Beintehaa…Qubool Hai Episode 8

Episode 8:

Thank you for commenting and liking, before starting I would like you to read some FFs made by my friends, I will mention in the end as I don’t want to keep you waiting. I also added one new character in my story and the other characters are coming, I hope you all don’t mind. I’m sorry for making it confusing ?.

The episode starts in Barkat Villa,
Zain goes in the Kitchen and sees Aaliya cooking and talking with Sulaimaan, Sulaimaan tastes the food and nods yes, Aaliya smiles, Aaliya then notices Zain while Zain looks on shocked, he then goes to the fridge and takes the water out, he sees that Aaliya and Sulaimaan don’t see him, he then shuts the fridge door hard and they still don’t look there. Zain pretends to cough,
Sulaimaan and Aaliya turn around
Aaliya: Zain…
Sulaimaan: Are you okay Bro?
Zain: Uh… I’m here to drink water… (Coughs a little)
Aaliya: Oh… Okay…
Aaliya then turns back around and Zain looks on.
Sulaimaan: Drink water bro… You’ll feel better.
Aaliya smirks while stirring.

Scene shifts to Asads bunglow:
Asad comes near Dilshad and bends down,
Asad: Ammi…
Dilshad looks at him, so does Zoya,
Asad: Ammi, why are you digging up the past? I know, you know and Osmaan Chacha knows it wasn’t our fault…
Asad wipes Dilshads tears and Dilshad nods,
Zoya then thinks: So this is the matter…
Asad: Ammi… What was the need to bring up the past?
Dilshad: Tanveer is here and I…
Asad gets shocked,
Asad: Tanveer?
Dilshad then looks at Zoya,
Dilshad: And I li…
Just then Tanveer comes out,
Dilshad looks there and stops talking, Asad stands up and turns around, Tanveer smiles seeing him.

Scene shifts to Qureshi Mansion, Imraan is still weeping on Armaans shoulder while Armaan is shocked and can’t move, Sanju then walks in, she hears Imraan crying and thinks what’s wrong. Alina comes down,
Alina: Bhai… I know you’re joking, just stop okay!
Sanju gets confused, just then someone else enters too, it happens to be Fatima (Fatarajo) she also gets confused seeing the situation, she smiles at Alina and walks up to her.
Imraan breaks the hug and walks up to her, he cups her face with tears in his eyes,
Imraan: I’m not joking this time…
Alina sees the pain and his tears,
Alina: Say Wallah…?
Imraan: W…Wallah they died in a plane crash….
Alina and Armaan get double shocked and Armaan was about to fall but Sanju catches him. Alinas mouth drops and she covers it with her hand, Imraan breaks down,
Alina moves back,
Fata: What happened?
Alina: Bhaijaan and Bhabhi died in a plane crash…
Fata: Which one? You have a lot of them….
Alina: Farhaan Bhaijaan and Nikhat Bhabhi…
Fata also gets shocked.
Sanju thinks: She’s saying it as if she doesn’t care… And is not pained at all…

Scene shifts to the hospital, Nusz is waiting and they shift Zuhaib to the ward,
Dr: Now you can meet him but…
Nusz: But what?
Dr: But we don’t know if he will gain conscious or not…
The Dr leaves and Nusz looks on.
She then goes in and sees his head wrapped in bandage and him lying down.
Nusz: I need to phone his family and tell them…

Scene shifts to the coffee shop near the Cinema, Kriya, Zuha and Sunehri are sitting and waiting,
Kriya: Where is Nusz Yaar… Even Sanju left…
Sunehri: She said she will be back and it’s been 2 hours and she’s still not here…
Zuha: I think we should go…
Kriya: I think she’s gone…
They stand up and walk, then Sunehri gets a call,
Sunehri: Nusz… Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you…
Nusz: I’m in the hospital…
Sunehri: What?! Are you okay?
Nusz: Haa, I’m fine but Zuhaib…
Sunehri: What?
Nusz: Zuhaib had an accident… so I brought him to the hospital…
Sunehri: I’m coming…
Sunehri Disconnects the call and goes to Kriya and Zuha,
Sunehri: Guys… I need to go somewhere, I’ll catch you later…
Sunehri then leaves while Kriya and Zuha look on confusingly,
Kriya: Weird… First Nusz, then Sanju and now Sunehri…? Anyways come, let’s go…
Zuha nods okay and they walk.

