Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik becomes Naira’s neighbor

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a ball hitting the stool. Naira falls back. Kartik runs to hold her. She holds his head. He says its a good chance to take revenge. She taunts and goes. Suwarna sees the apartment premises on video call with the broker. Naitik says have sweets, Naira got admission in college. Suwarna doesn’t see him. Manish hears the apartment name and says Kartik’s friend also lives there, it will be great if he stays there. He thinks of Kirti’s words. She says I will see if the flat is good, else I will look for other one. Naksh sees Naira’s pics. Kirti comes and checks cupboard for designs. She sees her hospital papers. They get sad and recall the miscarriage. Kirti thinks of doctor’s words. She says Naksh, doctor said that day…. He says we shall talk later, please.

He goes. She says you always postpone this talk. She gets a call from Naitik.

He says I wanted to talk something, is Naksh around. She says no. He says he is upset with me. She says he misses you a lot. He says I miss him too, what to do, I have to be here. She says don’t feel guilty. He says I had to accompany Naira, Naira and Naksh aren’t happy, I feel I m failing as a father. She says you are strength of your children, you always taught me to share things, you too share things, we will together find solution and manage Naksh and Naira too. He says thanks for encouraging me. She says you are gaining much weight, I know everything, stop eating much snacks, Naira told me. He says so you two talk about me, I will talk later. He ends call and says I m unable to give time to Naksh, if I go to Udaipur for some days, he will feel nice.

Kartik sees Naira busy on phone. He takes the books and goes. She sees another book and says he took away all my books, just because he is professor, it doesn’t mean that he will rule all the time. Kartik answers Suwarna’s call and says I m fine, don’t worry. She says I have finalized a flat for you. Naira recalls Suwarna. Suwarna gives him the flat details. He says Sea shell apartments….. The man says the flat is taken on rent, the guy is from Udaipur, the broker filled society info form. Naitik says its good, show me. Kritika comes sand asks him to help, she needs her ball. Naitik says I will see the papers later. He goes. Suwarna checks arrangements. Manish and Akhilesh play chess. Manish hears Suwarna. Manish says game ends.

Akhilesh says game never ends till you are put into checkmate. Manish smiles. Naira reaches compound. She tells Naitik that she is coming. Kritika says a man is coming to stay as tenant in flat above yours. She sees Lav and Kush’s pic on the cup and asks Naira to see. Naira asks her not to touch anyone’s things. Naitik says I m thinking to go Udaipur, will you manage, Chitti I m talking to you. Chitti says its tarot card, you should also try. Naitik reads… a loved one will find the hope they need. Naira comes home. Naitik says its hard for me to choose between Naksh and Naira, both are worried. Chitti asks Naitik to end card number again.

Naitik reads, all your problems will be resolved. Kartik reaches the apartment. Naira doesn’t see him. He says I hope Kirti doesn’t send me to her friend that she asked me to get medicines before. He asks the men to leave, he will arrange his stuff. He sees the books and recalls Naira. Yahan wahan…..plays…. Kartik relaxes in the pool. Naira comes in her balcony. He swims in the pool. She doesn’t see his face. She says no one swims at night, he must be the new tenant. She takes the washed clothes. A towel flies down. She asks Chitti did he not tell the maid to clip the clothes. He says sorry I forgot. Kritika says you can’t go alone, its not good to go out at night. Naira says I know you are making excuse to avoid homework. Kritika laughs. Kartik uses the towel. Naira and Kritika come there. He goes.

Naira says this is not my towel. Kritika stumbles. Naira says who has left this beer can here. She asks watchman who was here at the poolside. Watchman says the new tenant was here. She asks him to tell the tenant the rules. She stops and says see, he is playing loud music at night, he doesn’t care for neighbors. Kritika says I like loud music, don’t fight, I will explain him the rules. Naira rings the bell. Kartik drinks wine. Watcman says that beer can was of Malhotra’s son, another guard just told me. Kritika says thank God, we didn’t scold him, we would have become enemies, lets go home. Naira says what about towel exchange. Kritika says we are not sure, we will ask tomorrow, its not good to disturb someone at night. Kartik opens the door. Naira and Kartik see each other.

Kartik says whatever happened was sudden. Naira says I know you didn’t come after me, you didn’t come even when I called you. He shuts the door and says mum shouldn’t know this. Naira asks what to do, shall I tell this to dad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh dear CVS what d use of d separation track when u are going to make them live in the same building study in same college????? stop torturing viewers and end this track already and bring something new pls probably keesh life what happened to kriti after her miscarriage can she still conceive it been two years already or did their love life also stop along with kaira

    1. Yeah Priya dear, this is what I was wondering before coz the cv’s saying this is separation, which is not coz the both people’s are seeing each Other, studying at the same damn college. Here karthik angry with her not just coz she hide the truth about shubham’s addiction drug, but he was angry with her coz she didn’t staying and contact with him, so now he is behaving like a little rat and he expected naira to say sorry ???? although I’m not her admirers but his horrendous behaviour is unbearable. Coming to keesh, I’m highly doubting that keerti can conceive again or maybe naksh not ready yet. Offcours yeah according the idiotic cv’s they have spoiled everyone’s character to glorify thier so called Leads, now they are trying to spoiled naksh’s character for showing him getting insecurities for his little ass naira ??? like seriously, i got confused whether I laugh or cry . A naksh who is mature enough for handling everything about his family and always there for them when they needed are now getting annoyed for small things . ?Cv’s you guys can dishes out any crappy story you wanted but leave keesh alone ???.

  2. Why does naitik have to be with naira, she’s old enough to live by her self she’s not a child

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena

  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I what kartik to forgive naira and take naira home back to mother in low house and kartiks family should apologise to naira and accept naira back because kartik grandmother should come back home tell kartiks Mam off for throwing naira out of the house and the grandmother should slap kartiks Mam across the face for separation of naira kartik because it’s not fair on naira kartik anymore they both need to sort there relationship out right now
    Kind regards soofia

  5. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I what kartik to take naira back home to her mother in low house kartiks family should apologise to naira for treating her like shit for blaming naira for something that naira hasn’t done at all it’s not fair on naira kartik anymore they both need to speak to each other on there own sort out there mazzive misunderstanding patch up really soon I don’t like seeing naira kartik separate anymore kartiks grandmother should slap kartiks Mam for throwing naira out of the house for no reason
    Kind regards soofia

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