Yeh Vaada Raha 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence and the Bus and train Station
kartik walks in, oblivious that survi walks out of the place, just after him. He coems to pragya and asks about survi. she apologises and says that survi left. he thanks her for all that she did, and says that now its on him to find her, and leaves. pragya is tensed. He is on the roads trying to find some clue about her, asking people on the way. meanwhile, abhi and pragya call up survi, who they ask if she has reached the bus station. she asks why they want to know, as she isnt in a mood to see kartik at all. pragya begs her to give kartik a chance to apologise. but she asks them not to badger her, as she cant refuse them but cant meet kartik either. They are tensed for her and him.

The next morning, as

he walks listleslly without a clue about survi, Kartik gets a call, and hurriedly picks it up, when its one of the employees, who calls him informing of the one train thats leaving for amerkot from Mumbai, in half an hour. he rushes ahead, thinking that he only has half an hour to search her, before he loses her forever.

Survi meanwhile is at the station, hurriedly trying to find her way through the crowds. She sits in the train, and calls srikant, and informs about hertrain leaving soon. He asks her to reach safely, and he shall soon come. He says that he would have gone with her, but he got sick. She asks him to take care of himself, and the rest she shall manage. he laments that he couldnt do anything for her. She asks him not to blame it on destiny, or the lord’s fate, but the truth is that they have each other, and can fend out for themselves. She then cancels the call, and eyes the married couple sitting in front of her, canoodling each other, and she gets apalled. Another elderly couple comes and sits and finds her listlessly gazing at her pics with kartik, when she was young, and the elder lady asks if he is her husband. she gets tensed, and comes out. Meanwhile, kartik runs on the road, dishevelled and distraught trying to find a way. he comes across a lord ganesha idol, and begs the lord to make him meet survi one last time, so that he can apologise for all his tortures and torments. He starts having a splitting headache, and a person comes in to help him to take her to the station. They hurriedly drive off on the scooter.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Pyare is in kartik’s room, for all wrong intentions, when he has to hidebehind the closet, when he hears someone approaching. But he is shocked when he finds bindu coming in with a bottleof champagne totally inebriated. she finds him there and asks whats he doing here. He says that he came after her. she asks him to come and sit. he eyes her and her naked thighs seductively, and leeringly comes and sits by her side, trying to find a hint of a chance to try and touch her. He holds her hand and says that he is here for her, even if kishore left. she vents out her frustration, saying that she can stay without him, and doesnt need kishore and that he can die for all she cares. He says that he cares for her, and she rubs a caressing hand on his cheek, saying that he is nice. He loves to see her like this. She says that she wont let it dampen her spirits, and that she shall start afresh. she goes out to get another bottle.

later, the next morning, tai is furious and bogggled as to why lata flared up like this, but didnt blurt out the truth to kartik, and how her plan of controlling kartik for eight years is now ruined. Payre is meanwhile tensed of his own issues. He asks her where to place the 20 lakhs that he took from kartik’s safe. she vents out her anger saying that lata is breathing on her neck, and he is concerned of his petty issues. he is shocked as she finds lata standing on the door. Tai doesnt understand, when pyare spills out that lata came to meet her. Lata eyes her smilingly, while tai is enraged. She sits on tai’s chair, while tai gags her throat, saying that she wont spare her and finish her today. pyare is shocked and scared and rushes away. lata asks her to leave her, or else kartik wont spare her. tai gets further enraged. But then suddenly, Lata starts screaming and with a startle, tai leaves her. but lata is amused and continues to scream. Pyare downstairs thinks that lata shall die too.

Scene 3:
Location: Mumbai Station
Kartik meanwhile arrives at the station, and when he looks back, he doesnt find the person anywhere and is surprised. He rushes inside, and comes to the platform, just when survi turns back to sit in her seat. he screams out survi’s name, trying to search her, and she is shocked to hear his voice. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The train starts off, as survi eyes him apalled, while he calls out to her. She goes in, and he is distraught at having lost her forever. Meanwhile, Lata tells tai not to think about taking care of her, as that isnt needed anymore, and asks her to stay alert, as one mistake, and she shall blurt out the truth to kartik. Tai is tensed. Pragya and abhi tell about survi going away on a flight, and asks kartik to pursue his true love.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


    • Shraddha Sharma

      Tai ne kartik k mother ko building se niche giraya tha or Survi or uske father ko daraya tha ki agr unhone sach bola to vo kartik ko marr degi..