Then scene shifts back to the hospital, Nusz takes his phone but can’t open it as she doesn’t know his password,
Nusz: Allah… How am I going to contact his family?
Nusz then thinks,
Nusz: Allah… I should’ve asked Sunehri if Zuha was with her…
Just then Zuhaib gets a call, Shoaibs name flashes and Nusz picks it up.
Shoaib: Hello, Bhai… Where are you? The meeting is starting and you’re late…
Nusz: Hello?
Shoaib gets confused.
Shoaib: Who is this?
Nusz: Um… I’m Nusz…
Shoaib: Nusz?
Nusz: Zuhaib met with an accident and we are in the city hospital…
Shoaib then gets shocked, he quickly disconnects the phone and rushes out while the clients look on.

Bungalow (Asads house):
Asad: What are you doing here?
Tanveer: Why? Aren’t you happy seeing me here?
Asad doesn’t say anything,
Tanveer: Vo, Ammi died because of heart attack and they were forcing me to marry someone else so I ran away and here… I hope all of you don’t mind…?
Tanveer then looks at Zoya and forces a smile out,
Tanveer: You got married… And didn’t tell us?
Asad gets confused and Dilshad and Zoya look on,
Asad: Marriage?
Tanveer: What happened?
Asad then looks at Dilshad and she looks down because of the guilt.
Asad then looks back at Tanveer,
Asad: Yes, I’m married… My wife is…
Tanveer: Yeah… I met her…
Asad gets confused and Tanveers smile disappears.
Asad: You met her…?
Tanveer then looks at Asad,
Tanveer: Haa, they introduced her to me… Why? Don’t you know who she is?
Asad then looks at Dilshad,
Zoya: Asad… We already told her we are married and we told her I’m your wife… So don’t worry, she’s not going to tell anyone and no one is going to question us…
Asad gets shocked,
Asad in his head: So they lied I’m married to Zoya… Why did Ammi do this?
Asad then looks at Zoya and she looks down, Tanveer lets out a smile,
Tanveer: Excuse me…
Tanveer then leaves.

Scene shifts to Barkat Villa:
Sulaimaan gets calls but he disconnects them, Aaliya then gives the plate to Sulaimaan. Zain comes there and sees this, Zain then pretends he’s talking on the phone,
Zain: Haa Azraa bolo…
He’s smiling and laughing,
Zain: Just come here soon… I miss you…
Aaliya and Sulaimaan listen. Zain then pretends to disconnects the call and walks up to them with a smile on his face,
Zain: You see…
Zain then sits down, just then Azraa enters Aaliya and Sulaimaan get shocked, Zain sees their reaction.
Sulaimaan: You called her 2 seconds ago and she’s here…
Zain turns around and sees Azraa and looks on.
Zain: Azraa…?
Azraa: Sorry, I left my bag and phone here…
Azraa looks around, Sulaimaan and Aaliya then look at Zain, Zain then gets shocked and thinks: Oh no…
Zain turns around and looks at them. Azraa sees her bag and phone on the table and picks it up.
Sulaimaan: If her phone was here then who were you talking to?
Zain gets speechless and looks on embarrassed.
Aaliya then starts laughing and Sulaimaan and Zain look at her,
Azraa: What happened to her? Does she need a Dr?
Sulaimaan: Mind your tongue…!
Azraa: Whatever! Anyways bye Zain, see you soon… Anyways you have my number, call me or text me…
Azraa then leaves, Sulaimaan smiles seeing Aaliya laugh, so does Zain.

