Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh asking Naira to forget everything and stay happy. Mansi apologizes to them. She says you did not send me to jail, you all are very good, forgive me, till then I won’t get peace. Naira asks her not to feel guilty, its not his mistake. Naksh asks her to try and forget it. Naira hugs Mansi. Aditya sees Naksh and Kirti, and gets angry. He stops Kirti and holds her. She asks him to leave her. He says I m your husband, I will feed you the cake my way. She runs. He says till where will you run, I will come after you. Naira sees them and says I won’t let him force Kirti. She throws the toy car and makes Aditya fall down. Everyone ask what happened. Manish helps Aditya. The cake gets on Aditya’s face. He cleans his face and stares at Kirti. Kids laugh on him.

Dadi asks kids not to laugh.

Kartik sees Naira and goes to her. He says I have seen you, why did you make him fall. She says it was imp, you are not able to see what I can see, I know you won’t believe me, I will get proof soon. She goes. Everyone sing and dance. Gunn gunn…..plays…. Aditya gets the cake and shows Kirti. She goes. Aditya dances and goes to her. Naira sees them. Kirti goes upstairs. Aditya goes after her and calls her out. He forcibly feeds the cake to her. Kirti cries. Dadi and Kartik dance. Naira comes to Kartik. They dance. She shows him message, asking him to go to Aditya and Kirti’s room, if he has to see their relation’s truth. Kartik runs upstairs.

Kartik comes to their room and sees Kirti crying, with the cake smeared on her face. Kirti cleans the cake. Kartik gets shocked seeing her wounded. He cries. He goes back in the party. Aditya dances with Manish. Naira looks on. Kartik comes and sees Aditya angrily. He recalls Naira’s words. Naira sees Kartik and stops him. She shows him Kirti coming. Kartik gets shocked seeing Kirti appearing normal and smiling. Kirti dances with Aditya. Kartik looks at Aditya.

Later, Aditya and Kirti go to their room. They see Kartik, Naira and kids there. Kartik asks kids to come. Kirti says you all here…. Lav and Kush say we will sleep here today. Kartik signs Naira. Kartik asks Kirti to explain kids, they are not agreeing to us. Naira says yes, I asked them to come with us, but they want to sleep here. Kartik says I lost to them, I can’t hurt their heart, just manage tonight. Naira asks how can they manage, the kids kick a lot in sleep. Kartik says yes, Aditya can sleep in kids room tonight. Aditya signs Kirti. Kartik asks Kirti is that okay with you. She says yes. Kids get on the bed. Kartik asks kids not to trouble Kirti. He murmurs you guys won the bet, I will get video game for you. He kisses them. Aditya gets angry and leaves.
Naira asks Kartik to come, let the kids sleep. Kartik asks Kirti to sleep in peace. Kartik tells Naira that he will not even let Aditya come close to Kirti. Naira asks him to relax. They see Kirti laughing and smile.

Manish, Dadi and Suwarna have a talk. They get emotional that Kartik came back. Dadi says I will keep a grand puja. Akhilesh says we will sign deal papers with Aditya tomorrow. Dadi says great start of happiness on Kartik’s birthday, we will send Kirti back to her inlaws, she stayed in Maayka for long, girls are welcome in Maayka, but not for long stay, I will give her shagun and send her. Manish agrees.

Kartik cries seeing Kirti’s pic. Naira comes to him. He says Kirti faked her smile, I could not understand her pain behind her smile, I could not see her sorrow and pain, I could not help her, she always understood me. Naira hugs him and consoles. She says we all know you love her a lot. He says no, I would have understood that Aditya is her biggest enemy, I was so stupid, that man tortured my sister, I could not see, you told me and I did not believe you, its all my mistake. She says don’t blame yourself. He says this matter would have ended, I m also the reason of her sorrow. She says whatever happened will not happen again, we both are with Kirti, we will make her sure that she deserves a better life than this. She wipes his tears.

She says if family support is there, person’s strength gets double else… He says people like Aditya take advantage, what will we do, Kirti does not say anything. She says we will do something that Aditya does not lie, everyone will just hear the truth. He says fine then, Kirti supported me in all problems, its my turn, I will give her best return gift on my birthday, her happiness, self respect and her rights.

Kartik wakes up by Naira’s surprise. Naira wishes him happy birthday. She asks did you feel bad. He says no, I should thank you, you diverted my mind. He hugs her and thanks her. She says let me give your first gift. He asks are there many gifts. She asks him to have patience. She gives him a box. He checks and sees kaleidoscope. She says even broken bangles and glasses look beautiful in this, we used to see courage seeing this, when we were upset. Kartik sees and says wow, its really beautiful. She says yes, our truth will be good and beautiful. He hugs her. He says puja is for my birthday, but my sister needs the prayers. She says prayers will be fulfilled when made by true heart. He says yes, I will get happiness for my sister.

