Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shan breaks his relation with Chanda

Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shan comes. Puchki says Shan. Shan says Puchki is young don’t touch her. Puchki says they don’t take me to school. Bari ma isn’t one my side either. He says I dont’ want you to go to school either. And specially not my school. Dont’ come near me. Puchki says what is wrong with you. He says I have no relationship with you or this bari. Thank God they adopted me. And Chanda you are my mother I am ashamed. puchki says what are you saying. WHere are you manners. Shan says why didn’t you annoy my family. What did they do to you.

Nevi says to Jamai I have filled him with poison and told him he will get a mother’s love. He will never have it. See what happens next. He wont be of here or there. He says wow you’re so smart.

says I only came here to say that I am ashamed that you are my family. I feel ashamed. Puchki says what are you saying. We should respect all elders. Why are you doing this. We are one team. He says we are not one team. I have broken all relationships with this place and I will never come back. She says have you lost your mind? He says no. This place disgusts me. She says so I disgust you too? He says yes. I hate you. I hate Chanda. I hate you all. Chanda faints. Puchki says how can you say that and forget all promises that you made to us. Please listen. He shoves her. Shan leaves.
Beauty see him. Thaku ma says he is calling his mom disgusting. Shan leaves. Beauty says to Puchki your story with Shan is over. don’t take his name again. Puchki cries and runs after him but he leaves.

Puchki says my shan can never do this. He will come back. Nevi says Ridhoy your mom is always there for you. I can do anything for you. I don’t care for anyone but you.
Puchki says bari ma please don’t be sad. SHan will come back. Chanda says he will never come back. Didn’t you listen. Puchki says I will bring him back.
Aru hugs Nevi and says thank you. Shan comes home. Nevi says my eldest son is here. I hope you did what I said. He says I said what you asked me too. I can do anything for you. I have no relationship with them. Now i can be your son right? Can I play with Ridhoy now? I can call you mom now right? Nevi says yes you can. He hugs her.
Precap-Nevi says I will take everything from him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I feel very sad that Nivi is taking the wrong route to get back at Chanda….she is using Shan’s desperation for mother’s love….really how vulnerable children are …though I don’t care much for Arindam,I would feel happy if he stops Nivi from taking advantage of Shan’s affection for her…Let her do anything to Arindam and Chanda to take her revenge ,but showing fake love to a.child is not acceptable …sadly that is what she has chosen to destroy Shan….it just wrenched my heart to see Shan begging her to allow him hold junior….
    Coming to Shan repulsing everything that is associated with Sonagachi,I have n’t understood whether Nivi has already started influencing him or he was just obeying Nivi’s instructions to be called her first son and win back his foster mother….But I am impressed with Ayaan’s show of mixed emotions when he was there in Sonagachi to break all his former relations….When he says he hates them and the way he doesn’t even bother to reach out to his mother when she collapses ,I thought Nivi has at last succeeded in her efforts to alienate the boy from his mother as well as his only friend…But the way he closed his eyes after sitting in the car shows his emotional turmoil….He is just sandwiched between his two worlds ….Sonagachi and Mazumdar Family which are completely opposite in everything….At such a young age he s trying to adopt to his new life and pretending to hate Sonagachi…I can not wait to see how this rather complex scenario will shape up Shan’s personality as an adult ….loved Ayaan’s portrayal of emotions as Shan Mazumdar in this episode….he s getting better day by day…Ruchi is also acting well but I still feel she is too young for the role of Puchki who talks way mature for her age ….the writers should really tone down her dialogues to suit her age…

  2. Leisa s morris

    I believe that aru knows exactly wat kinda woman nevi is afterall wen shan got shot he told him to stay away from puchki cause she got shot because of him. I think he knows full well nevi was behind dat. Knowing dat I could well imagine wat he must’ve gone through over d yrs wen nevi couldnt have a child throwin him in d arms of chanda. Also some r questionin chanda’s motives but isnt itin realistic that as a mother u would want d best for ur child? She gave him up for a better life hopin he would b treated fairly and loved d way she loves him yet after d birth of ridhoy she is being told dat shan is bein treated abhorrently by his adoptive mother. Which one of us can sit idly by while our child is bein tortured not just emotionally but physically as well wen all we wanted was a better life for them. Did she take d wrong route maybe but I believe she just wanted to show how a mother feels wen her child is in harms way and had no real intention of actually hurtin d child. D horrified expression on her face wen he fell said it all. I do hope Aru is able to help shan be happy in his home and allow him and ridhoy to bond as I dont c nevi doin anything to let dat happen at all,unless its to drive a further wedge between shan and his sonakachi family

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