YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 11


Hii dear readers,
Thanks alot for ur comments so sorry yesterday I had written epi but at end moment it didn’t got submitted so am rewriting
Friends many of u have requested me to make epi longer actually I use cell phone to write so it becomes difficult to make lengthy plus am occupied with college n studies
I will definately try

Recap-Yesterday we saw Rsim participate in first round of dance championship
Ishita’ s sari becomes loose while dancing Raman adjusts it her heels Break Raman lifts her
Ishita blames herself
inorder to stop ishita annoyed Raman lip locks her

Raman releases Ishita from lip lock
romi, mihir simmi r stunned
shagun’s eyes become red

Shagun breaks Ishita’s sandal’s heels n then sticks it with glue

shagun while making Ishita’ s saree proper unlocks her safety pin

************Flashback ends******

Ishita leaves
Mihir-Bhai what did u do?
Raman (tensed)-I cdnt see her blaming herself I….
Simmi-Dnt worry Raman I will see

”Results r out, twenty teams r shortlisted for final round of dance champion ship n these teams r….”
Romi, Simmi, Ishita, Raman, Mihir r holding each others hand one by one names r announced but Rsim isn’t announced
”Last team to be selected is one whose performance was most natural n loved by judges as well as audiences Its Rsim from India. ”
Raman’s tears fall on Ishita’ s hands she notices n hugs him
Romi, Simmi,Mihir hug eachother
they have a group hug

Practice Hall
Mihir-Romi Bhai I have booked Beach side resort for tonight’s celebration
Romi-Good champ
Ishita-Romi I guess I will
Romi-Dare say u will not be able to come Ishita we r selected because of u n Raman so dnt dare
Ishita-But aunty, uncle
Simmi-Dnt worry I spoke to mihika she will convince them
Ishita nods
simmi-Ishita chal lets go n get ready these boys will not give us time to get ready they r always in hurry to party
mihir-n u find one whole day less to get ready
simmi is about to say something
Romi folds his hands-guys today is happy day pl dnt fight

simmi Ishita leave
Mihir-Raman Bhai y r u so silent
Raman-I shdnt have done that Ishita was refusing to come because of me
Romi-relax Raman apologize to her in resort

All r sitting
Romi-Raman which drink should I order
Raman-I would have fanta
Romi-but u
Raman whispers in his ears-how can I drink infront of Ishita
Romi smiles
mihir-Bhai pepsi with royal challenge for me

They r talking ,enjoying, playing games n giggling
Two boys r starring Ishita Raman notices
Boy-Aaee baby kya hasti hain humare pass aajaa ache jokes hum bhi sunate hain
Ishita pretends to ignore Raman gets furious
another boy gives her flying kiss
Raman gets up n start beating boys Raman-how dare u
Mihir n Romi try to stop
Resort’s staff takes them away
Ishita (concerned)-Raman r u ok?
what was need what if…
Raman-Ishita I cannot see anybody misbehave with u
They have eye contact

Ishita sits on Mihir’s place n drinks his drink by mistake

Ishita-excuse me I will come
Ishita is going to washroom she sees beach n goes there

Raman notices Ishita on beach he goes there
Raman-Ishita what r u doing here
Ishita (in inebriated state)-First u tell me y did u kiss nobody has ever kissed me,u said dance par chance nahi marunga
Raman’s pov-she has drunk something wrong
Ishita holds his collar
Ishita-u r bad very bad but u r good I like u
she pulls his cheeks
Raman smiles
Ishita-u like me?
Raman nods
Ishita-Then kiss me
Raman takes back steps Ishita goes towards him
Raman-Ishita u r drunk
she holds him n kisses him

Moon is shinning, water is sparkling cold breeze is blowing n ishra r kissing in middle of beach
ek duje ek vaaste plays

so friends how was it??
Awaiting ur lovely comments


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  1. Wow….. Superb….
    I just simply enjoyed it…..
    And please do try to write longer episodes

  2. Nice super excited for next episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    wow..they won.ishita drank by mistake.but how come she did’nt understand the taste difference when she drank it?but d drunk ishita is so romantic.she asked raman 2 kiss her n she kissed him.ishra kissing in middle of beach with ek duje song was damn romantic

  4. Lasya Priya K

    nice…it’s soooo romantic…raman wants to apologize…but ishu wants to do it again…? its gud.

  5. Super romantic episode.

  6. Superb Rushi!!!!!!!!

    Raman kiss Ishita, team get awstuck and Shagun jealous.
    RSIM are on the list with greatest announcement and the team get happy.
    Oh god, Mihir announce for booking and Ishita don’t want to joined because of embrassed.
    Romi argue with Ishita are so cute and after Simmi told Ishu for consulting with Mihika for Ishu. Ishu then accepted while Raman look on guilty.
    Raman love heavily drinking but take light cooldrink.
    Oh god Raman get fumed to see 2 boys want to flirt Ishita and goes to fight with 2 boys. Ishu get concerned while Mihir and Romi tried to stop Raman. If Ishu goes to Raman and Raman will stop and take Ishu away while she get helpless.
    Who’s drink that Ishu drank and how she got land up in drunk state.
    Ishu want to go to washroom then change her mind to see the beach. Ishu changed her direction from washroom to outside to the beach which noticed by Raman.
    Raman then leave his friends and goes to the beach to find Ishita.
    Raman get shocked by Ishita statement and smile but get confused by Ishu behaviour.
    Raman then realised that Ishu is drunk and want to control Ishu but Ishu is amazing.
    Raman want to romance with Ishu but worry that Ishu will push him away but to his surprised that Ishu ask him to kiss her.
    Raman want to stop Ishu and walk back so that he don’t want his friends to see them together but Raman agreed to kiss her.
    Cold wind will calm Ishu drunk stated will get shocked by see herself landup in Raman arms.
    Raman will then tell Ishu what is happening and Ishu get worried what will happen when friends get to know.
    Friends will teased Raman about him and Ishu and Ishu get guilty and Raman smiled with love.

    Love it.

  7. Neethu

    This episode was too good Rushj?
    Ishra scenes were too romantic ?? Sorry for not commenting on you previous episodes.

  8. Kumud

    wooooowww superb

  9. please use english don’t use hindi and write long episodes please

  10. R u asking hw was it??? Tooooo lovely….

  11. RUSHI

    Guru thanks alot
    shara thanks dear I will surely try
    kumud thanks dear
    neethu thanks alot
    parichary thanks a tonne
    jasmine sorry I skipped abt taste anyways thanks alot
    nisa thanks dear
    lasya priya thanks dear
    Anand thanks alot
    janani thanks alot

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