Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s gesture makes Naina emotional

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna and Pandit telling Mama that Sameer is suffocating in the house. Kamal Mama asks him not to worry and says your Mama will bring Doctor. Prabha asks him to see his condition. Pandit asks Munna to open the window so that fresh air comes. Kamal Mama says I will take you to hospital. Munna says he needs a breath. Kamal Mama says it can be done after the marriage, jokes. They take him outside. Taya ji comes and asks Bela if the food is ready and goes. Bela tells that they shall inform Taya ji. She says it is like a death to her, but she has to tell him. Sameer calls Naina and asks her to come and meet him. Naina’s voiceover tells that her hero Sameer that day had done something which even a filmy hero couldn’t do, and his small gesture gave her big happiness.

She comes to Sameer and asks why did he call her. Munna says we have brought the dishes and tells the names. Sameer says we got Bajra Ki Roti also and says it is made by Poonam Bhabhi. Pandit says you have to just serve. Naina gets emotional and cries. Sameer says we are family waiters and don’t take tears in return. Naina thanks Sameer for his favor.

Taya ji asks bela to tell and asks if the food is ready. Bela is about to tell him. Just then Naina comes there and tells that guests have come. Taya ji goes downstairs. Naina brings the food and tells Bela that Munna and Pandit got the food made in their house and brought it. Bela hugs her happily.

Later Tai ji comes and blesses Bela. Bela says did Gandhinagar relative give her anything. Tai ji says no and tells that they give three old blankets and says I am happy because of you. She tells that her husband is praising her food which she made for Patel family. She asks her to make tea. Bela tells that she is unwell since yesterday morning and that’s why Naina asked her friends to make food for Patel. She says now she will have food at her house. Tai ji gets upset as bela asks her to make tea and food for them.

Arjun and his friend are climbing down the stairs when he sees the adult magazine. He scolds his friend for keeping it and says he don’t read such magazines. Shefali comes and thinks Arjun reads it and scolds him.

Principal comes to Naina and Sameer’s class and says she will take JBR’s class as he is unwell. Pandit says Sameer will take the attendance, but Principal scolds him and takes attendance. Hamrahi song plays…..Munna says present for Swati. Just then Swati comes and says present. Principal asks did you hear two sounds and only I heard. She says she heard two sounds, one of Swati and other is from you. She asks who said proxy attendance. Munna hides. Karthik signs at Munna. Swati says sorry. Principal asks her to call her parents and says I will tell them that you came late and also gets proxy attendance by your special friend. Munna says she didn’t ask me. Principal says this is my college and not romance place. Swati scolds Munna and asks why did you give my proxy attendance. Munna says so that your absent is not marked. Principal asks them to go out of class. Naina’s voiceover tells that Munna got out of class because of his love, it was yet to be seen if he will pass or not.

Pyaar karne wale song plays…Naina and Preeti collide with Arjun. Arjun comes to meet Shefali and sees Naina, Preeti and others.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Episode was too good..
    Samundit saved Chachiji & Naina.. Sameer definitely a best BF for Naina, Naina’s tears said everything?.. every girl needs this…
    Now Swatina’s love track started…
    Waiting for upcomings.. Precap- Can’t wait to see what happen…
    I think, next week our wishes for Samaina’s moment will be fulfilled..
    Eid Mubarak frdz… Keep Commenting…

  2. That is good

  3. Lokesh

    Wow lovely episode all gone well, thanx Hasan.

  4. Good Episode…… enjoyed it…….precap awaiting to see

  5. GOOD episode guys ………enjoyed it samundit rocked again …..even poonam bhabhi but I felt this mama and mami’s character are little bit overreacting for all on the other hand chachji was quite natural while expressing her care for Naina.
    I believe that mama and poonam bhabhi will support Sameer’s love.
    But no clue abt Mami
    Eargerly awaiting for week……..episodes

  6. Thank you Hasan for your without fail updates. Sid, San, Lokesh and Devi, I haf d been reading your comments. Sid, you comments have become rich and meaningful, absolutely enjoyed last few comments, which good and yet to be improved segments and suggestions for improvement.
    Keep it up. Lokesh, please commenting, I know college keeps you on your toes. San enjoyed your comments in past few days.
    Friday’s episode.
    Episode was good. Agree with Sid 100%. Naina’s tears are so reflective of her gratitude, admiration, and appreciation of Sameer’s gesture. Hope the makers give us beautiful moments
    1. Samaina: more singular moments understanding and sharing their dilemmas and life.
    2. Shejun: supporting Samaina
    3. Swatina: their romantic getaways
    4. Preedit: start of their romance
    Lastly a picnic where these four pairs go together as part of college camp and Karthik and Sunaina and others too. The parents try to find out and these pairs hide and seek and supporting each other… would be a treat to see.
    Loved a wink from Sameer to Poonam Bhabhi. Agree with Devi re: Mami’s acting. Chachi is naturally loving towards Naina. Naina as usual rocked. Guys I am unsure when the voting stops, please vote for Naina as she is the only one name from this show in the nomination list. Even Namik Paul, posted his appreciation on Naina’s acting.
    Nice to see that. Put your hands up if you have voted, so we know how many on this forum remembered to vote for Naina. If you have not, don’t worry. It is just a reminder.

    Aku, Pradeep, Sai, thanks for your vote. Warm welcome to Zaina.

    Missing Van, AB, GHVpriya, Saz who were so regular earlier. Please come back.
    Sid I agree once Samaina’s moments are focussed, it will rise the TRP. Please like Ashi’s videos and posts to see her ranking rise too on India Forums. Your efforts helped to get her from #61 to #20. Keep it up.

    Looking forward to seeing more comments during the weekend.

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm thanx for the mention mam, will try my best to come here always.and yup me too is reading all ur comments.

  7. Sameer proved Naina that he is the best boyfriend in the world. Sameer has won everyone’s heart. They are made for each other. Both of them are incomplete without each other.Sameer can’t see tears in Naina’s eyes. Their love is true.

  8. Hi Deb,

    totally agreed with your views , even count my vote for Ashi too.

  9. Dear friends
    Eid ki dhin wish nahi kar paaya iss liye ab wish kar rahi hu. Eid Mubarak
    Gold Awards 2018 – Nomination List

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