Badi Devrani 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sidhi laughing that she fooled Reeti and got mom arrested for murdering papa when the fact is she killed papa. She continues that she even did Moksh accident and made him mad and gave him wrong medicine to continue his madness. Reeti comes and says she found a watch when Moksh dug his papa’s grave and shows watch to her. Sidhi reminisces dropping it in grave while closing it with mud. She tells Reeti that this is her watch and mom purposefully dropped it to blame her. Reeti believes her. She then asks Reeti that Moksh is waiting for her and Reeti leaves. She thinks Reeti has started doubting her and she should be careful.

Reeti goes to Moksh’s room and plays with him. He says he captured Sidhi’s video and shows it. Reeti is shocked to see Sidhi changing Moksh’s medicines and confessing all her crimes. She goes and shows video to Sidhi. Sidhi says it is not her but finally agrees that it is her and she killed her papa and made Moksh mad. She points gun on her and takes her to godown. In godown, she confesses that she killed her papa as she stole some crores from NGO and her papa wanted her arrested. Moksh saw her burying papa and went in car to inform mom and police when she sent her goons and got his accident and made him mad. She even changed his medicines to continue him as mad. She shoots Sidhi, but Moksh pushes and bears bullet on his hand. Paridhi and rohan enters followed by Kadambari and police. Whole family runs towarrs Moksh. Rohan checks Moksh’s hand and says bullet just touched his hand and escaped. Paridhi says Moksh told her that Sidhi pointed gun on Reeti and took her, so she informed everyone. Kadambari slaps Sidhi and asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector takes Sidhi.

Kadambari thanks Reeti and says she was wrong, she ruined Prabha’s family to take revenge, but her own daughter ruined her family.

Reeti and psychiatrist performs therapies on Moksh and he gets well. Finally, he does not panic seeing mud. Reeti and family gets happy. Moksh finally gets ready for office wearing blazer. Reeti feeds him sweet curd. He hugs her.

Precap: Serial ends with a positive note with Reeti exposing Kadambari’s husband’s murderer and getting Moksh well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. it was nice serial reeti look very hot i m sad this serial was end i hope start next season best of luck badi devranii gaes and specially my dear reeti

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