Balika Vadhu 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar girls’ school
Anandi wishes every student a happy basant panchami. she is happy to see the singh family arrive with ganag. sumitra shows ganga the school. They greet meenu and sanchi. Anandi asks about the school from ganga. She says that she finds it very beautiful and feels like a new life. Ananadi says that they should start with SARASWATI VANDANA. They all do the aarti. Ananadi performs all the rituals to start off the literacy amongst the girls’ interested in studying. Ganga sits with her slate but doesnt write anything. Anandi is very happy to find shiv, at her school, helping a girl write her first alphabet. She remembers shiv’s call telling her that he wont make it in the morning, while shiv looks longingly. Anandi clenches her fists

in anticipation.She happily responds when shiv asks her as to how she liked his surprise. All are happy to see their reunion.

Anandi asks ganga to write whatever she feels, as she’s literate and doesnt need anyone’s help in writing. Ganga with a heavy heart, writes her son’s name, mannu on the board. The whole singh family is overwhelmed to see this. She writes MAANNU instead of MANNU. She teaches ganga the correct spelling of the word. Ganga pays close attention to everything that anandi teaches and practises the same on her own. She clenches the slate close to her heart, remembering her son. Ananadi tries to distract her by introducing her to the other girls, who have started to study today saying that she would wish for everyone and their success in whatever they do in their life. She asks a girl, guddi and tells her to give her intro. She begins talking about how her father resisted her studying first, but after hearing anandi, she persuaded her father successfully to allow her to study so that she isnt a burden on them and is self sufficient, and is now waiting for the time when her parenst would be proud of her father. ananadi says that guddi would not only make her parenst but them proud too very soon. She asks another girl rani, to give her intro, and she tells everyone how her mother had been cheated by her relatives, as she wasnt literate. That is when she decided to pursue studies so that noone would cheat them anymore, and she wouldnt have to see her mother working anymore. After convincing rani too that she would find every help in this school, anandi introduces ganga as the new addition and asks ganga to tell the crowd about herself. Ganga is awkwardly trying to conjure up the strength top talk.

When ganga is unable to talk, anandi begins to say that a long time back, due to some helplessness, ganga had to leave her studies, but now she has decided to start afresh and pursue her studies for being able to be self reliant for her son.

Dadisa comes and asks ganga not to worry, as anandi would be there for her every step of the way, just like she helped anandi write her son’s name, and a day would come when her son would be proud of her. Ganga says that she feels awkward holding a slate and chalk after such a long time. Saying that she would have to adapt to this, Dadisa says that she has got something for ganga, and gives her a lead pencil and ganga is overwhelmed at this gesture.

Ananadi, remembering her own incident when she too had recieved the same from dadisa as her blessing to start a new life, tells that this isnt just a pencil, but dadisa’s blessing which if she has, nothing can stop her from attaining success. Ganga takes blessings from dadisa. Ananadi asks her to sit down while she distributes prashad to everyone. Ganga offers to help. Ananadi agrees and gives her the prashad plate. She finds shiv by the jeep, and starts walking towards him.

Scene 2:
Location: Udaipur haveli
While mahi is exercising on the treadmill, dadaji asks if he has any news about shiv. He says that shiv is doing fine. He says that he has given shiv a plan which would make him victorious romantically, as he’s slightly weak in this area, but now that he has the great mahi’s help, he would win the battle. Dadaji tells mahi that he is sending shiv on the wrong track. Mahi makes him understand everything, as to how he had advised shiv to lie to anandi, just to be able to surprise her, and rekindling their romance. Alok stands on the door, hearing to all this. After mahi leaves, alok discusses the matter with dadaji.

Alok says that had shiv been tensed, he wouldnt have had to listen to mahi’s advice. He says that he hopes everything is alright between shiv and anandi and hopes that when ira goes, she would sort everything out.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar girls’ school
As shiv is taking something from his jeep, he is startled at anandi standing behind him. He quickly hides it from her. She says that she too was startled seeing shiv, unexpectedly. Whn shiv asks the meaning of a magnet, and she complies, he teases her saying that she is his personal magnetism, that drew him to her. When anandi asks about the surprise, shiv tells her about the lying to her, which was for a beautiful surprise for her. ananadi too praises shiv’s intelligence behind the whole plan.

When shiv gives credit to the whole thing saying that he’s taking training from a love guru, she correctly guesses that it must be mahi, hearing which shiv is surprised. But anandi, lovingly tells him that she isnt as strange to shiv as she was earlier, and now knows him pretty well. shiv looks on lovingly. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: After remarriage, the ability to trust each other, is the key to start a beautiful married life. After that happenes, distances start diminishing, and intimacy grows.

Precap: While shiv gives a teddy bear to anandi telling her that he loves her, anandi has a hard time confessing it to him. Meanwhile ira along with meenu, who is surprised at her talks, discusses with sumitra that its been two months to their marriage and still they havent consummated their marriage. sumitra too is tensed hearing this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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