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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2013 Written Update

epi started with poochu’s nakhra with g3…duggu says to her to say lovely..g3 says”poochu chodo beta”///pochu is abt to do poty…naksh come there ..duggu and g3 ask nk to tak it out…nk does so
in school duggu tells abt pochu to yash n anu and goes from there to tell others
at SS…pochu will be barking…it’s belt will be struck to sofa…ak hesitatingly frees it(ak’s espression is cute here)
anu comes to MS and says abt pochu and demands one for her…she ask anything is ok..turtle…horse..etc…sab mazak karhtui hain lion,tiger bhi ok…
at S…duggu is playing with pochu…nk comes there..duggu puts pochu on bed..ak ask him to tak puppy out…duggu won’t agree nk too supports him…ak tells that duggu has to learn

discipline and shud know that pets shud also needs freeness…nk agrees and tells duggu to leave pochu and ask him to have dinner
at MS anu is rigid abt getting puppy…sab samjhane ki koshish karthi hain…but she becomes sad…dadi ask her to get ready to go 4 walk
at SS..g3 is calling pochu…RB says aajkal wo pochu kobahut pyar se bhula rahi hain…lekin ek din bhi usko pyar se nahi pukara…so he fakes anger and says he won’t eat(kya comparison hain RB ka)…finally g3 calls him rajuji and sharmakar chali jathi hain(lo…RJvish ka kam tha kya ab g3-RB ka romance bhi shuru ho gaye)
in park dai-anu meet ak-duggu along with pochu..they hav cute convo
at SS…nk and duggu prepared bed at floor for puppy…duggu ask nk whether pochu will be scared…nk says no…duggu says he will sleep in corner…naksh agree…duggu starts telling story to pochu and khud so jatha hain(very cute scene..must watch scene.duggu is really our naksh)
at SS…ak wakes up duggu and nk…both deny…ak warns they hav to clean room if pochu dirty it…nk takes it out
at MS..anu is sad saying that pochu will be missing his home
at SS duggu will be playing with pochu…it’s owner come..pochu runs to them…they say thank u and tak it…duggu is sad…pochu comes back to duggu…ak says to him let it go as it will also b missing its home…nk is also sad…g3 tries to pacify duggu..but he goes..nk says he will look to it

nk comes to duggu room…duggu lying down sadly…nk joins him an dboth start talking abt pochu…duggu demands puppy from nk…nk says he will hav to talk with everyone and no one agrees…as wen he demanded wn he was small that time also no body agreed…but still duggu requests…n in thought..epi ends

precap…Nkash argueing abt pet..ak says if any problem happens becoz of it..he will become dshe will be sandwiched againnk asks so this is the reason…

Update Credit to: shruthi

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