Yehi Hai Ishq, A Tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE & Our Love story (Promo & Message) ~Shreya

Kem cho?..I am on the seventh heaven because of the Love which you guys shower on me..

Chalo all those who are going to have a misconception that ye Lovely notice le kar aayi hai ki TU chodne wali hai…
Haha hahaha… aren’t so Lucky.. Main itni jaldi peecha nahi chodungi..
So kaam ki baat par aati hoon…vaise dekha hai Maine..people aren’t much interested in Bak bak..especially mine!..And yes remember guys..main promos nahi Jo hone wala hai..padhne pe hi uska idea advance idea but meri situation ki demand I am just giving a small hint of all.
So firstly main apne 3 ffs ke name and all batati hoon..
1- Yehi Hai Ishq
Genre- Romance/Fan fiction
‘..”Oh finally… Muin Baal Baal Bach gyi…but Kunj ne dekh liya hota…toh tu toh gyi hogi Twinkle.. “..alleged Twinkle turning from the edge of the cliff…
” Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”…..’

What happened??

2- A Tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE
Genre- Horror/Suspense/Thriller/Fan Fiction
“For that..we have to first find out that why this all is happening with Twinkle!..then only we can dig the way out.”.. assumed Mr.Vijay.
We were about to get indulged in the conversation..just then..
A feminine scream hit our ears from the guest room…’

Now what happened here??

3- Our Love Story- Twinj
Genre- Romance/Thriller/Fan fiction
‘..”If our best biker wouldn’t have stopped racing.. I am damn sure..we shall win”…said a person..
“Oh really?..Even I wanna meet that person!…”.. Kunj said sitting on his Harley!
” we have apparently no hopes for arrival..”..’

Lets see what will happen here!

So guys.. Jinhe nahi pata tha ki I write 3 Twinj ffs…here are the names…now one more thing..
See I wanted to know how many of you are interested in Romance…. Intense Hot romance.. Since basically.. Main romance nahi likh my friend’s elder sis has taken that responsibility.. She has and will write romantic scenes for all of my ffs…so I want you guys to tell if you’ll be comfortable enough with intense kind of romance in my further posts…
Priyanjali di wanted to know this…so that she can give me scenes legible for most of the readers.
Dear readers, I want to give Yehi hai Ishq..a short break as I want to 1st wrap up the Two SSs.
So from now next posts will be of A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE…and then after completing it Our Love story…well for Now epi42 of Yehi Hai Ishq is read&comment
If anyone feels a strong will to read yehi hai ishq can tell me in comments on PMs…I’ll try to give you an epi of it…

Throw your comments regarding all..
And yes do tell me your b’days…I always miss them yaar…as I donno your b’days…

Love you?

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  1. Angita


  2. Awesome promos… Nd abt romance i like it nd that’s why i love sidhant… U know use dekhte hi mey dream world pe chali jati hu, bg par romantic songs bajne lagte hey… Awww… I knw i knw i’m talking like a stupid bt kya karu haye kuch kuch hota hey… Anyways yaar i love u’r ff yehi hai ishq… So if u can than try to post that one too…

  3. dreamer...arundhati

    Shreyu im waiting.. Update soon
    Tera bday kabhi hai
    Mine on 11 june

  4. I m okk with intense romance concept…. Go for it shreya…. And yaa my birthday is on 12 april…..

  5. I m okk with intense romance concept…. Go for it shreya…. ALL THE BST….. And yaa my birthday is on 12 april…..

  6. Adya

    Hey LOVELY di….Jo likhna h likh do…… we’ll read anything u post……aur Hann…….we love u so much so u write anything we’ll like it hann….bday se yaad aya my bday is on 12 April……..are cause comment khatam ni hua…..I want to know ur bday…….to Chalo jyada ho gya ……pls post any of them…
    LOVE you

  7. Hey luvd i really like ur each ff they are superb i dont have words to express my feelings plzzz try to post ur all ff but if u cant plzzz atleast yehi hai ishq plzzz post it plzzzzzzzzz and try to post all soon…..

  8. I am very excited for Yehi hai ishq and A tale of love and obstatinance . My b day is 21 July

  9. Chiku

    Superb promo
    Waiting for episodes yaar
    Lovely❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lovely darlo
    Acha yaa y not intense romance. I am interested in it waisebhi ur romance is out of the box????
    Plz tell priyanjali she writes awesome romance from my side❤️❤️❤️

  10. Ritzi

    Chal chal…tu Jo bhi dikhayegi voh him khushi se padh lenge..tension mat le..aur rakhi baat romance ki toh ek secret batati hu…maine na mom dad se chup chup ke fifty shades of grey Dekhi hai nd fifty shades darker kaise dekhu uske plans bana rhi hu…ab tu samaj le..hehe

  11. Awesome
    And ya u can surely add romance part in ur story no problem in that
    And my birthday will be on 29 may

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…no problem ….u can add romance….& my b’day was on 30th july

  13. Promos are interesting.. n u can surely add romantic scenes.. I’ve got no problem in that.. and I wanted to tell u that I love ur status?? even I love sidhant more??he is goals??.. Nd my birthday was on 6th Oct.. post ur ffs soon 🙂

  14. tu par akai twinj fans se phooche rahi hai ke onko romance chaya ya nahi !hahahaa kitni cute hai tu!seriously ur adorable!

  15. Twinjfan.tamanna

    I don’t have problem with romance… as I love it…patha hai besharam hun…ur promos are interesting indeed…jaldi post karna…mera b.d is on 19 may..bye..

  16. SidMin

    Awesome do post soon 🙂 And romance ke liye I am ever ready 🙂 And my birthday 13th September 🙂

  17. Ramya

    Awesome promo pls post soon

  18. Kruti

    romance is something which all would wanna read… would b eagerly waiting for it

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