Yeh Vaada Raha 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence and factory
Kartik tries to call the landline at home, but noone picks up. He is worried. he wonders if survi is in danger, while raghu drives with tai and survi. In the room, bindu attends to lata, while she asks her to let be, as she is okay, since she has already put the meds and bandages. indu tries to be on her good side, by saying that lata herself would have done the same had she been hurt, and she is just doing what a daughter should do. She thinks that by now, tai must have started her plan to kill survi but wonders how it shall happen. she eyes aniket near the door, and then asks her to take rest while she just comes. lata comes to lie down. Bindu goes out and aniket tells her that hema went to the ganesh visarjan, as shje couldnt

resist to see what tai shall do with survi. Vindu is irritated at her naivety thinking that if anyone sees her there, then tai’s plan shall be ruined.

Later kartik calls lata and gets to know about who all had gone to the immersion, and that she couldnt go due to the sprained ankle. She asks about him and he says that he is fine. he is worried that survi has gone to the immersion. He immediately leaves and rushes to the car and drives off.

Meanwhile, Bindu calls hema, who excitedly says that she couldnt resist seeiing tai’s plan firsthand. Bindu tells aniket that she shall kill her, if she ruins tai’s plans. she tells hema that they shouldnt interfere at all, and that tai shall be furious if her plan is ruined. Just then, aniket turns and finds lata at the door, and then tries to signal bindu who’s busy on the phone and doesnt pay heed. Lata hears from the door, that they can make survi’s life hell, but she shall send her in hell, and thats her plan today. she asks hema to get out of there and come back home. When she cancels the call, aniket shows her that lata has been listening all along. Both the children are tensed, while lata is distraught. She connects the dotys together and asks why do they want to kill a simple innocent girl, as what harm has she caused them, and how can they hate her so much. bindu asks if she doesnt know why they hate her, as being kartik’s mother, she has forgotten it all, srikant’s betrayal, bhao’s death, aniket’s handicap and their orphan status. lata says that she understands that mishaps have happened, but it was a long time ago, and they should move on. Bindu says that its easy for her, as she has never lost anything. lata tells her that hatred never solved anything, as it just ruins a person. Bindu asks her not to bother, as it doesnt concern her anyways. She asks lata to go and rest, and stay out of their affairs, as she would have to then tell tai, that she is taking extra interest in her decisions and she knows very well what shall happen next. She takes the phone again from aniket, but lata stops her, saying that right now, out of love, she was saying to her as her daughter, but now she wont. Bindu asks if she shall punish her. lata says that she isnt in the habit of punishing but shall tell this to kartik, who they have betrayed too badly. Bindu and aniket eye each other. lata turns to go. the children are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganeshotsav, on the road
All have merry and enjoy the celebrations and festivities of the Ganesh Utsav, while the lord is taken out for his final journey before the immersion. tai arrives with survi and raghu and shanti at the venue, eyeing her tensedly. Survi is oblivious of tai’s intentions. tai looks around wondering where is her planted goon. just then, hje emerges with head first from the water beside the lake. she signals about survi as she caresses her head, and the goon understands that they have to murder her. he complies. Survi does the arti before the final immersion, when tai’s phone rings, and then finds that its kartik. she gets tensed to see this, and after much deliberation, she cancels it, worrying him. he then calls up again but raghu this time, but he has left the phone in the car only. kartik increasingly gets worried. the goons comes for the immersion, and as they immerse the idols one by one, the main goon in tai’s contact, swims across the lake to find an oxygen cylinder that shall keep him alive underneath. kartik drives tensed on the road, hurriedly trying to get to the venue. As all turn around and pray by the temple, which is beside the lake, tai eyes survi as she prays intently with her eyes closed. She gives a sudden nudge and survi loses her balance and falls right behind in the lake. she suffocates for breath and struggles to float, as she is held down by the goon, who catches her leg and doesnt let her get up and be able to breathe but isnt able to. tai is amused by the side of the lake. raghu suddenly realises that survi is nowhere to be seen and shanti says that she too doesnt know. raghu gets tensed and starts screaming for survi, and tai asks her not to scream, as she must be in the crowd and asks him to go and search. he complies. She is amused thinking that his screams wont help, as her screams are muffled forever now. tai gets back to praying with the rest of the crowd. she suddenly spots hema in the crowd, but she hides just in time to escape. Out of formality, tai starts saying survi’s name. meanwhile raghu and shanti frantically search for survi. they are tensed and extremely worried as they arent able to find her. Meanwhile, kartik gets stuck in the traffic jam, and hopes that survi is okay. survi desperately struggles to get free, while the goon tries to drown her down. Finally kartik arrives at the venue, and tai is surprised to see him, and wonders how he came here. he rushes making his way through the crowd and raghu rushes after him. tai is extremely worried, that her plan can be ruined and moreover she might be implicated too. kartik comes to tai and distraughtedly asks for survi. she pretends to be highly tensed and worried, and shows him another direction that maybe she went there. he starts screaming for survi’s name there only, while tai hopes survi doesnt hear. the screen freezes on survi and kartik’s tensed faces.

Precap: Tai gets bindu’s call who tells her that lata knows everything about their murder plan for survi. she is distraught and furious as well. Just then, kartik gets lata’s call and he picks up tensedly. tai is scared as to what she might tell him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I am really disappointed with this show !! at the base, this show was supposed to represent normal people in a normal city !!! in a chawl !!!!So they showed us 5 episodes of normal people and now everyone is living in Villa and everyone is rich !!!!
    why Zee tv feels obliged to show us stories of rich people? KumKum, Satrangi (before), ETRETR, Tashan e Ishq, Jamai Raja etc…. All those serials are dealing with stories of rich people…………
    They just can’t stuck with the first story line ? Like Sapne suhane Ladak pan ke !!!
    Anyway….bakwaas show !!!

  2. I hope she tells him before tai comes near him

  3. A naina201 you are a such very rich or poor write like very ………….

    1. sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to say

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