Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naitik why did he shut his eyes. He says I wanted to understand how you feel. She says I m sorry, I did not understand your love and care, I trouble you. He says that’s your right, I thought not to help you now. She asks are you angry. He says no, I will not bother you, you did not feel normal because of me, I will not do extra care, but promise me you will tell me when you need my help. She says yes, I promise, there won’t be misunderstanding between us, come.

Everyone look on. Akshara asks him is everyone here. He says yes. She says it means they were hearing us, its good I won’t need to repeat this now. Naira says they cry in happiness and sadness. Mishti cracks joke and they all laugh. Bhabhimaa asks them to come inside. Naira says

we should celebrate this moment different way.

Vishwamber cries. Dadi and Rajshri see him. He says I tried to become good father and did not become good son, I have made Akshara and Dadi upset. Dadi says I m your mum, I understand you better. He says right, Rajshri told this and I did not accept. He apologizes to Rajshri. Rajshri says I know your nature, its enough you realized mistake in time, thanks. Dadi says its great that everything got fine.

The Singhania and Maheshwari families comes for picnic. Naksh says its Naira’s superb idea. Naitik gives her hand and withdraws. Akshara asks for his hand. He smiles and holds her hand. They all smile. Naira tells Akshara about the place. Nannu asks Jasmeet for removing sweater. Akshara says once sunlight goes, he will feel cold, she can feel the cool weather. The kids play. Naitik romances with Akshara. She beats him with stick.

Naksh calls everyone to come and play football. Elders refuse and Naksh insists. He kicks the football. Tara holds it. Naksh smiles seeing her. Naitik tells Akshara about Tara, Sangram and family. Naitik greets them. Sangram and Naitik look at each other. Naksh observes this. Naira says no one is playing football. Naksh suggests player shootout in fast forward game. They all agree. Jasmeet asks Naitik to go, she will sit with Akshara, I don’t know playing football. Akshara sends Naitik.

Vishwamber and Devyaani play first. Vishwamber loses. Everyone clap for Devyaani. The game continues. Bhabhimaa warns Bau ji not to stop her goal and wins. Dada ji stands to stop the goal. He kicks the football in defense and laughs. Naksh says now gents will goal and ladies will stop. Rajshri cries and makes Vishwamber emotional. She laughs fooling him, everyone clap. Dada ji asks who wants to stop his goal. The ladies get scared and make excuses. Mishti says I will go.

Dada ji laughs and says will you stop my goal. Mishti says yes. Dada ji hits the other side. They all laugh. Dada ji talks to Sangram. Sangram says I understand, why did you get me here. Dada ji scolds him and asks him to sit with everyone. Bau ji asks Dada ji and Sangram to come to have food. Sangram says I will talk and come.

Sangram’s friend tells him that the man whom they have beaten up have beaten his brother, he was waiting for this chance, people attack when enemy thinks nothing will happen now. Sangram looks at Naitik and Akshara, and says are they also waiting for any chance, why did they keep relation with me till now.

Mishti asks Sangram to help. Sangram lifts her to get the shuttlecock from the tree. Naitik looks on and tells Akshara that he gets angry seeing Sangram, don’t you get angry. She says I get angry, but then I think of Naksh. Naksh says you are great mumma…. How do you know this, you knew its me. Naitik smiles.

Karishma calls Naman. He is busy in office and says I will call later. Kids feel cold and run to wear sweater. Naira tells Akshara that you know it well, we feel cold now. Akshara says I m mumma, I know everything, Lord takes one thing and gives other things, when you can’t see, your other senses become strong. Naitik says even I feel cold.

Vishwamber says I have sweater and this shawl, take it. Naitik says no Jamaisa, call me Naitik. Vishwamber asks are you annoyed till now, I m sorry. Naitik says you are mistaken, I did not feel bad, when you called me Naitik, I felt nice and I want you to call me Naitik, not Jamaisa. Rajshri nods. Vishwamber agrees and says Naitik ji. Naitik says no…. Vishwamber calls him Naitik. They all smile. Naitik thanks and hugs him.

Naitik scolds Sangram and says its your turn now, I will thrown you down. He holds Sangram’s collar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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