Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a six month leap in the show. Naksh brings balloons home and few goes in the air. He says it will go to Dadi, she can’t come so she will celebrate there. He greets everyone and everyone say Naksh is happy as he is becoming elder brother now. Naitik asks form where did he get balloons. Naksh says I got it from my school. Alok says you made the day special. Mohiit says yes. Rukmani says Alok is elder to you in age, so call him Alok ji. Varsha asks Jasmeet not to worry. Jasmeet says its not in my control. Rama, Rashmi and Gayu come and greet everyone.

Alok greets Rashmi and talks to Gayu. He gives her a chocolate. Rashmi hugs Muskaan and everyone smile. Rama says its good arrangements, happiness doubles by sharing. Rukmani says Alok was becoming Gayu’s

Papa and now he is becoming her Mausa ji. Rashmi says relations are made by Lord, Gayu is lucky to get a loving Mausa ji, and Muskaan is lucky to get a good husband. Muskaan and Alok smile. Muskaan thanks Rashmi for supporting them, and accepting them without any complain. Rasjmu says I m happy that Devyaani accepted this proposal, I have learnt this from Akshara.

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She says two lovers met and everything happens for good. Devyaani says all guests cam,e lets start the function. Naman says call the chief guest. Naksh says I will call mum. Mohit says go down and get her and baby soon. Nandini takes care of Anmol. Kaki says Naksh is so happy and blesses them. Rajshri says yes and smiles. Karishma brings Akshara. They all shower flowers on her. Bhabhimaa says they kept the function for Naksh.

Everyone celebrate the function. Akshara senses Jasmeet is worried. She thanks everyone for coming, and also Naksh who made this function possible. She says Naksh did a lot for the baby, he is a good son and brother. Naksh hugs her and says I can do anything for mum and baby. Bhabhimaa says we refused him as we don’t do baby shower twice, but when Karishma told the modern function, we kept this. Karishma says yes, its celebration. Akshara misses Gaytari Maa and gets sad. They all see her sad. Akshara says Maa was so happy at Naksh’s time, and today she is not here.

She cries recalling her. Devyaani says she will always be in our memories. She will be blessings her, don’t get sad, smile. Dadda ji comes and greets them. Bhabhimaa says bless her. Dadda ji says yes, I will call him Lalla. Naksh says no, its my name. Dadda ji says no, I have kept this name for my grandson. Naksh says you are very bad. Dadda ji says I was joking, sorry. Naksh hugs him. Dadda ji blesses Akshara. He asks her to take care as she takes care of everyone. He says he want to sleep in his room, and goes.

Karishma asks Naksh to start if everything is ready. Naksh says yes, come. The power goes. Naksh says I have switched it off. They all light a candle each and make a wish. Akshara asks them to explain her/ Muskaan says its modern way to celebrate, they have done special arrangements. She says all gents will go out, as just ladies will be here. Anshu asks what will we do there. Varsha says we don’t know. Naitik and Akshara talk and smile. The men go out and enjoy. Naksh makes the announcement to get all ladies and men together, as keeping different functions is not fun.

Rajshri says its just ladies on our ritual. Naksh says we will celebrate united. They all smile and join them. Naitik says he does not want to leave her alone. Karishma says lets start our games now. Muskaan says first game is to find out its boy or girl. Everyone look on and decide by chits. Naksh says it means I will get another daughter. They all talk about the baby shower functions done in old times, and asks Dadi to say. Dadi dances and the screen turns black and white. The ladies join Dadi and dance on an old song. Naitik and Akshara also dance.

Naitik gets a call from manager and says he can’t go Mumbai. The manager says we can’t send someone else to meet the client, so I m telling you.

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  1. dia

    No i think akshra will die after giving birth to a girl……nd then hina khan will play the role of akshra’s daughter also….

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