Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina wears Nani’s saree, Nanu suffers heart attack

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tai ji scolding Naina for borrowing saree from Shefali’s mom as she thinks. She goes to balcony and calls Shefali’s mum. Anand asks her to end the matter. Bela asks her not to touch saree and says it might have fish thorns. Tai ji gives saree in Bela’s hand. Anand laughs. Bela says we shall pack the things. Naina gets ready in saree. Sameer also gets ready in suit. She lets her hairs open. Sameer says I am coming Naina. Naina and Preeti come to the farewell party. Naina tells Preeti if Sameer slept. Munna asks Pandit if that girl came. Pandit says I couldn’t find her and tells that he will say I love you. Munna says I will support you. He sees Swati and flirts with her. Swati teases him and goes. Naina comes and asks where is Sameer? Munna and Pandit wonder why he is late. Nanu asks Sameer to have jalebi. Sameer says I am getting late and needs to go. Nanu gets sad.

Sameer comes back to him and touches his feet. He asks him to feed him jalebi. Nanu gets emotional and says until he is alive, he will feed him jalebi. Sameer says I need you and you shall be fine. Nanu says I will see grand kids and asks him to tell how Naina is looking in Nani’s saree. Sameer says I will click pics and show you. He leaves in car. Nanu suffers heart attack, he tries to call Sameer, but falls down. Sameer is still on the way and recalls Nanu asking him to click pics. He asks driver to take U turn and says he forgot camera at home. Naina waits for Sameer in the school party.

Everyone enjoy in the party. Arjun plays music. Munna tells Swati that he wants to propose her, but waiting for Sameer. Sameer comes home and sees Nanu collapsed on floor. He calls Munshi kaka. Pandit and Naina call Sameer’s landline, but he don’t pick the call as he takes Nanu to hospital.

Naina tells Preeti that Sameer haven’t come to party, now they can’t meet for 2 days. Sameer takes Nanu to hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Such a teary episode ?nanaji please don’t die its too sad to see nanaji like this ?first time I though that should not watch next episode bcos it is literally so sad n makes to cry automatically ?but hats off to nanaji acting… It’s so real and naturalistic ?poor naina waiting for sameer without knowing that he won’t come, but wish she should know about nanaji incident n rush to hospital to see nanaji but as usual my predictions would go wrong as this taiji asked them to come home early to go to that village but still let’s hope for the best

  2. very sad! so next week it might be leap m I right…

  3. Fidato

    So…The leap going to happen soon…. This is very realistic…Unlike the other serials… Every scene they just taken from real life… Very emotional episode…. How can Sameer… survive his Nanaji ‘s loss… I dunno…

  4. Next week we won’t see this innocent sameer and naina….nanaji ‘s acting super real bond between sir and randeep soooo good ….I came to know this serial is telecast ing in polimer tv in Tamil the name of nenaithale innikkum. Selction of the songs r fantastic……Very hard to find old episodes but finished to watch all the epi. In Tamil also……its natural in all the co edu schools in olden days lady’s school and boys schools separately…so I don’t know how behaving with gils……Very nice to see this . .I have no bro..I studied in girl’s school and worked in girl’s school also.. so many restrictions but hear ienjoy munna pandit and sameer also … I enjoy my grandson activities just like sameer dressing .hair style ..he has also no father . He is sharing everything ups and downs….jolly……I am watching and enjoying this serial ……..thx for this team. YUDBHI…….

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Please, writers, don’t let Sameer’s Nanu die, he is one of the sweetest Nanus ever…without his love I really don’t know what would have happened to Sameer because his Dad is a different matter. So sorry Naina your farewell party got spoilt, but Nanu is also very important and special. Hush!!!

  6. A verryyy sad episode but quite realistic..
    Nanaji’s acting was natural and the best ❤
    Would love if he doesn’t die but.. (not possible) I guess..
    Anyways looking forward to the upcoming episodes

  7. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Most realistic show on television. Very simple concept and storyline but beautifully crafted and presented! Love this show!

  8. actually i’m tamil and i see in polimertv. in that her name is nithya aravind. in tamil right now the episode is that arjun and sameer’s fight.

  9. jeshwitha sophia

    actually i’m tamil and i see in polimertv. in that her name is nithya aravind. in tamil right now the episode is that arjun and sameer’s fight.

  10. Amazing serial after Kuch Rang Pyar Ke…. I have seen those 90’s days and hence I am in love with the simplicity and the way artists have fully involved themselves in their respective characters. We feel as if we are also a part of the love story and its happening right around us. Nanu is GREAT as a person and as an actor. We love you Nanu…. Randeep is doing a wonderful job and is setting his own standards now!! also Ashi, Preethi, Swathi, Shefali, Munna, Pandit and of course Arjun. Our Bela Chachi and Anand Chachu are extraordinary!! Taiji, though seen in a negative role, is very good in protrating the character. This serial is an addiction to anyone who watches it even for a few minutes.. Excellent! Marvelleous! Brilliant! Superfantasically fabulous…… running short of words…

  11. Hi San and Saz
    the first thing I do is to go and read up your comments. I have not watched this episode. I don’t want to. The episode sticks to my head. Hence, when I read your ‘happy’ ‘cute’ comments i ensure I watch that episode.
    What I would love to see:
    1) Nanu is ill, but survives and is frail.
    2) Sameer has to look after his business but may have to shift to Delhi (just to keep the creative writers happy as they plan the separation)
    3) Nanu knows Sameer’s heart
    4) BTW I read somewhere that Sameer takes Naina to see Nanu and they play a prank together. Did not see that anywhere, so perhaps, Sameer meets Naina after farewell somehow in the Saree, takes a photo to show nanu or they somehow manage to go together to the hospital to see Nanu. Nanu gets emotional seeing Naina in Naniji’s saree. would be so good.

    PL…………….ease………….creatives get the story line to meet the viewers’ expectations. San and saz awaiting your update for tomorrows epi nice and early……..:)

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