Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara falling. The family is shocked and rush her to hospital. Naman says I will not leave those goons. Akshara is taken inside and is checked. She worries and asks the doctor is her baby fine. Naman says I m feeling so bad, we could not care for her, I should have not left her alone. Bhabhimaa says don’t blame yourself, we were also there. Devyaani says just pray she and her baby are fine. Rajshri and Kaki make few things for the baby, as the good news can come anytime. Rajshri says they all take good care of her. Kaki says yes, I will send laddoos for her. Dadi smiles. Jasmeet asks them not to stop talking because of her. The doctor says they have to do arrangements soon and asks Akshara to relax, if she takes stress, it can be complications.


asks Muskaan not to worry, as Akshara will be fine. Muskaan says Akshara was so happy, how can anyone do this with a pregnant lady. She turns and is shocked seeing Naksh. He asks what happened to mum. Muskaan lies to him. Naksh says nothing will happen to baby as I pray to Lord daily. Muskaan feels glad and smiles. She calls Rajshri and tells her about Akshara. Rajshri is shocked and cries. Aksara comes out. The doctor tells everyone that Akshara and the baby are fine.

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Rajshri tells Dadi everything and says she wants to go to Akshara. Dadi says let her rest, you can go tomorrow. Akshara asks Naitik to come soon. He says he will call her after ending work. Naman says I have found the goons and police has beaten them. Akshhara worries. Bhabhimaa asks is she fine. Akshara says I m fine, I m sad that they got beaten up, why do they do such things, it can take anyone’s life. I would have not spared them if anything happened to my baby. Naksh takes care of Akshara. Bhabhimaa says I will also sleep here. Akshara asks her to go to Dadda ji. Devyaani says I will sleep here, and asks Bhabhimaa to go. Akshara laughs seeing Karishma and Muskaan coming with their pillows.

They all argue. Akshara says fine, you all sleep here. They all sleep. Akshara smiles and says you all came here for me, and I m not getting sleep. She says she will sleep in Naksh’s room and gets up. She says everyone does not get such loving family. Bhabhimaa wakes up by call. Naitik sings a song on phone, and they call hear it on speaker. Akshara comes and they all laugh. Naitik sings and hears them laughing. Naitik ends the call saying oh no. They all tease Akshara. She asks them to sleep and smiles.

She goes out and calls Naitik. Its morning, Akshara reads books and takes her pics. She sends it to Naitik. He sees it and smiles. Rajshri comes and meets her. Akshara hugs her and says she is fine. She says Karishma is doing all my work here. She says everyone is busy in work. Devyaani comes and greets her. Rajshri says she wants to take Akshara home, and asks her to tell Akshara. Devyaani says I understand but its tough now. Rajshri says its my right to take her, as Naitik is not here.Devyaani says yes, but not now, its such time that anything can happen. She says I m taking care of her. Rajshri says I m her mother, who will worry for her more.

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Devyaani says I m also a ved, I will manage her health. Rajshri says you say I m your friend, and sometimes you talk like this. She cries and gets annoyed. Akshara says lets go inside. Rajshri says no, I have some work. She leaves. She comes home and cries telling everyone what Devyaani said. She says I would have got Akshara here, she would be happy, but Devyaani feels she can take care of Akshara as she is ved, I did not get this chance at Naksh’s time too. Kaki says the good thing is Jasmeet will be fine. Kaki says its not possible to call Akshara here. Rajshri says you are saying this, I feel everyone wants me and Aksara to stay away. Devyaani comes and greets them. Rajshri asks you? Akshara and Naksh come and hug Rajshri. They all smile.

Akshara is happy saying Naitik is coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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