Ruhi with Ashu in her arms & Aaru behind her. Aaru was holding Ruhi’s stole. Kashaf then pressed the door bell, hearing the door bell Ishita quickly opened the door to find Abhi, Kashaf & Zaroon standing. From behind Ruhi came & Ishita was shocked to see her daughter with 2 kids with a mangalsutra in her neck & vermilion in her hair line.

Ishita :- what’s this? Why r u wearing a mangalsutra & vermilion & whose kids r these?
Ruhi :- Mrs Bhalla will u not invite me in? Or is this ur new pass time to ask questions to the people who come here at the door itself & then let them in?
Ishita :- no its not like that but I’m ur mother & I’ve a right to…
Ruhi (cutting Ishita in b/w) :- Aa….. First of all u r my step mother & second of all I’ve already told u that there r some people who will accompany me here. But seems u r not comfortable with it so I think I should leave.
Ishita :- no no. Its just that…never mind c’mon in.
Ruhi :- thnk u.

Ruhi enters in, Ishita was still in shock. She then noticed Aaru holding Ruhi’s stole & only one thought was in her mind that ‘who all r these people & what relation does her daughter have with them & is she married’. When Ruhi came to the living area everyone was elated to see her as well as shocked just like Ishita. Toshiji first did her aarti. Everyone hugged her & blessed her but when Pihu came to hug her she ignored her & went to Toshiji.

Ruhi :- how r u now feeling Dadi?
Toshiji :- after seeing u I’m much better beta. Look at u how much have u grown up in these 10 yrs. Ruhi puttar (seeing her mangalsutra & sindoor) r u married? To whom?

Just then Pihu comes with a poster she made of herher & beneath it was Ruhi Bhalla – The Rockstar.

Pihu :- Ruhi Di see what I’ve made for u.
Ruhi (taking the poster & tear the Bhalla piece) :- aww so sweet Pihu but I don’t need anything from u.
Pihu :- Ruhi Di why u tore the Bhalla word?
Raman:- yes Ruhi why u did this so? U Raman Bhalla’s daughter.
Ruhi :- though I’m ur daughter but I’m not Ruhi Bhalla, I’m Ruhi Kanav Malhotra w/o Kanav Malhotra.
Raman :- wife? Ruhi do u even know what r u saying?
Ishita :- yes Ruhi, u r kidding right? This is isn’t true, right?
Ruhi :- no Mrs Ishita Bhalla I’m not kidding. This is the biggest truth of my life. I’m married.
Adi (pointing to Aaru & Ashu) :- & r these 2 ur kids?
Ruhi :- yes. Though I didn’t gave birth to them but these 2 r my kids. These 2 r Kanav’s chachu’s kids (introducing Aaru) he is Aarav & (introducing Ashu) she is Ashneet.
Adi (pointing Abhi, Zaroon & Kashaf) :- & who r they?
Ruhi :- (introducing Kashaf) she is Kashaf my frnd cum sister, (introducing Zaroon) he is Zaroon Kanav’s best frnd, partner, brother, (introducing Abhi) & he is Abhimanyu Chabra a.k.a. Abhi my sweet innocent little bewakoof brother. Actually I also have other 2 brothers Swayam & Reyansh Chabra they r on a holiday but will soon return reason being we all cannot live without each for long.
Ishita :- & where is ur husband Kanav?
Ruhi :- he is in Switzerland for work but he too will return soon.
Toshiji :- now enough of ur questions. Ruhi puttar u must be tired go n freshen up then we all will have dinner together. Adi u take Abhi to guest room (the guest room is near Ruhi’s room).
Zaroon :- Bhabhijaan I’ll take ur leave now.
Kashaf :- yeah I should also leave.
Ishita :- arey where u both r going? Come have dinner with us.
Zaroon :- thnk u so much but I’ve a flight to catch.
Kashaf :- & I too have some work pending.
Ruhi (to Zaroon) :- flight? Where r u going & why haven’t u told me?
Zaroon :- actually Bhabhijaan, there’s a conference in Switzerland which I’ve to attend with Kanav Bhai.
Abhi :- Zaroon Bhaijaan, if u r leaving take Kashaf Aapi too with u (signing Ruhi with his eyes).
Kashaf (a little nervous) :- Abhi its not needed I can go by my self.
Ruhi :- no not at all. Zaroon u’ll drop her off. Kashaf its not safe in night for a girl like u to travel alone.
Zaroon :- but Bhabhi…
Ruhi (cuts him off) :- no ifs and buts. Its my order.
Zaroon :- ok Bhabhijaan.
Kashaf :- Aapi really its not neede…..
Ruhi (cuts her off) :- Kashaf do I’ve to give a order to u too (Kashaf nods her head in no) good.
Zaroon (to Kashaf) :- come I’ll drop u off (& they both left).
Ruhi (from behind) :- drive safe & call me when u reach.
Abhi :- what so u think what’ll happen?
Ruhi :- meaning?
Abhi :- meaning they both r alone in the car so…
Ruhi :- Chote don’t think so much. Nothing’s gonna happen, there’ll be silence in the car. U know na how they both r when they in front of each other.

Everyone had their dinner & then all retarted to their bedrooms. In the night Abhi comes to Ruhi’s room where she was making Aaru & Ashu sleep.

Ruhi :- Chote what happened? U here, at this time, u need something? (IshRa, Adi & Shagun-Manoj were at Ruhi’s window & hearing the brother sister convo)
Abhi :- I was not able to sleep.
Ruhi :- it happens in new places.
Abhi :- no its not like that. Its the people who r new to me & they r also ur real family. Its the thought which is not allowing me to sleep.
Ruhi :- what thought?
Abhi :- that tomorrow morning when I wake up u’ll leave me & side with them & then throw me out of ur life. Di u r my life I cannot live without u.
Ruhi (holding his hand & making him rest in her lap) :- Chote what you just said right now that’s never gonna happen. U, Swayam & Rey r really imp for me than my real siblings. There’s no one who can take ur places in my life, not even my real brother (listening to it Adi was a little hurt). Swayam, Rey, u, Kanav, Aaru & Ashu u all r my familyfamily & its never gonna change remember this. & if ever again u said what u said seconds before I’m gonna beat u.
Abhi (holds his ears) :- sorry Di.
Ruhi :- OK now go & sleep.
Abhi :- Di is it OK if today I sleep here.
Ruhi :- since when do u have to ask this? Come.

Abhi then gets up & lays behind Aaru, Ruhi was sitting holding Ashu in her arms. So Aaru was in middle of Abhi & Ruhi. She then starts singing lullaby Sun Sun Nanhe Lori Ki Dhun (from yeh rishta kya kehelata hai), listening to this lullaby Abhi, Aaru & Ashu slept & Ruhi too slept in a sitting position with Ashu in her arms. Seeing this sight IshRa, Adi & Shagun-Manoj were smiling, seeing their beloved Ruhi happy. But IshRa were also a little upset that their Ruhi hates them but they were determined to win her love for them any how & this time they will not let go off her like last time.

So how’s it. Drop off ur comments, c’mon chop chop.

Credit to: Swati

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