Sinhasan Battisi 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 5th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj says to maharani tat does she even know wat all is been talked about her in the village while listening to this vallari asks raja bhoj to stop and says tat she is hurt as she thought u would trust her and would not listen to wat people say and then she tells tat she has taken a decision and wants to separate from him it has always happened tat the husband takes this decision but this time its her decision to get separated as trust is very important in any relationship
The ramleela is going on where in this episode ram and lakshman are searching for sita and in palace gange and telam get to know tat maharani vallari and raja bhoj are getting separated and they celeberate it as their first win and then maharani vallari is seen leaving the palace and raja bhoj is trying to stop her and says tat she should not leave for such a small reason and then vallari says tat she is hurt tat u trusted wat people say and not her a relationship between husband and wife should be trustworthy but now between us nothing is trustworthy so please go and follow ur raj dharma while in ramleela enters ravan and say to sita tat ram wont come here to save u
Later gange and telam are seen celeberating the separation of raja bhoj and vallari and they say tat their moto to come here has been successful as they created difference between raja bhoj and maharani vallari and portrayed maharani vallaris image in entire society as bad person while maharani vallari is asking raja bhoj to leave as she wont come with him as her selfrespect is more important raja bhoj says to maharani tat he will only come back wen he will face her and give her selfrespect back.
While gange and telam are celeberating in their room and they now plan to destroy image of raja bhoj and gange then says tat once they defeat raja bhoj people will say “kaha raja bhoj aur kaha gangu teli”(where is raja bhoj and where is ganagu teli) next day gange and telam go in village and start doing drama they start crying and say tat here after they wont do the ramleela here as they have never face such situation and nothing such has happened and the people then ask them to tell them wat has happened and they are not going to do the ramleela and then gange and telam tell them in this village a maharani is having a bad character and raja doesn’t even bothered about it and then people say to gange and telam tat they will go to dharmguru to find a solution on this as if the ramleela stoped it wont be a good shagun(deed).
Raja bhoj and brahmdat are seen taking a round in the village and raja bhoj feel very disrespectful wen peole are ignoring him and behaving weird i.e with no respect and brahmdat says to raja bhoj tat I m shocked to see the behavior of people and he says tat he will be punish all of them while raja bhoj says to him tat they will not do this as respect is not earned in this way and then he sees the blacksmith and calls him and stops him and asks him tat y was he talking so disrespectfull about maharani vallari the black smith then says tat he wont be able to say about it but raja bhoj forces him and then he says tat y will they not think this way about maharani vallari as they have seen her going out at midnight to meet someone raja bhoj is shocked to hear and says where and he say that even they don’t know but he has seen her going and then raja bhoj and brahmdat return to palace and raja bhoj is very angry to hear such disrespectful and says to brahmdat tat their maharani is like a mother to them and how can they talk such rubbish about her while brahmdat says tat someone is using ur image to take a revenge and then raja bhoj decides to find out the reason behind all this
A lady who seems like maharani vallari is seen dressing in her room while raja bhoj is coming to his room for some work and as he enters the lady leaves the room raja bhoj sees her and wonders tat maharani is not in the palace then who is she and follows the lady while the lady turns back raja bhoj hides and then sees tat she is not maharni and is her dasi who is dressed as she does but raja bhoj wonders y is she doing all this and decides to follow her while the dasi goes walking through the village and raja bhoj is following her to find out where is she going.

Dharmguru stops raja bhoj from doing the pooja of ram during the ramleela and says tat the people in his kingdom don’t respect him and also he has failed to take care of the respect of his maharani and then listening to this raja bhoj says to dharmguru tat he sacrifices his position of being raja until he proves himself and maharani true.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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