Scene shifts outside the hospital, Sunehri gets out of the Taxi and Shoaib locks the car door, both head towards the entrance but bump into each other.
Sunehri: What the hell?!
Shoaib: You…!
They look at each other,
Shoaib: I should’ve known it’s you, who brings trouble to everyone’s life!
Sunehri: Hello… I should’ve know that it’s you because you’re the only one that hurts me!
Shoaib looks at her,
Shoaib: Really?! What about the pain you gave me?! Doesn’t that hurt?!
Sunehri: You gave pain to yourself!
Shoaib them grabs her hand and take her to the aside near a lake, (which is also close to the hospital)
Shoaib: I just loved you but it was you who who rejected! Hurt me and kicked me out!
Sunehri: One day you have to get rejected! Not everyone would say yes to you! And leave me!!
Shoaib lets go of her arm,
Shoaib: You broke my heart! I could never fix it!
Sunehri: Then why are you alive? How are you moving and talking if your heart broke?!
Shoaib: By the Mercy of Allah… You left me… But Allah came for me, you broke me… But Allah fixed me… You’re selfish and Allahs the greatest..!
Sunehri looks at him,
Sunehri: Yes I admit Allah is the greatest but we were not destined! And never will be!
Shoaib: And I’m not complaining!
Sunehri: I’m selfish…? No, I’m not, how was I selfish?
Shoaib: You only cared about your self!
Sunehri: Saying no to you was my right and still is… You’re selfish because your brother is in the hospital but you care about arguing with me!
Shoaib gets angry and nudges her, Sunehri looses her balance and falls in the water, Shoaib hears the water splashing and looks behind him.

Scene shifts to Qureshi Mansion,
Armaan is standing and leaning against the wall with his arms folded. Imraan is sitting on the sofa, all are lost in deep thoughts, Sanju sees Alina and Fata going and thinks to follow them, Alina reaches Farhaans room and opens the door, both Fata and Alina enter, Alina then turns the lights on and see pictures of Farhaan and Nikhat.
Sanju stands outside the door,
Fata: What you wanted is completed…
Alina: I know…
Fata: Aren’t you happy?
Alina: I am…
Alina turns around and smiles,
Alina: I’m so happy Farhaan died… And Nikhat… Them two were the main reason…
Sanju gets shocked to hear that, Fata notices her,
Fata signals Alina ‘Someone’s at the door’, Alina then walks there while Sanju is too busy thinking about what she has heard, Alina then sees her and grabs her arm and pulls her in, Fata then shuts the door and Sanju looks on,
Alina: Oh… You were listening to our conversation?!
Sanju: No… I was…
Fata: No need to lie, we say you…
Alina: Listening to other people’s conversations is rude!
Sanju: What type of Sister are you?! Your brother died and you’re here smiling?
Alina: Yes I’m happy her died and I will be happy if all of them die!
Sanju gets shocked,
Alina: And Anyways you’re so fond of listening right…? Then listen to why I hate them!
Sanju looks at her,
Alina: They snatched my happiness and my everything! I will never forgive them! I used to like a guy… His name is Siddharth, he was a very sweet, caring nice and a funny guy, he used to like me too… We used to be friends and one day…

