Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara saying that was Kartik’s mum. She rushes to meet Suwarna. Suwarna leaves in the car. Akshara calls Naitik. He says I m busy in meeting, I will call later. She says fine and ends call. She says we were doing puja at same place and same thing, and did not know each other. She messages Naitik that she will visit ashram and come. Suwarna sees the bangles and chunri in her aarti plate and thinks it came to her by mistake.

Kartik feels bad as he has promised Naira. Mishti calls him. She asks how are you. He says fine. She asks are you in tension. He says listening your voice, I forget all tension. She says then you should take me your home, all tension will end, why is tension there, tell Naira, you should not hide anything from partner. He says

I will tell Naira, I m going to tell her everything today. She says good. His friend asks him to spend time with them. Kartik tells Mishti that he will talk later. She says don’t be scared, all the best, I m with you. He says I know and ends call. He joins his friends.

Baisa tells everyone that she wants to make food for Akshara. They smile. She says Akshara does a lot for us, we should also do something for her, she will like it. Devyaani says I needed some cash from locker, Akshara went out. Karishma says I have the keys, Akshara gave me, she was in stress and asked me to manage keys. Devyaani says yes, she maybe tired, go and get cash. Bhabhimaa says I have no doubt that Karishma will manage keys well, why did Akshara do this.

Naira says if I find the problem, I can find solution, maybe Kartik will regret later. She imagines Kartik meeting his parents well. He happily runs to Naira and lifts her. He says guess what, everything got fine between me and my family, thanks to you, now our life will just have happiness, I m s happy. She smiles. He holds her close. Khayal tera satata hai……plays….. She signs anyone will come. He gets annoyed. She goes to him and holds ears. He makes her wear a hula hoop ring. She jumps to him. He gets inside the ring and holds her. Yeh rishta kya……plays………. He gets close to kiss. She dreams. Mishti calls her out. She says first Kartik used to dream, now you are also dreaming, you just romance in dream and fight in reality. Naira says I was practising.

Kartik is leaving and is drunk. His friends ask him to listen and not go, he will die. Kartik says I have to meet Naira. They talk that Kartik can do anything wrong in drunken state. Rajshri is making sweater for Akshara. Varsha asks her to make it later and take a break. Rajshri says I want to give this sweater to Akshara soon. Rajshri says the thread got a knot. Kaki says now this will not complete. Rajshri says I will cut the thread and make it. She cuts the thread and sweater gets spoiled. Kaki says I told you before.

Naira waits for Kartik. She says he did not come till now. Kartik drives rashly and could not see the way. Naira calls Kartik. He parks the car aside. He says you reached. She says yes, did you not leave. He says I m on the way, there is much traffic, this car is new for me. She asks car? What happened to your bike? He says my friends were not giving me bike keys. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine, I will reach. She says I think he is drunk and driving. He says I will speed the car and come.

She says no, go to your friend’s house, we will come tomorrow. He says I know you are annoyed, I will drive fast and come. He says you are annoyed, I know. She says no, I have work, I have to meet mumma at temple. He says I will come along and exchange garlands. She says shut up, go to your friend’s house. He says fine and ends call. She says he never did this, maybe he had wine with friends, whats the need to drive, I hope he reaches home safely. He thinks what to do, I have to make Naira’s mood happy. I will go to her and say sorry, and tell her everything, then she will be happy, she went to temple, I will also go there.

Naira reaches home and thinks to call Kartik. Kartik calls her and says I did not go home, where are you, I went temple and did not find you. She asks why did you go there, I told you to go home. He says why are you annoyed, I love you and have to talk, I m coming home. She says no, go home. He says I was with friends, don’t be annoyed, fine I will not talk to you from today, bye. He ends call. She says I will see him when he gets to senses. She prays that he reaches home safely. Kartik drives in drunken state.

Akshara gets down her car and sees a puppy on the road. She gets knocked down by a car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my will karthik do aksharas accident??

  2. Omg..!! plz kartik dont do anythng wrong.. kartik must not be the reason behind d akshara’s death.. bt my excitmnt level is increased, how the makers ll show the death or accident scene of akshra..and “khayal tera satata hai”, naira’s dream was so gud.. and plz kartik to pura tunn hogaya hai,kuch galat mt krna kartik plz.. warna akshra k jane k bad kuch b thik nahi hoga.. i felt dat makers r confusing and diverting our mind..ntng else.. watever ll b happend just sab thik ho..

  3. Vrushy

    No No No.
    It should not be karthiks car which knocked akshara.
    Todays kaira scenes were superb especially naira dreaming !!
    Way to go kaira

  4. They are dragging this too much, if they are going to kill akshara, kill her already. What is the use of creating these extra useless scenes.

  5. I think they are just extending without any meaning ok episode

  6. no … karthick don’t do this …..
    pls don’t make any misunderstanding between kaira……

  7. make kaira pic in front page ..
    eagarly waiting fr kaira scene…

  8. Now Hina Khan killed by Karthik’s car

  9. Kaira lover ❤❤

    No dis is not kartik coz usne episode mai white car drive ki thi nd in precap black car is hitting her! And also the number plates of both cars are different. But we cannot predict anything ! Coz dey can do anything 2 extend d track…. I don’t want kaira to separate!! ???

    1. I too hope .. in promo they have shown that Akshata has a head in collision. Hope it’s not Karthik.

  10. please accident shud not happen by karthiks car by any cost. please dont give that stupid annoying storyline.

    is it true that they are giving a 2 years leap in this programe???

    we cant stop akshara now but atleast we can get kaira married asap. but without akshara this prog will become v boring and dull. i have been watching her since beginning.

    plz dont let kartik do this accident.

  11. Loved kaira part
    no it won’t be karthik who will do akshsra accident
    They will be two different accidents thats it
    creatives are misleading us
    but may be he will get blamed hopefully no let’s see

  12. Kaira is very cute couple i hv seen
    i love kartik
    n i wish my price charming shd b like much love u mohsin

  13. hopefully that Karthik won’t be the cause for Akshara’s accident

  14. It is khartik
    I have read that from serial gossip that naira and khartik are going to be enemies after knowing that khartik had knocked down akshara

  15. i hope its not karthik and if it is then i hope naira supports him and understands his mistake as before akshara left she told naira to listen to karthik and always support him so i hope naira listens to her mumma

  16. Ya kartik reason Ni hoskta .qki kartik Ki mom ko akshara Ki copy dikhyega.. So shadi possible Ni Agr kartik reason hua toh

  17. Wtf!kartik should not do akshara accident

  18. Wow amazing scene of kaira but I hate that twist. Karthick should not be there

  19. Wow amazing scene

  20. I have been watching this show for the past r years since i settled in seoul and kaira have been the best couple.If karthik has done the accident and naira starts blaming him for it the show will be boring aid out them coz both the couple’s _naitik &Akshara ,kaira will split and if it happens so the show rating will go down

  21. omg karthik’s car will hit akshara , sad abt that , cant see naira blaming karthik for akshara’s death . sad that akshara will die today . hope they bring somebody as love interest for naitik .

    1. Cynthia

      Is it di??? My god, noone will forgive Kartik even Naira. Can you remind me to read ur ffs. Also u didnt comment on the 3rd epi of Lakshmila!
      Poor Kartik!!!

  22. He did akshara’s accident . Watched the epi on yodesi. Hoping for some twist. But clearly accident done by accident in today’s episode . So sad . The makers had nothing better to do or what .

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