Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…(Episode 33)

Gadodia Mansion>

the sun rises at the morning. ragini is sleeping. rithika comes there and sees ragini. she smiles and walks closer to her.

Rithika : get up, ragini.

rithika shakes ragini and patted in her.

Ragini : one minute.

she wishpers and sleeps. rithika shakes her head and reached to the window. which is closed by curtain. she opens the curtain. the sun light comes in. it is hitted on ragini’s face.

ragini felt the hot in her face. she gets up and sees rithika.

Ragini : close the curtain. I had got up.

she makes her face like crying. rithika comes to her and looks at her.

Rithika : don’t dumb me.

she said and combs her hair. ragini looks at her.

Ragini : I have a matter for you.

rithika looks at her.

Rithika : what?
Ragini : karan asked me to gave you a gift.
Rithika : show me the gift.

rithika looks anxiously. ragini gets on her feet and walks to the cupboard. she opened it and takes out the box. rithika looks at her. ragini gives it to her. rithika opens it and sees a wedding chain.

rithika : nice. I’ll call him right now.

rithika takes her mobile and calls him. ragini looks at her and walks to the bathroom for a shower. ragini comes out wearing a blue saree. because, today ganesh chathurthi. happy ganesh chathurthi.

ragini sees rithika talk on phone till now. she rolled her eyes and combs her hair and pinned it. she make herself looks nice. she sees herself at the mirror and likes it. she takes a selfie and puts it on Facebook.

Maheshwari Mansion>

the house is on the full swing. laksh was sitting on sofa and checking his Facebook. he sees ragini’s pic on wall and smiles.

Laksh : too too! looking good.

she thought and types a comment and then erase it.

Laksh : why can’t we make fun of her.

he thinks and sticker a yuck sticker.

Gadodia&Maheshwari Mansion>

ragini gets the message and sews it. she gets angry.

Ragini : how dare you.

she said and calls him. laksh gets the call and takes it.

Laksh : hellow.

he said it very casually. ragini fumes in anger.

Ragini : hoi! how dare you to comment me as you are feeling vomitting?

laksh gets laugh but controls himself.

Laksh : yes. you wrw looking like vomit in that pic.
Ragini : mind your tongue.
Laksh : why? I’m saying truth.

ragini didn’t know what to say. she fumes and ugghs.

Ragini : stupid.

ragini cuts the phone and throws the phone. laksh looks on and puts the phone on table. he laughs.

ragini stands still. rithika looks at her and cuts the phone. she comes to her.

Rithika : what happened?
Ragini : nothing.
Rithika : then why you threw the phone?
Ragini : I just got angry so that is why…
Rithika : so you threw the phone.

ragini looks at her and smiles awkwardly. rithika looks at her.

Rithika : do what you want.

rithika shakes her head and gets out from the room. ragini looks at the phone and sat on the bed.

Ragini : stupid, laksh.

laksh is seen eating foods. she choked and gets hiccups. AP cokes there with the water. she gave it to him.

AP : I think someone is remembering you or scolding you.

AP goes away. laksh thinks about the words.

Laksh : definitely, it will be a scold and its from ragini.

he thought.

Precap : someone scared away ragini. ragini screamed.

I hope you will like it….bye…take care…

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