Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 35

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Pragya was walking here and there in her room. She was in deep thoughts after Abhi gave her something that made her not only emotional but confused like never before.
Pragya, He gave me something that made me realized how much he wanted to express how he feel about me…..But it also made me confused….Why did he brought me to the isolated place with my eyes closed? So he doesn’t wants me to know where the place is right? Yes I know it’s kind of a surprise but still…..Why do I feel he is hiding something from me? Or maybe he is not hiding? It’s just that the truth is hidden from me?

Abhi was just outside Pragya’s room and noticing Pragya in deep thoughts. Abhi, She is thinking again but what is she thinking about now? Abhi sneezed loudly and that made Pragya to be out of her thoughts. Pragya “You are here? When did u came?” Abhi “Long ago….When u were walking to the shelf to pick something and then stood there by just staring it….At that time, I came here!” Pragya couldn’t remember when she did that and replied to him “I don’t remember and by the way why are u standing outside! Come in!” Abhi “Are u sure? What if u have the crazy thoughts again?” Pragya in a puzzled look “What crazy thoughts?” Abhi “You forgot everything or what? Yesterday….that kind of thing….Crazy girl with crazy thoughts!” Pragya in soothing tone said “Don’t worry I won’t forget anything that happened yesterday…..” She walked towards him and came closer to him. Pragya signalled him to close his eyes. Abhi smiled and closed his eyes with the expectation that she would kiss her. Instead, Pragya pinched his cheek and ran off from there.

Abhi touching his cheek said “Ouch! It’s painful!” Pragya from a distance “It’s Pragya’s pain treatment to u!” Abhi “I will take revenge for this next time!” Pragya laughed loudly hearing that.
After a few hours,
Abhi had to follow Pragya secretly as she was keep on lost in some thoughts whenever he noticed her. Pragya told him that she is going out somewhere and will be back in a while. Abhi had to cancel his work plans and ended up following Pragya to see where she was going…….

In some place,
Pragya meeting someone and saying “I am very bad at planning so just ignore whatever I said to u that day!” Someone “How can u say like this? Do u know how much I practice for it?” Pragya burst into laughter and said “Really? Show me what u have practiced!” He kneeled to propose and Abhi came there and asked “Who is he?” Pragya “How come u are here?” Abhi in fierce tone asked “It doesn’t matter now! TELL ME WHO IS HE?” Pragya “Guess who is this?” Abhi “Don’t say it’s your boyfriend!” Pragya “May be….as he is a boy na….” Abhi immediately grabbed the collar of the person’s shirt and made him stand. The very next moment he started to punch his face with full of force! Pragya got shocked and was now trying her best to cool down Abhi’s anger. Someone cried“Jerry! All this is because of u!” Abhi stopped beating him and asked “Who is Jerry?” Someone pointed his finger towards where Pragya was standing. Abhi “She is Jerry?” Pragya “Haan….He is Tommy the Tom and I am Jerry!” Abhi left his collar and he just ran way from there in fear…..Abhi “What is this Tom and Jerry? You two are kids or what?” Pragya “No….but how do I tell u?” Abhi “Just tell me! And why did he kneeled to propose?” Pragya “Okok! I am telling…..just be patient to hear…..”
Pragya started to tell about the short Tom and Jerry story:
He is my childhood friend just like Tanya….actually the three of us were close and Tommy and me always used to watch Tom and Jerry cartoon……Since I was very short compared to Tommy at that time, Tanya named me as Jerry. Actually, Tanya don’t like watching cartoons and that’s why she teased us with the names of Tom and Jerry!!!
Abhi “All this is fine but why did he kneeled down just now?” Pragya “It was just a practice to the girl he was going to propose!” Abhi “Oh…..” Pragya “For this u beaten him so badly! His whole face was so red due to your punches!! How can u be so fierce??” Abhi “Then what do u expect when u say him as your boyfriend!” Pragya “Arrey I only told Maybe….” Abhi “I can’t stand that too!” Pragya “You are thinking as if u are my husband!” Abhi “Of course as I am going to be one! Actually I am as I already fixed that in my mind!” Pragya grabbed his shirt to pull him closer to her and said “Only u have fixed that in your mind and not me!”

She let go off his shirt now and Abhi with a witty smile asked “You could have said that without pulling me towards u right?” Pragya “I want u to hear it clearly that’ why I did that!” Abhi “So u love me but don’t feel like marrying me?” Pragya “When did I say like that?” Abhi “Then why do u get angry whenever I say I am like your husband?” Pragya “You won’t understand……There are already many things that both of us don’t understand…….” She quickly turned and walked away so that he won’t get hold of her……Abhi didn’t wanted to stop her but he felt what she was saying is true enough….
Pragya walked away in tears. Pragya, How can I ask him directly to tell him everything that he is hiding? How? What if he misunderstands me?

Abhi ran behind her and called out to her. Pragya wiped her tears and was keep on walking. Abhi now came in front of her “How fast are u walking? Wait! We can go together! By the way Ma is getting discharged soon! And one more thing…..what u said just now is true…..” Pragya “ Oh Aunty is coming back! That’s good….And about what I told just now….Let me understand certain things that is bothering me and after that…..” Abhi “I understand…. If it’s about me then u can ask me directly….but not here…In house it would be better!” Pragya “Thank u!”
Abhigya left from there with both of their minds running with a range of thoughts…..

Pragya “Please…..I owe u so much that I have to leave u……” Abhi “It’s always about leaving me right?” Pragya with a lot of difficulty said “Not like that….but….I just…..” Abhi “What makes u so difficult to live with me?” Pragya remained silent and was unable to answer……Abhi “I know how much u want me in your life but why are u still like this?” Pragya “I am always like this….it’s just that now u are seeing me like this…..” Abhi “Fine! We shall leave together!” Pragya “Huh? I am saying I want to leave u! I am not saying that u should leave with me!” Abhi in a stern voice said “I don’t get your way of meaning and I am leaving with u to wherever u go! Come let’s go now!” Pragya was now very puzzled on how to make him understand……

Guys I am so tired nowadays as I end classes damn late. By the way I type very fast to update and that’s why I am not sure whether there are any mistakes in the update. I will reply u all tomorrow as there is no classes but ya I still do have project pains to handle! One more project to go then I have to face the excruciating examinations…

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