Dil Se Dil Tak 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhanushali family turn down Priya’s demand

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Priya requests Dada ji to consider her relation with Bharat. Mohini was happy as she can break the interesting relation between Parth Teni and Shorvari this way. Priya tells Dada ji to choose any one between Teni and Shorvari as well, if he considers their relation as wrong. If he has given a chance to both of them, he must also consider her right to be Bharat’s second wife. Jalpa stops Priya now and says she has once dodged her, but this time they can’t let the trick succeed. She tells Dada ji and Baa that Priya lied to them about her death as well and tricked her earlier. Mohini says whatever Priya demands isn’t wrong keeping in mind the relation between Parth and Teni. She suggests dada ji to give Priya and Bharat a chance on the same grounds as Parth and his wives. Bharat tells Mohini that

sometimes testimonies don’t hold the same grounds. Bharat says he only wants Jalpa in his life as he loves her, he and Priya don’t love each other. Priya is only selfish for her own gains.
Dada ji says there is no similarity between the relation between Parth, Shorvari and Teni’s relation and Priya’s demand. They had worked together to develop a relation. In case of Priya, there is personal greed and selfishness. Neither Bharat loves her nor does she. Priya complains that he is thinking and deciding like a father, he can only see his daughter’s house break down. Priya questions Bharat why he left Spursh with her if he didn’t have to marry her. Dada ji scolds her not to create a drama at this house. Bharat clarifies to Priya that she was his life’s biggest mistake. Jalpa is the only reality of his life, they both love each other. There is only greed in the relation she wants to create; and deters her to leave before he pushes her out forcefully. Priya tells Jalpa to keep waiting, soon she will return with her demand of relation. She isn’t the one to accept defeat so easily. Dada ji tells her to return from the door she entered. Dada ji tells Parth, Shorvari and Teni that he doesn’t care about what people speak about their relation.
Outside, Priya wasn’t ready to accept defeat so easily. Mohini comes behind her and fell off with a jerk of her hand. Mohini says she came as a friend to Priya. Priya says after all Mohini is also a Bhanushali. Mohini says Bhanushali’s have captured her right as well, just like Priya’s. Priya wasn’t ready to accept it, Mohini reminds how she had favored her inside as well. Priya asks what they must do now. Mohini says respects of elders are clear as paper, and a single stain over it is prominent. On the day of Holi tomorrow, the respect of Bhanushali’s will be at stake. They hold hands with each other.
Baa asks Dada ji that they sent the girl away but she won’t accept defeat so easily. Mohini also held the same fears. Indu was sure she won’t return again and appreciates Bharat and Jalpa’s attempt to shield each other. Jalpa and Bharat were both mistrustful over Priya. Indu urges them to cheer up for Holi. Baa asks Dada ji why he didn’t tell Parth Teni and Shorvari that he will now end up their testimonies. Dada ji says their real testimonies start here. The society will turn no stones unturned to question their relations. They must wait for a few more days now.
The next morning, Teni finds Shorvari’s room empty and comes in to wish Ipshita Holi as the first thing in morning. Shorvari also comes with the platter of flower. Teni and Shorvari give a chance to each other to play Holi first. Parth comes from behind with a fistful of flowers, and jumps on the bed to play with Ipshita. He boasts in front of the ladies. Teni and Shorvari throw flowers over Ipshita. Parth was sure their relation won’t have to go through anymore testimonies. The ladies now come to throw flowers and water over Parth.

PRECAP: Bhanushali family was playing Holi together. Priya comes there with media reporters and decides to ruin this celebration as she isn’t a part of it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. All @ssholes these bhanushalis! Teni is the greediest of woman but they’re blind to it! As for parth hope the @hole pervert get arrested.

  2. Comment Reader

    Do the writers and producers ever read the comments that the viewers input. It seems that the only thing in these serials is how to be evil, corrupt our valves and fill people’s lives with evil.
    It is so sad that these shows do not show anything positive to the society. I come here to read the comments and understand how viewers feel about the show but the writers do not take any heed about the comments.
    Is there NO writer out there with a positive mind set who can for once create a show with less negativity and more positivity.

    1. Alister La Frenais

      Comment Reader, I am pleased to read your comments with regard to the writers failure to read the feedback from the viewers. It is also true that the writers are not interested in mirroring real life. Their purpose is to create as much intrigue and sensation that would either have the viewing public on the edge of their seat or foaming at the mouth. It is common knowledge that bad news is always given priority over good news. For example; if a person shoots and kills a number of people, the killer receives front page coverage in the news media. However, if a person does good in his locality by feeding hungry children, he will be mentioned some where on page 3 of the news paper and will not make the 6 o’clock TV news. The only way to gain the attention of the show’s Producers and Script Writers is for the viewing public to stop watching the serial. Remember the old saying, vote with your feet.

  3. I don’t understand how come the persons heart changes suddenly… when parth searched for shorvari desperately and found that she isn’t alive…that day itself he consummated wd teni… before that he wasn’t having any feeling for teni…all of sudden how did he fell for fr teni…teni wanted to marry parth and her wish got fulfilled…what did she sacrificed here… shorvari is the one who sacrificed here…and none of the family members considered her sacrifice… shorvari sacrificed her husband thinking dat she is going to die…why does she has to share her husband when she is alive…I never suppoted a negative character in my life…but I m fully supporting mohini nw…I hope all the mohini plan succeed in breaking dem..I never wrote dis much big comment..sorry guys

    1. No need to feel sorry Basu you just vented your frustration like the rest of us! I side with you, I want Mohini to succeed in her plans. I find her the most sane person with a working brain amongst these pervert @hole freaks!

  4. bakwas se bakwas tak

    such a blo*dy Indu when d whole family is worrying about barath nd his fmly she is avoiding their discussion nd asking about holi celebrations. indu=teni and shorvori =pouni….. indu cheated pouni and teni backstabbed shorvori. wat a vulgar series is it¿¿¿

  5. Oh God it’s high time they stop using dilchasp rishta for this horrible relationship

  6. This serial is soo funny ..atleast I feel like laughing wen they show the serious scenes .The lead actor who replaced Siddharth cannot act at all.Had this serial been in starplus , I am sure it would have gone down by now but Colors has a history of letting such creepy serials like sasural Simar go on ..so no wonder there

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