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Yet another ff analysis!! Please do read esp. Raglak and ragsan ff writers


Simce many people are writing analysis i also thought to write one.. No offence to anyone.
Raglak – that night changed my life- i love your story.. Its very different and engripping.. Just one thing plz update regularly i eagerly wait for it!

Dafsi:what shall i say about her? She is so good at creativity and cuteness everytime i read her ff i can imagine raglak behaving so cutely.. Your ff is an embodiment of cuteness

Sree harini: yours is a very different concept altogether i love the way you potray the characters in your ff! Plzz update regularly and yaa take care of your health!

Sindhu: i just love your stories be it all alone ragini,prem deewana or her director his designer.. I dont get how do you manage to get these ideas.

Soul of love: i dont know where have you gone shailu! I badly miss your ff.. You were just amazing with the story. Great work!!

Dil,dosti,dance-she knows exactly how to keep a balance between both the pairs and must say after reading her ff i have started liking swasan as i am a hardcore raglak fan!

Azure- red string of fate has by far been one the my most favourite ff’s.. I have already told you you must opt for writing as a profession.. You are great and i can just be all praise for you!!
There are many more ffs i read and all are

I know how tough it is to write these as i have tried but haven’t been successful.. I strated writing two ffs but it turned out to be a complete faliure!! I know you guys are putting too much effort!! I live you all

Credit to: Ananya

  1. Thank you so much Ananya for mentioning my name and yeah thanks alot for calling my ff a cute one it reallymade my day..Thank you thank you so much πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ love you alot

  2. raglak(fouz arshi)

    thanks dr for mentioning my ff.i know u people r bit annoyed by me.what to do my exams r cmg close.i will try to uplod in not missing any of ur reading in my free tym but it takes more than 4 hrs to write smthng.i can’t take these much of tym to write.i will post asap

  3. i read Sree harini didi’s-RagLak Second Love, Sindu didi’s – All alone Ragini n Prem Deewana Ragsan and Shailu didi’s – Soul of Love Ragsan. I am jus waitin fr the ff to b updtd

  4. yup i agree.all ff writers r awesome.i read shree harini’s second love n azure’s red string of fate.ty r awesome.jz waiting fo tm.n i read oly raglak ff’s.i ave read almost all ff’s wch u ave mentioned here.a salute fo ua efforts.thanku writers fo entertaining us by taking so much difficulty.

  5. actually i thght i ave to thank each 1 f tm fo their effort n wonerful creation.shree harini,azure,kavya,raglak,dafsi,roshni,riya kapoor,shailu,sindu n all raglak ff writers THANK YOU.(sry i cud’nt mention all names.)gud jod ananya.keep up d gud work n stay blessed dearies…

  6. all witers r amazing.Keep up d gud wrk.thanku all n ananya fo tz.n varsha ua dp z nice.teju z gorgeous…

  7. My two favourite raglak ffs r
    Raglak the night that changed my life
    Mamma papa written by dafsi di
    There is a new raglak ff whis also interesting — ishqzade
    In this ff ragini name is natasha and laksh name is kabir
    Actually it has a rebirth concept

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