Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer confronts Naina for her decision to break up with him

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer coming home with Munna and Pandit. Mama ji asks from where they are coming? Munna says they came after giving alliance proposal. Sameer says to buy books. Poonam asks where are books? Poonam’s husband asks them to tell that they went to hang out. Mama ji says he have to join his family business anyhow. Prabha taunts Mama ji. Mama ji says else your father wouldn’t have get you married to me. Mama ji tells that they will select the girl for Sameer. Sameer gets worried for Naina. Mami says we will get your marriage done with your choice. Tayi ji tells Taya ji that she is worried about Agarwal family. He asks what happened. Tayi ji reminds him about Naina’s alliance which Sameer brought. Taya ji says they are Maheshwari and not Agarwals. Tayi says if the

alliance happens then Rakesh will not talk to us. She tells that she will get Naina marry in a simple house with a simple guy and gives him brick example. She says rich families will demand more. Taya ji asks her to give him tea.

In the college, everyone is writing exams. Sameer’s voiceover tells that I was not trying to cheat in exams and tells that holidays thoughts made me restless as I couldn’t meet Naina. Sunaina signs Sameer and asks what happened? He signs no. Naina asks for a extra sheet. Pandit is surprised. Preeti shows her answer. JBR says time is up. Munna asks him to give 5 mins. JBR jokes and takes the papers. Kamya tells that Naina’s exam was good. Swati says she will get 40-45. Pandit says he wrote hanuman chalisa. Sunaina comes and asks how is the paper. Karthik comes and asks her to talk to him. Sunaina says bye.

Naina asks Sameer to come out as she wants to talk to him. He comes out of class. She holds his hand and says she is taking him to get married. Sameer is shocked. Naina says lets elope and marry. She says we will go to our family and tell them that they will marry. Sameer says everyone is watching them. Naina says my family will be humiliated when everyone come to know about it. She says lets go now and marry. Sameer says I didn’t tell them about me. Naina asks him to look at her face and says Tai ji slapped me and taunts badly. She tells him that family comes first to her before him and asks him to forget that they have anything between them. Sameer asks do you think I am a toy and says you are singing love songs since 3 years and now you ended it. He says this love story is ours, and says you have thought about yourself, and asks what about me and my family. He asks if I shall leave you for my family.

He says you have started this love story, it was game and bet for me, but I didn’t know that when it became real. He says it was you who made me understand, when I decided to distanced with you hearing Dadi’s words. He says you always thought about your wish and asks her if she didn’t think about Agarwal and Maheshwari, 3 years before. He asks her not to act to cry. Naina says it is her pain like his pain. Song plays. She leaves. Sameer is also teary eyes.

Naina’s voiceover tells that because of the alliance, Tayi ji kept shanti puja at home and planned Ashanti in our life. Taya ji asks Rakesh about Arjun. Rakesh says he is fine. Tayi ji asks Naina and Preeti to wear saree. Naina and Preeti are surprised. Taya ji asks them to obey Tayi ji’s words. Poonam comes to Sameer’s room and brings tea for him. He is still sleping. She comes again and sees the clock striking 12. She keeps another tea cup and takes the first one. She then brings another cup and checks the time, it is 2 pm. She thinks if he is unwell as he doesn’t sleep till late. Sameer takes Naina’s name in sleep. His voiceover tells that he was trying to run away from his pain, and sleeping more but he was getting Naina’s dream.

Tayi ji asks Preeti to click Naina and her pic. Preeti clicks it. She then asks ask her to take Naina’s pic. Naina poses for the pic.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hate naina fr doing dis to sameer.
    Let sameer ignore her like anythn tab pata chalegi he s nt her toy to play nd throw
    such a selfish nd dumb character

  2. What a superb answer given by Sameer to Naina…She is left with nothing to say after this…only crying crying and crying…

  3. This time – it is really sameer’s show. He steals the entire episode, yes i loved the way he expressed his feeling with Naina.

    Naina – oscillates between Family and Sameer – good one
    anyways only 90’s borns can understand Naina’s fear – so i don’t have anything to comment on this.

    But this Taiji and Tauji i hate them to the core, why they can do this ???

    My Wish List

    1.Request the makers to do some magical so that Chachaji supports their Love and breaks Taiji’s plan(Naina’s marriage proposal).

    2.Excepting Arjun will come to know about the Naina’s Marriage proposal and support Samaina’s reunion and help them to get married……………………..still he understand the pain……………..

    3.Preethi and Arjun inturn make chachi and chacha to understand whatz going in Naina’s Life and how she sacrifice her life for them to keepup their trust………………..

    4.Sameer should make Sunaina to understand about Samaina’s relationship, i really don’t want her to get hurted.

    awaiting for upcoming episode

  4. Cannot see Samaina like this. Thank god sameer took out his anger, frustration in front of naina. This taiji is so annoying and really hate her. Waiting for Samaina khidkithod reunion, hope it comes soon ??????. Crying to see them tolerating pain ????. Love samaina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????

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