Nimki Mukhiya 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki leads Panchayat

Nimki Mukhiya 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scnee 1
Nimki says I will decide what happens tomorrow. All girls should be taught how to teach men a lesson.
Tettar sits for panchaiyat. Ritu says let it go. Tettar says now a woman is complaining about her husband. Ritu says nimki asked her too. She will know her worth once Tetar announces the verdict.
Annaro says sweeti see your dad looks like a king. She says where is the regime? Chandan doesn’t come.. Tettar asks Jhariya to look for him. Annaro says to Sweeti he is the king. Ask Nimki to come and see that Tettar still owns this village. Rekha says Nimki isn’t in her room. Diamond and Jhariya come back. Diamond says Nimki took Chandan to panchiya. Sweeti says to Annaro the game is reversed. Tettar says Babbu let’s go and show her worth to her.

The panchaiyat starts in the village. Chandan says this isn’t right. You brought me here. This is my personal matter. Nimki says this is matter of the village and hence matter of the panchayat. Sit here now.
Nimki says we could slap you too but we consider you elder. Chanda says you listen.. Nimki says tone down. And call me Mukhiya not nimki. Why did you go to Tettar then if it was your personal matter? Tettar and Ritu come there Chandan says thank God you are here. See what these people are doing with me. Nimki says this is the panchayat of village. Tettar says how dare she. Ritu says control your anger. A lot of people here. Diamond says Babbu will announce the verdict. Nimki says why? Diamond says he is Mukhiya’s husband. Chandan says yes. Nimki slaps Chandan. She says I am Mukhiya. Nimki says husband means husband not the mukhiya. I am Mukhiya. Nimki Mukhiya. Tettar and Babbu are very angry. Tettar whispers to Nimki why are you doing all this. We elders can handle too. Nimki says I am adult too. You can see my ID. Tettar says you are Nimki. Nimki says Nimki Mukhiya. You know the law. Go from here or.. Ritu says he was thinking for the village. Home matter should stay in home. Nimki says it is about Ramla too not just Chadan.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. good job by Nimki Mukhia after a long time

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