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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara saying she did not kill Dadda ji, he would have told her if he was here. She says how she has decided with difficulty, he had attack and she called everyone, but they were busy in puja. She says she tried hard to save him and they were on the way, when Dadda ji got unwell and died. FB shows those moments. She says she would have done the same if she was in her place.

Bhabhimaa cries and says but Swami ji…. Akshara says he has lied, did he see Dadda ji, I have seen him fighting with death, how can she trust him, it was her superstition, I told you he was lying, I know you are hurt, she does not understand her annoyance, she is punishing her for what she did not do, it was not in her hands, you told me that life and death are not in their hands, its

in Lord’s hand, why is she not believing this.

She cries and asks her to understand, she is not wrong, she has bear the punishment for 10 years, she has bear her hatred and stayed away from family, now her revenge is fulfilled, its enough, how much will se hurt her, like she feels she has snatched Dadda ji, she has snatched her kids from her. Bhabhimaa says no way, I did not snatch anyone. Akshara says but it happened, if she was not stone hearted, kids’ heart would have not broken, we are going from here, we will not come, I m tired of fighting with my fate, but remember a daughter, bahu and mum is going being upset, all because of her. She says she will not come back even if she calls her, she will never come back. She leaves. Bhabhimaa cries.

Devyaani apologizes to Akshara. Akshara says no need, thanks for what all you have done. Mishti gives the drawing to Naira and hugs her. Devyaani says she will not ask them to come again. Naitik and Akshara takes elder’s blessings. Naksh looks on. Bau ji asks Naitik not to go. Naitik hugs him.

Naitik says I can understand, but it will be good if we go, we don’t want to hurt Bhabhimaa. He says we are close by hearts. Naksh tells Naira to go with them, as mum and dad are hurt by her words. Naira says did I say wrong. Naksh says I know, but there are many misunderstandings here, promise me, you will not hurt them. He asks him to promise he will come soon. Naksh turns acting rude to Akshara. They leave from there. Naksh cries. They meet everyone for the final time and cry. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………..plays……….

Bhabhimaa recalls how she has kicked out Akshara and she has saved her life, even Naitik has served her a lot. She cries and looks at Dadda ji’s pic. She says what wrong did she do, how can she forgive Akshara, she has snatched him, this can’t happen. Naksh comes and asks her to open the door, and asks her to stop mum and dad, she knows mum can’t do wrong with Dadda ji. She asks is he saying this. He says yes, I know the truth, I wanted to make you realize mum was right, but being with you, not far from you, you can scold me and kick me out, but don’t let them go, they miss you and love you a lot, you already punished them a lot for 10 years, please open the door, stop them, else they will never come back, they are punishing them too.

Bhabhimaa recalls Akshara’s words and comes out. Everyone see her and Bau ji says she had to go to temple, car is ready, he will take her. Bhabhimaa says yes, I have to go to temple, but…. They all go with her. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji to drive fast, its already late. Naksh calls Akshara from Devyaani’s phone and she does not take the call. Naksh tries to call Naitik and Akshara does not let him take the call. Naksh says they are not taking the call.

They reach the airport. Naksh and everyone get stuck in traffic. Rajshri meets Akshara at the airport and asks her to give her hope, then she can wait for her. She cries. Akshara meets her parents and Dadi, and hugs them crying. Naitik greets all of them and they start leaving. Bhabhimaa and everyone reach there. Bhabhimaa asks for her bahu and Vishwamber says they went inside just now. They are stopped and Bhabhimaa requests him to not stop them, her son and bahu are going very far, let me stop them, I have to repent for my sins. The guard says I m sorry. The manager comes and knows Vishwamber. Vishwamber asks him to help and they are allowed inside.

Bhabhimaa stops Akshara calling her bahu, and ask her to forgive her. Akshara looks upset. Bhabhimaa apologizes to her and cries. Bhabhimaa says its all my mistake, she will try to convince her all her life. Akshara melts by her words and says she is ready to agree to her, but she has a condition, that she will never make her away. She hugs her. Everyone happily cry seeing them.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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