    • xavier

      Ok. 8 years back when Survi was a little 9 year old girl who lived with her father shrikant. The police forced shrikant to help them get tai kamla husband and the police officer shot her husband and he died. And little aniket got shot in his foot. Which is why you see with a walking stick now. So kamla hates survi and shrikant . She accuses them of her husbands death

      • Karinnaaridokono(Fatarajo)

        Oh thanks Xavier as I didn’t know about this totally, I just knew that tai held survi n her dad responsible for her husband death from the promos, i I had no clue about aniket injuiry

  1. josphine muthoni

    kartik has made survi endure pains continously now he is suffering loosing survi ..anywai let them unite soon

  2. josphine muthoni

    since kartik had given survi 50% share of house tai was jealous n 8yrs back survi was asked by tai to sign a blank document n cheated she has taken it back to kartik…tai asked them to live n if survi wants kartik alive she should never come back n that y survi hide her identity

  3. rosy

    Did any1 noticed survi is travelling to amerkot n dats the town of Rana ji n Gayatri(ETRETR)
    so its a hint of the up coming mahasangam of Etretr n yeh vada raha….
    But how can this happen ETRETR is set on backdrop of british india bt survi is from 21st century(kartik using iphne 6 nd riding honda car lata is getting modern treatment )….
    Enuf of fiction writers!!!!!!

  4. Jessica

    I just thought that it is the biggest mistake of her life when she confessed in front of every one that she did the crime,i just put my hand on my head?, but when lata came & clear the truth i just clapped, & when tai slapped her so tightly i feel like crying ? but now its OK & i think survi shouldn’t forgive karthik so easily & she should give him some punishment ?

  5. sarojini singh

    nice and interesting episode as always i feel really sorry for Survi she has endured a lot of pain. I think its time to unmask Kamla tai.

  6. Razi

    Oh well…and nw Karthick wl hv 2 manage Survi…..very awesome….I thnk it wl take sm more days…..Anyways they both make a lovely couple….mAll we knw hw much Survi loved Karthik… hw did we frgt how much Karthik loves survi……He is a gd man….deserves excuse and also love…I like Karthick though he’s rude….

  7. Razi

    Survi pls dnt go…U knw him better than anyone…and even u tld previous episode tht you would bear any pain he gives….punish him even u can slap him tightly bt dnt leave him…hey Karthick!!!!stp crying and board in the train and go aftr hr….u prmsd nt to return home without Survi….go

  8. in that episode one song ….I don’t know the name but when karthik is finding survi… that scene……one song….anyone can tell

  9. manyatha

    what a mahasagam b/w etretr and yeh vada raha will survi travel through timemachine and reach in 1940’s to meet rani gaitri. Its a kind of joke how’s that possible

  10. yeh vaada raha

    Really a kind of dream. ………….. But please someone give today’s update.. ……….waiting for it eagerly

  11. anisha

    great episode !!! How nice it is to know that kartik will realize his mistake an will feel guilty for the hatred he held for survi….

  12. Razi

    hey friends….i watched it….karthik runs behind the train and boards in to the train…he apologises to survi but she didn’t forgive him..and they go and sit in the train…the woman asks her about karthik calling him as survi’s husband…she refuses and the woman asks survi then why she had karthick’s photos?…..survi is appalled and karthick tries to convince her but she doesn’t listen….they talk about past things and then she asks him to leave her life…he denies…and then the ticket checker comes and survi tells him karthik have no ticket…karthik is enraged when he pulls out his coat…he says they are not couples and survi replies they are not couples, and even friends….he is no one to her…he get off the train at the next station and gazes at her…then survi reaches amerkot and finds a money cash on the floor and tries to pick it…it moves back and karthick comes there laughing which reminds her it happened earlier too….he tries to talk to her by pulling her closely but she pules herself and sits in a bench there and he talks to her and then RaajMata comes and takes them inside where they see survi’s photo in Raajkumari’s attire which shocks them

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