Yeh Vaada Raha 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik asks how could she do it, and he admits its his fault, but all saw what she was doing, and how she was talking against tai. Lata tries to speak, but tai stops her saying that this isnt the time for talking, but to search for survi, as in this big city, she might face many problems, pretending to be concerned for her. he says that he wont let anything happen to her, and rushes out to search. lata tries to go after him, but tai stops her. tai reprimands her for being oversmart and asks if she wishes to expose her, and it feels she has forgotten the death attempt at him, and this time, he wont be able to dodge the bullet, and asks her to go and say it now. tai warns her that she shall kill him, if she opens her mouth. lata is scared.


Location: On the road
Kartik drives frantically, as he continues to search for her, while remembering the way he behaved with her. he tries to find out about her from people, but in vain. he gets raghu’s call, who also disappointedly says that she wasnt found, and noone even saw her. He is tensed as to where he might have gone.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
kartik comes back, and tai immediately rushes to him, asking about her. raghu tells that police has been informed and they shall find her. tai says that she didnt expect this from her, as she did this, after he did so much for her, just because she got slapped. He says that he has promised srikant, and wonders where she might be. While he is tensed with lata, tai and others, wondering where would survi be in this big city, kartik is shocked to hear srikant’s voice, cheerfully hollering to survi, as he arrives inside the house with his bag and baggage. All are shocked and stunned. Srikant excitedly says that his punishment was spared, and that this is all due to him. he asks srikant why he didnt call. srikant says that he wanted to surprise him. he then comes to tai and extends his greetings, while she remembers her husband’s murder and sits resignedly on the sofa. He then turns to lata, and greets him too. He is shocked to see kartik’s lavish and grand lifestyle, and thanks the lord. he then asks where is survi and if she is sleeping in the room. they are all tensed, while kartik is quiet. Srikant asks him to speak up as to whats the matter. he tells srikant that she isnt at home, as she left the house. srikant asks why he didnt stop her and if he didnt stop her. kartik tells everything, and clarifies that he merely asked her to go to her room. Srikant is frustrated and asks him to stop, as its enough, and he doesnt want any justifications, as he has never spoken to her in high tone, and he had the guts to slap her, and reminds him of the promise he made, and asks him if he didnt want to take responsibility, then why did he take. kartik says that he is right and he shouldnt have slapped her, and thats his mistake. Srikant says that its a crime not a mistake, of separating him from his daughter. he begs for sometime to search her back. srikant says that he wouldnt have been at home had he been concerned. raghu says that they have informed the police. srikant says that he saw today how money changes everything, as this isnt the kartik who he knew, the person who loved everyone, helped everyone and puts others needs before his, but this one knows how to mint money and doesnt care and value relationships. He tries to speak, but srikant stops him from taking her name, and says that all ties to him and his daughter are broken, and that he frees him from his promise. he says that he is leaving for a new life, away from kartik’s fake concern and care. Finally, tai gets up and asks him to shut up, and speaks for kartik, telling how he searched when they vanished, and that he doesnt even know that he has made them his partner in business and house, and then being blamed for not being able to fulfill relations. srikant asks what would he do with all this, and he doesnt need a penny, as his real property, survi is not here, and that kartik’s chapter is forever closed from his life. he says that he shall himself search survi, and he doesnt need a kartik for that. kartik is tensed, while he storms out. He too hastens to the room. tai and vishakha along with tai’s children are amused. lata wonders where is tai going and she shall have to find out. she indiscreetly follows her, as she gets in the car and drives off, signalling srikant to come aside. he agrees. lata wonders that she shall trap srikant too. she rushes after him, who takes an auto, and follows tai. she too takes the auto and goes behind them