It goes into a flashback where Alina and Siddharth were enjoying ice-cream, then Nikhat happens to see them and gets shocked, then when Alina came home all happy, she saw all her brothers standing and looking angry with their arms folded, even Zuhaib but not Aarav.
Alina (confused): What happened? Why are you all looking at me like that?
Armaan: What is Bhabhi saying?!
Alina: What is she saying?
Farhaan: Nikhat… Would you please tell us what you saw…?
Nikhat comes forward and looks at Alina, Alina confusingly looks at her,
Nikhat: I saw her eating ice cream with a guy…
Alina gets shocked…
Sulaimaan: Heard Madam? What am I hearing tho?!
Imraan: Alina… He’s not our race… How many times do I have to tell you and him?!
Farhaan, Armaan, Sulaimaan and Zuhaib look at him,
Sulaimaan: Bro… Do you know who he is?!
Imraan: Vo… Yes, I seen her with him before but I warned both of them but what am I hearing now?!
Armaan: Bhai, you should’ve told us… We would’ve sorted him out…
Alina: No… It’s nothing like that, we are friends only…
Farhaan: Why are you friends with him in the first place?!
Armaan: What race is he?!
Imraan: Vo… He’s a…
Imraan looks at Alina and she nods her head no, Farhaan sees this,
Farhaan: Don’t look at her! Tell me!
Sulaimaan: Bhaijaan… You all are no offence stupid…
All look at him,
Sulaimaan: This is Mumbai… Haa? And here lives Muslims and Hindus… So Imraan Bhai said he’s a different race so that means his a Hindu… It’s impossible to be a white guy…!
All get shocked, they look at Imraan and he nods yes..
Sulaimaan: Seriously, you should’ve used your brain…
Armaan: Enough! Anyways how can you Alina?! He’s a Hindu and you’re a Muslim and it’s not possible…!
Alina: Bhaijaan…
Farhaan: Alina?!
Alina gets shocked,
Farhaan: You’re our only sister… Whenever you needed parents support, we were always there for you… You always been my favourite and will be but this time you’re wrong!!
Sulaimaan: Marrying a Hindu is going against our religion!
Alina: But he’s just a friend! And you’re talking about religion?!
Farhaan: Alina…
Alina: What Alina! Alina!? All you know how to do is throw your decisions on me!
All get shocked,
Alina: I had enough of all of you telling me what to do! This time I will do what I want!!
Armaan gets angry and slaps her, all get shocked and Farhaan is pained, Nikhat holds his hand,
Tears come out of Alinas eyes,
Alina: And I’m your favourite?!
Alina then runs to her room,
Armaan realises and gets angry at himself.
End of flashback.

Alina: And I cried bare on that day but no one came to me to console me! Only Azraa did! But guess what? They kicked her out too! And then they beat him up because he tried to call me, I hate Sulaimaan because he was the one who told them I was talking to him! I hate Armaan for beating him up! I hate Imraan for telling that he’s a different race and I hate Farhaan for sending him to jail and getting him tortured there! I hate Zuhaib and Aarav for not doing anything! I hate Nikhat for telling them!! I hate the whole Qureshi family and I will never forgive them! I will surely take my Revenge because… Sid is in coma because of them!
Sanju: But their your brothers… Your family…
Alina clicks her fingers and points it at Sanju,
Alina: They never were family and I will take my revenge and you won’t be able to do anything!
Alina and Fata then leave and Sanju looks on.

Scene shifts inside the hospital, Nusz waits for Sunehri and Shoaib, just then Zuhaib moves his hands, the he slowly slowly gains conscious and opens his eyes, Nusz turns around and sees him, he tries to get up but can’t because of the pain in the body, Nusz goes to him,
Nusz: You need complete rest…
Zuhaib also starts getting his vision back,
Zuhaib: How do you feel?
Zuhaib: F..fine… did I e…end up
Nusz: You met with an accident and we brought you to the hospital.
Zuhaib: Th..thank…
Nusz: No need to say Thank you, it was my duty and no more speaking… Only rest!
Zuhaib: But…
Nusz: Shh!! I said no talking! Now rest, I’ll get the Dr…
Nusz goes out and Zuhaib looks on, he then tries to remember his accident scene.

