Humsafars 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir talking to Arzoo while she is sleeping. He says I would not have been alive if you was not there. You risked your life for me. You was attacked and on shooter’s target. I can’t let you happen anything. Arzoo gets flashes of the attack and hears Kurti Apa’s words. She wakes up and shouts for Sahir. She hugs him and tells that someone is trying to kill you. Sahir asks why did you risk your life for me. Arzoo says you saved my life, risking your life. He holds her and is about to kiss her. Arzoo gets up and closes the door. She comes back and asks where were we? Sahir asks why did you closed the door? Arzoo says I can’t let any trouble come your way. Sahir says nothing will happen. Arzoo says you hid your fact from me. Sahir gets surprised. Arzoo says I know that Ammi is not yours, but of Zeenat’s. Sahir says it is not important.

Arzoo asks her not to show hero’s approach and calls her husband. She holds his hand and says she didn’t think that he is so alone. She says these relations are not yours, but you do so much for them. You oversee your pain and move on, but I can see your pain. Sahir asks do you ignore my talk. Arzoo reminds him that he is her husband. She says our relation reached here after crossing many hurdles. We are humsafar now. This relation gives us strength now. She holds his hand. She says I want to ask you something. Sahir says what? Arzoo asks him not to become secret baaz and tells her everything, no more secrets. Sahir says ok. He asks why there is tears in your eyes. Arzoo replies eyes are mine, but tears are yours. You are Sahir Azeem Chaudhary, you can’t cry regardless of the pain. Today I have your tears. Sahir hugs her and says he is hungry. Arzoo laughs and goes to bring something. Sahir stops her and asks her to come soon. He smiles.

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Arzoo comes to kitchen and sees nothing in it. She thinks what to make. She then makes noodles and blushes. She comes to Sahir and serves him noodles. Sahir asks what is it? Arzoo says it is noodles. Sahir says I didn’t know that you will bring noodles instead of food. Arzoo gets angry. Sahir says you are behaving as if I didn’t like your designs. He calls her a good design baaz/designer. He eats noodles. Arzoo looks at her and asks how is it? Sahir says I am angry with you. Why didn’t you tell that you are good noodles baaz. Arzoo says we will try to know each other and asks about his likes and preferences. Sahir says he likes to hear and read poetry. Arzoo says she too likes it. She tells a poetry. She asks him to read the poetry.

Sahir is sitting near pool side and puts water droplets on Arzoo. He tells the poetry. Arzoo gets shy and smiles. She asks, did you write it. Sahir says it is written by Sahir, but not me. Arzoo says my favorite Poet is Sahir, but not Ludhiana one. She asks him to sleep on bed. Sahir asks her to sleep. They sleep. Next day Arzoo brings breakfast for Sahir. He says he needs to make a call. Arzoo refuses to let him talk. Sahir looks at the breakfast and asks what is it. Arzoo introduces the fruits to Sahir and asks him to eat. He eats it with much difficulty. He says can’t I eat parathas. Arzoo says no. She asks him to eat banana too and then gives him juice to drink. Sahir drinks it. She then gives him medicine. She gets shocked seeing the expiry date. She stops Sahir and wonders who is doing this. Sahir says no one will do like this. Arzoo asks him to think. Sahir goes. Arzoo thinks she has to handle Zeenat alone. She says Zeenat is the way to fill Sahir’s wounds. She decides to know the truth.

Arzoo wonders how to know the truth of Zeenat and comes to the room. She sees her drowning in the pool and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. HUMSAFARS is the best!!

  2. An entire perfect episode of just SaaZ….loved it

  3. The best serial as of now. I read the spoilers that the one trying to kill Sahir is hired by none other than Alvira…. Shocked to the core!!! Best serial!!!!!

  4. Thank God… I was dying to see some romance between them..

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