Only you’re my life (Ragsan FF) Chapter:-04… Ragini and Rithik are siblings..

chapter :- 04..

laksh,shivanya and rithik sits in coffee shop…

shivanya:- why you’re so silent?
I know you come here with some reason but became upset is not a ..
(she makes his mouth as smile?)
Laksh:-(smile) tell me jiju.. you says that you want to find some relationship so came from America and joined here as a proffecer ..
shivanya:-who is she?
Rithik:-(sad tone)she is my sister …
shivanya and laksh:-(Full shock)whattt????

………in maheswari mansion ….

sujata speak with her brother(rithik’s badi papa.. who in america and rithik grown there ..)

su:-bhaiya… why you did him come here?
bhaiya:-what will i do sujata ..
he finds the dairy of his father …
I kept that as memory of our brother ..
and now he know about his mother and sister ..
if you forget the past..
because of that chamless lady we lose our younger brother shivam..(????)
Because of that rithik growth without father ..
My bhai wants rithik never meet his mother or anyone in malhothra family ..
thats why i sent him to america with you but why you let him know the truth …
why kunal bhaiya???
Kunal:-don’t cry sujata.. he only know the half truth and he never know the face of his mother but he have the photo of her childhood …
suju:-Thank god…
I know bhai ..
our shivam singh obroi and that swasini malhothra were friends in childhood and
when that lady cheated us atfter that we oberoi and malhothra are never meets jet…
I’ll never let rithik meets to That swasini’s daughter …?
I’ll never allow rithik will sufer as his father (shivam singh oberoi .. rithik father and sujata,kunal’s younger brother )

~~~~~new characters~~~

kunal singh oberoi:- Rithik’s bade papa in america..
he hates rithik mom for cheat rithik’s father ..
shivam singh oberoi:- rithik father his story will arrive in future strory.. he is younger brother of sujata and kunal..
swasini malhothra:-rithik mom… sujata and oberoi family hates her and her oberoi family ..The reason will arrive soon…)

….in coffee shop….

laksh:- what’s in this diary …
rithik :-it’s have my mom childhood pic with my papa…
everyone in my family told my mom cheated my papa and runaway but i can’t believe this anymore after reading this dairy ..
rithik :- because this dairy is half burned and had this pic… my papa wrote about their love story and my parents love each other and married against my grand parents wish..
and live happily and this dairy have
how i born..
when i have 1and half years my mom got pregnant then
they check the baby and that’s girl
after that they celebrate that as great one…
after five months when i have 2 years old…
this dairy was finished and also
My father died..
everyones tell my papa died because of my mother but how’ll i believe this and if my mom cheated my papa then how will my sister grown as orphan ..
she is not in falt ..
I’ll find her and I’ll apologize to her for not find her and united with her she is only hope for me to feel my mother …
Shivanya:-(wipes his tears) don’t worry we will find her..
laksh:- if you never ask to kunal pa or my mom..
rithik :- If i tell bua then she will scold me only and badi papa tells this not your business and malhothra family is their enemy …
shi:-mmmm.. ok cool where are you stay now..
rithik :-hostel
laksh:-come on jiju… you also stays with us thats also your house and your also our groom na..
shivanya:-he said well today ..please our parents not now your try to stay hostel else my papa will scold you for staying out side..
rithik :(smile) ok….
(in mind) where are you my sister how will i find you…
……….ragini home ……

devi:-ragini beta…
(comes from her room..)
ragini :- hah….
de:-you not have much dinner na .. please have this milk..
ragini :-(smile) ok…
devi:-what happened beta why you so sad…
rag:-devi ma.. why my papa leaves my mom and me loanly…
I didn’t get the reason ..
when i born my mom died …
i only have this rich life and you…
devi:-everyday .. you ask this my dear ..
ragini :- please tell …

your mom swasini and i were close friends ..
your mom married your papa against you dada wish so they break their bonds with your mom and one day your mom knock my house door…
I’m poor and orphan.
she was my only friend..
it was hurt for me to see your mom in that state..
she live with me four months..
she never tells about your papa and stop me from asking that and
she worried about your future and goes to your dada and fight with him for her right and gets this business and everything …
your uncle who in London only helps her with business but never meet her because the promise that made by your dada..
when you born she died ..
she give you to my hand..
I’m a transgender to this society but I’m mother in heart for you…
so please forget that past I’ll with you until my Last breath ok..
Ragini ????

Ra:-I’m a orphan but i have you devi ma… i hate my papa and my mother’s family but i love you somuch ma..
You know devi ma.. every night i ask a story from you but i wants only my mom’s story because i couldn’t want to forget my moms state…

Devi:- but why you force your self as hurting ..

ragini :- because i don’t want to fall in a state like mom..

devi:- everyone are not like this…

ragini sleeps in devi’s lap…

devi covers ragini in blanket …

devi comes to her room and took one album and look at swasini pictures
swasini is look a like ragini ..

devi:-you daughter spoils her life in your past..
please god give a loving partner to my ragini to love her life long…

……..Ragini sleeps in bed..

in her dream some unclear images come..

“ragini … i love you???????…”
A boy shouts..
ragini turns and one track hits him…
The growd around him..
ragini runs towards him and takes his head to her lap…
she is shocked to see sanskar face..
ragini :- sanskarrrrrrr…

…….ragini walk up from the bed…

rag:- (she drinks water) whats this horrible dream..
Sanskar is not like others he loves everyone truly …
he cares for me for that he wants friendship i should ask about his ill..
he is not like my father and I’m just his classmates it’s not wrong to ask about health …

she remember his number and call him..

sanky sleeps in his bad and get up because her phone …

sanky :-(????) who is that?
why you distrube my sleep ?

Ragini :-(chuckle) like baby he cry..

sanky :- ragini ji…(get up from bed and drink some waters..)

rag:- (his ears are very sharp ..)

sa:-what a surprise!
If you dream about me na..

ragini :-no..?

Sa:-??then why call me in this mid night ..

rag:- I want to check your health ..

san:- if you are a doctor ?? tell me the truth ..

ragini :- what truth ..

sanskar :-you want to make relationship with me..

ragini :- whatttt????

San:- hey dirty queen just friendship yar????

Ragini smiles bit..?

Rag:-? idiot … how is your health ..

san:- it’s just a acting..
San:- i want to see football match so..??
Rag:-you’re impossible ..
san:-always ..
ragini :- ok..
san:-ok means..
ragini :- I’ll cut the hall is the meaning ..
san:- please don’t cuts..
ragini :-what happened?
san:-just nothing ..
ra:- i know you have ill.. don’t lie to me..
san:- I’ll spare you angry mood but i can’t spare my loving once sad mood…
ragini :- who is that..
san:- ragini ji you also my loving one..
ragini smiles :- really .. ok non-stop rain sleep well good night ..
san:-awww sweet you also know to say nickname ..?..
but I’m unlucky
sa:-I can’t see your smile through phone na..
rag:- i never Smile..
san:- your know the truth ..
ragini see her smile face in mirror ..
ra:-(embrace) bye…
she cuts the call…

sanky :- she is a cute caring lovable girl but why see hates the community .. i should solve her problem because now he is my best friend na..
good night ragu(towards phone) sleep well…

…..episode ends….

precap:- Ragini finds her love…???

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