Scene 4:
Location: Isolated building.
First srikant, and then lata arrive after tai. he goes up to the roof of the building, and finds survi with tai. She rushes to him, as they have an overwhelming reunion, full of emotions, as they both hug each other. tai then disrupts them asking if they have had enough emotions, and says that she told survi that she shall have a surprise gift at the right time, as she helped her, and she got him back to her. lata hears all this intently. he tells tai that he did exactly what she wanted but now he wants to go away from this world of crime, with his daughter. tai says that there’s noone to stop her, and she wont stop them too. lata decides to call kartik here. tai tells survi and srikant, that she wishes everyone good, and wants everyone’s good, and if they favour her a little, then why are they bothered. Lata calls kartik and tells that survi has been found. he asks her how is she. lata tells him to come immediately and gives the address. he asks whats the matter. She says that she cant explain on the phone, and asks him to rush and arrive. he complies. Meanwhile, tai tells srikant, that one thing for survi is that she learnt a good lesson at this young age, of not interefering in others’ life, as it always backfires. He asks survi to come along. But tai tells him that she had promised herself to get free from all problems. tai then says that kartik feels innocently that whatever he did, is due to srikant, and made him a business partner of 50%, and now she shall rectify it. she ahdns him the papers to sign off. He says that they are blank stamp papers. She says that she shall decide it right when the time comes, as to what to write. He resignedly signs off. She is overjoyed, and then tells survi to remember her promise, as if she forgets then kartik is dead. She then asks them to go. he begins to leave with survi. Tai is overjoyed, while lata hears all this and is shocked. She says that she shall have to stop them both anyhow, as if they do, only then, tai shall be exposed. she turns around to find tai confronting her. tai wrenches her hand, and asks when did she get so gutsy, that she is daring. Lata frees her hand and says that its enough, as she isnt scared of her anymore, and that the child who considered her more than mother, she is betraying him. she says that kartik did everything and delivered all responsibility, but still had to listen to so much due to her, as he is broken from inside, but she wont let that happen, as she shall tell him the truth, that whatever wrong has happened in his life, is due to her. tai again threatens her of kartik’s murder, but she says that the lord decides people’s life’s end, not evil like her. She says that she shall speak now, and not let survi and kartik be separate. tai says that survi is innocent, and doesnt have the knowledge, as she fell in love with him, but hope that she isnt that naive. lata says that they are good friends, and even if survi is in love with him, she doesnt mind that, as she wont get a better bahu than her for kartik. Tai says that this is right, but its a little late. lata tells that it isnt late. Lata confronts and tells tai, that he shall knwo the truth today, as she has called him already, and he shall be here any minute now. tai is shocked to hear this. meanwhile, kartik’s car pulls up outside. survi who is leaving with srikant, sees him and rushes to go to him. Srikant stops her. He reminds her that one mistake, shall kill kartik, and its good that they leave, for his benefit. She watches him helplessly as he drives inside. Just then, survi’s dupatta flies off due to the wind, and into the sky, and falls right on her face, due to which he doesnt see her, as their moments rewind back. Srikant asks her to come along. tai says that this is kalyug and in this world, evil decides who lives and who dies. just then, kartik hollers for tai, and she is shocked. Lata happily turns around on the roof, to find that he has come. Tai says that she has decided that she shall die. Angry and furious, tai gives her a push and she falls from the roof, onto the ground, hitting her head hard and sustaining severe brain injury. he turns around and is shocked to see her. He is shocked as he turns her over and sees the blo*dy mess. tai eyes them furiously from above. He screams for help, distraught and berserk. The screen freezes on their. tai and survi’s faces.

Precap: After 8 years, survi is grown up, and is praying in the temple, while kartik too has become a businessman, as he pulls up outaside the same temple. Someone calls for survi, and she turns around, surprised to see who is it.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. now what’s gonna happen ??? What next ?? What’ll happen to lata ? N what about survi ?? She wont leave kartik or will meet him after 8 years ?? N what’ll happen during these 8 years ?? N ya ! What about kartik n vishaka’s marriage ?? CANT wait to see what’ll happen next…. M impatient !!!

  2. mary christodoulou

    from the next epi the serial will begin to be interesting ..nice it was time

  3. rubiya shaikh

    Nice epi

  4. Yes anisha what will happen we don’t know i am waiting iMpatiently .cute survi and kartik love them

  5. Now that survi is grown up i dont think she will go back to the house n now she migth fall for kartik n wat happen to vishaka

  6. vry intrestng…. Wat next..

  7. m vry excitd to see monday episode…..yrr bt i dnt wnt to see grown up survi..i like that 14 yr old survi wid kartik.their pair is surb

  8. Guys I think maybe kaarthik will hate survi bcoz maybe he will think that survived killed her or he will consider survived as the reason for lata’s death as in search of her lata went there
    Its my prsn opinion

  9. O nooooooo…. I don’t want to see grown up survi the current survi was nice and now…… 🙁

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