Sumit Sambhal Lega 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sumit Sambhal Lega 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit watching tv. He fries an egg and it gets in air. He looks for the egg. Rajneesh and Simran come from the movie. Sumit says he was finding the egg. Simran says no need, we got samosas from the movie hall. Sumit thanks her. Simran asks Rajneesh to miss him. He says If I have time. She goes. Rajneesh tells Sumit that he decided he will marry Simran, I know you will remind me marriage track. Sumit says no, I m very happy for you. Rajneesh asks why can’t you be happy for me. Sumit says I m really happy, I will give this good news to Maya. Rajneesh stops him and asks him to hide this secret. Sumit says fine, we will go for a match.

Rajneesh says I have imp work, I m going to meet Simran’s parents, they are different type. Simran’s parents Nirmal and Pavitra

sweetly talk and laugh. Rajneesh comes to meet them. He says I was passing by and come. Nirmal says but we are in Karnal and you came form Delhi. Rajneesh asks can I come inside. They permit him. Rajneesh takes deep breath. He says I know Simran since long, we are happy with each other, can I marry her if you both allow. Nirmal smiles and says no. Rajneesh asks why. Nirmal says we have raised her with love, she wants a peaceful life and you are police officer, how will Simran bear non violence, we will find someone like us.

A guy comes and greets them. He gives all the vegs to them. Nirmal says Rajneesh is Simran’s friend, and this guy is our neighbor, but more than a son. The guy says he got three tickets for satsang. Pavitra says Rajneesh has come to ask for Simran’s hand. The guy drops the vegs and says I have seen you somewhere, you are a police officer, you were beating a man, and beats Rajneesh to show how he has seen him. Rajneesh says see sometimes we have to do this. I m not Singham type. Nirmal says I give chance to explain, but not in this matter. He asks Nirdharit to have amla juice. Rajneesh gets sad.

Rajneesh come home. Jasbir asks where was he, Dolly was waiting. Dolly asks what happened. Jasbir asks him not to fight with Simran. Rajneesh says I love her and want to marry her. Maya and Dolly dance and hug. Sumit says see I knew it, but I kept it a secret. Rajneesh says I wanted to marry, I went to her parents to ask for Simran’s hand, they refused. Dolly asks what.

Sumit asks why did you go there. Rajneesh says then would I elope and message then. Dolly says we will talk to them. Maya says don’t worry, Simran and you love each other, they will agree, do what you like. Sumit says once you marry, do what your wife wants.

Maya and Simran meet a Jitos. Simran pays the bill. Traffic police comes and asks Simran to pay fine for wrong parking. He takes 500rs and she stops him. They ask is she giving bribe and take her pic. Rajneesh comes. Simran says they were trapping me. Rajneesh says no one can save you now, and proposes her. The staff claps. Rajneesh asks did she say yes, wait. Rajneesh asks her will you marry me. She screams. They all get shocked. Maya asks is this yes or now. Simtan says yes and hugs Rajneesh. Dolly and Sumit are also there dressed in Punjabi clothes. Simran hugs Dolly and thanks Rajneesh for marrying her. She asks him to convince her parents too. He worries.

Rajneesh comes to meet Nirmal and Pavitra. He says give me one chance, I want to prove good people are also in my life, who are imp personalities in society. He calls Sumit and praises him. Sumit says I m Sumit, his brother. They welcome Sumit. Rajneesh gets glad. He says Sumit is famous cricket reporter. Sumit says I know you understand Simran’s good well, and asks them to sit. He jokes and Rajneesh stops him. He says Sumit is married, he is a family man, we value family a lot, we go temples too. Nirdharit comes there and says he has got flour. Pavitra says he is Rajneesh’s brother Sumit, and introduces Nirdharit. Sumit says I think Rajneesh can keep Simran happy. Nirdharit says yes, he has experience, I found out he is married. Rajneesh says no, I did not get married, that girl run away. Nirmal asks whats the truth. Nirdhar
t says Rajneesh stays alone in his flat and Simran meets him often. Sumit says no, Rajneesh is not like that. Nirdharit asks them to think. Rajneesh says there is nothing like that. Sumit says Simran used to be with him by her wish. Pavitra gets dizzy. They ask Rajneesh and Sumit to leave. Sumit says I will see this Nirdharit. Sumit and Rajneesh come home. Simran chooses a lahenga and shows Rajneesh. Rajneesh says they refused me, they don’t like me and even my brother. He cries. She says you will be the groom, I will convince them by taking my best childhood friend’s help, Nirdharit.

Maya and Sumit do yoga and he stumbles. He falls over another girl. Maya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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