Scene shifts to Kriya and Zuha, they finally reach home,
Kriya: I’m so tired…
Zuha: Same…
Just then Musa comes out,
Musa: Kriya… Where have you been?
Kriya: Bhai… I went for a movie.
Musa: Okay…
Kriya: Bhai… Do you remember her?
Musa looks at Zuha,
Musa: Where Sanju?
Zuha in mind: Huh? She asked if he remembers me but he didn’t respond.. definitely Musa…
Kriya: I don’t know…
Musa: What do you mean you don’t know??
Kriya: Bhai, she said she coming but… I think she might be in there…(pointing at Qureshi mansion)
Musa: What is she doing there?
Kriya: I don’t know… But do you remember who she is (pointing at Zuha)
Musa then looks at her,
Musa: Where’s my car…? I’m getting late for a meeting…
Zuha thinks: Hay? He’s ignoring me…? Now I’m sure he’s is Musa…
Kriya: Bhai… I asked do you know who she is?
Musa: It’s so hot isn’t it? My other car went for repair but now I’m definitely going to get late…
Zuha (annoyed): Oh hello Mr Musa Rahat! She’s been asking you do you remember me but your avoiding me?! Even I’m not fond of meeting you!
Zuha turns around and leaves, Musa smiles and Kriya gets confused.

Scene shifts to Bunglow, Zoya and Dilshad are sitting down with their heads down while Asad looks at them,
Asad: What was the need to do this?!
Zoya and Dilshad done say anything,
Asad: Now the whole worlds going to find out something that isn’t even true!
Zoya: Asad…
Asad: What Asad?!
Dilshad: Calm…
Asad: How can I calm?!
Dilshad and Zoya: Asad calm down!
Asad: You two don’t know what you did… As far as I know, Zoya has to live here and Tanveer will ask for proof… What am I going to give her?!
Dilshad and Zoya looks at each other.

Nusz comes in with the Dr, the Dr checks him,
Dr: He is okay now, but he needs rest…
Nusz nods and the Dr leaves. Nusz then looks at Zuhaib who is looking sad, Nusz thinks: What happened to him? Hmmm… I need to do something…
Nusz thinks of something.
Nusz: Zuhaib…
Zuhaib looks at her,
Zuhaib: Y…
Nusz: Uh… You’re not allowed to speak… Just listen okay…
Zuhaib looks on,
Nusz: What’s the time…?
Zuhaib looks at the clock,
Nusz: It…
Nusz: Shh!! I said no talking…
Zuhaib points at the clock, Nusz sees and nods.
Nusz then looks at him,
Nusz: Want to listen to a story??
Zuhaib thinks,
Nusz: I’ll start Anyways…
She then sits in the stool,
Nusz: So… Cinderella? Okay…
Zuhaib looks at her,
Nusz: I know you must be thinking oh… I heard it many times but hear Nusz version… Ready?
Zuhaib thinks and then nods.
Nusz: Okay, so there was a cute bubbly princess calls Cinderella… She was very fat and always demanded chocolate, her sisters were tired feeding her chocolate and one day the whole city ran out of chocolate and so did she… All the children were very angry at her because she ate all the Chocolate… She ordered everyone to do find her chocolate but no one found it, they even went to near by villages but the answer was no… Then a man told the soldiers/armies that above that mountain is a man who makes chocolates, the soldiers see the mountain and gulp. But then a real soldier comes, his name was charming, he was very poor and had recently joined this army to get money, his step mum was so cruel to him, she used to beat him up and always taunt him, his step brothers got everything they wanted but poor him… He asked for a comb for his hair and he got slapped by his step mother… Now the step mother forced him to do this job as they would receive very big amount of money… Charming went up that hill and it took him 3 days to reach there and as he reached there, he saw that the house had been exploded and the family moved out three years ago, Charming got very angry, he was like an angry bird that rushed down the mountain…
Nusz looks at Zuhaib and he seems intested.
Nusz: It took him 3 hours to come down, as he came down he saw that the city had revived chocolates and the princess got the chocolates, this angered Charming and he went to the palace, there he saw the princess on a balcony… He shouted Cinderella three times, she turned around slips and falls out of the balcony and on him, the song Mar Dala o… Maar Dala part plays from DevDas… And he fainted. But poor…
Zuhaib then bursts out laughing, Nusz sees this and smiles….

Barkat Villa:
Sulaimaan then leaves and Zain walks to Aaliya,
Zain: I haven’t talked to you much… How have you been?
Aaliya: If you get time of Azraa then you would talk to me…
Zain: You also don’t get time off Sulay….
Aaliya: It’s Sulaimaan and he’s sweet and cute…
Zain looks on shocked and Aaliya leaves, she then let’s out a laugh.
Zain: What? She found him cute? What? What? What???
Zain: Anyways why do I care if she found him cute….? What?

The episode ends on Asads tensed and shocked face and Zain’s jealous and confused face.

Precap:Sunehri to drown… Sulaimaan and Zuha find about Farhaan and Nikhat… Tanveer to ask for Asad and Zoyas marriage proof… Zain tells Osmaan he likes Aaliya… Surraiya to hear… Humeira and Ayaan’s marriage talk takes place…
Asad: Karan Singh Grover
Zoya: Surbhi Jyoti

Aaliya: Preetika Rao
Zain: Harshad Arora

Ayaan: Vikrant Massey
Humeira: Ketki Kadam

Rizwaan: Vikas Grover
Aayat: Shivangi Joshi

Najma: Niti Taylor
Imraan: Vikram Singh Chauhan

Ayesha AKA Sunehri: Sunehri?
Shoaib: Namish Taneja

Nuszat / Nusz: Nusz ?
Zuhaib: Ravi Dubey

Zuha: Zuha?
Musa: Karan Kundra

Kriya: Kriya?
Rahul: Parth Samthaan

Zara/ Sanju: Sanjana?
Armaan: Sidhant Gupta

Alina: Alina ?(one of my friend)
Siddharth: Siddharth Malhotra

Sulaimaan: Siddharth Gupta
Azraa: H.N (My Sister, she doesn’t want her real name revealed so her initials…)

Fatima (Fata): Fatarajo ?
Rehan: Arjun Bijlani

Shamsa: Shamsa ? (one of my friends.)
Aarav: Vatsal Sheth

Thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciated and I hope you continue liking this FF,

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    Oh my god Halima, I loved this episode so much it was filled with emotions when I saw Alina say all that, I am like how can you make them die like that… Just because of something stupid like that… Also I really feel like Armaan and Sanju are so cute and Shoaib and Sunheri and their fighting is killing me xx, but I hope he saves her and then they have an eye lock xx that would be cute and the cinderella story oh my god Halima it reminds me of our conversation when vampires come xx I am dying right now, But oh my god Maar Dala, I SWEAR TO GOD you killed me with laughter xx, tomorrow more talking about stupid stories xx, but still I made him laugh!! and Zoya and Asad married so cute hehe (even though they’re not) Aw Zain and Aliya so cute man!! Also can’t wait for more romantic scenes for the next episode!! love you Hun xx.


    1. Nusz


    2. Thanks Nusz… I’m glad you liked it, I couldn’t think of anything else so Cinderella popped in mind after our convo, so I thought to use it.

      Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??)

  2. Awsm epi….u nailed it……nusz cindrella story was awsm……waiting for next????

    1. Thanks Kriya… I thought I made the Cinderella story dead…?

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    Awesome u r giving all pairs importance i really sunehri n sohaib nusz n zuhaib more than otheq pairs

    1. Thanks Priya… I’m glad you like two pairs ?

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    Simply superb…The part when Nuszz tells the story was literally funny???And Sunehri and Sohaib fight was nice and that Alina how on the earth she feels so??Well as usual you rocked and I will be waiting for your both FFs, post soon? Keep smiling…Keep writing…Love u?

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      I’m glad you liked it…

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