Kartik is made to sit in weigh. He says I did not know you are good actress, you did not tell about Aditya’s tortures. Kirti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. From Next wk , mission Aditya…

    Band bazao for Aditya..

    Super excited to watch… Lol

  2. cv thank you for acknowledging the domestic violence some women face in their marriages.

  3. Beautiful episode and was really cute when karthik grabbed naira for dancing … And excellent shot on aditya face… God poor keerthi.. Special mention must be made regarding yesterday episode.. I forgot to say it in last comment it was really cute when karthik said that blueblah blueblah and naira saying i love u in a smart way.. Guys loved their cute romance both yesterday as well as today.. And thank u soooo much to all who wished me thanks u all

    1. Rahul96

      Happy birthday Ananya and praveena.
      Piranthanal vazathkul Ananya and praveena.
      Janmdin Subhecha Ananya and praveena.
      Shuboh jonmoh din Ananya and praveena.

      Sorry for late wishing !!!

  4. Nice…hats off to u naira…kartik ur duty to help n xpose aditya…u should video his violence n xpise him infrint of family…shame on Aditya

  5. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia men should be ashamed of themselves with wot they r doing with women coz women don’t deserve it plus men should be ashamed of themselves with the way they treat women its not fair to treat women like this using abusing them plus men should appreciate women not treat them like slaves men should respect all women plus men keep grabbing women by the throat slapping them touching them in private places raping them hitting them all women don’t deserve it they raise there voices against men tell them who them women are plus all women shouldn’t have to put with this bullying that men do with women it’s fair on any kind of women it’s just women abuse plus why should all women have to put up with men’s bullshit and abuse?

    1. Rahul96

      Not all man are like that!!!

  6. It will be exciting to see Kartik beating Aditya….waiting for this from so many says……it would be exciting to see Keerti & Nakshs love story ….

    1. Rahul96

      Heyy Ishika why don’t you get registered ???

  7. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I know rahul I agree with u but some men r like that it’s really not fair on any women no women should put up with men bullshit women are not men’s slaves at all all women do hsve the right to teach men a lesson to speak up for themselves ok

    From soofia

    1. Rahul96

      Heyy Soofia bhatti you are also added in our hangouts group . But you never reply there. Why?? At least type some message there!!

  8. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I know rahul I agree with u but some men r like that it’s really not fair on any women no women should put up with men bullshit women are not men’s slaves at all women do have the right to teach men a lesson to speak up for themselves ok

  9. Thank u rahul bro…
    Nandri rahul anna
    shookriya rahul bhai

  10. Hello everyone! I am back! Actually due to some reasons I was disconnected from social media but now I am back. Yrkkh is going very good nowadays. Ekdum Dhinchak!! (i have copied from Annika of Ishqbaaz, sorry if anyone found inappropriate) Aditya, you are gone! Kaira is the best and will be the best. One thing, no two things I want to ask, first: when is SPA? And seacond thing, which is that song that “sa re ga ma… sa ni dha….” i really want to know. And lastly, hope you all are remebering me (I am Zainab, Sana Shiekh, yaad aaya?). Belated Birthday wishes to all whose birthday was there when I was out and get well soon to all those who are ill. Bye!

    1. Rahul96

      Hi zainab
      How are you ???
      Sa re ga ma pa dha ni is a traditional famous Indian Tone. It has originated from Vedas of Hinduism . So its also religious tone for hindus .
      Sa re ga ma pa dha ni are collectively known as seven svaras of ancient Indian classical music .
      Sa stands for shadja
      Re stands for Rishabh
      Ga stands for Gandhar
      Ma stands for Madhyam
      Pa stands for Pancham
      Dha stands for Dhaivat
      Ni stands for Nishad.
      Now i can’t tell you anything more than this . Because i can understand only this much and i am not an expert on Indian classical music . If you want to know more, consult an music expert , read Wikipedia , see correct YouTube videos .
      By the way why did you ask??

      And can you tell me the full form of SPA?? Of which SPA you want to know ??? SPA is many thing. About which SPA you want to know ??

      1. SPA is star parivar awards

      2. Thank you so much Rahul bhaiya, but I was asking about the music that is being played when Kaira are together, that “sa re ga ma….” music. I was asking for that. Anyways, thank you for telling these as meaning of these sargams 🙂

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  14. Sachu

    Happy mother’s day to the mothers of all the awesome cuties out here.

  15. Hi friends

  16. Hello nice episode waiting for next week when aaditya’s reality will get revealed…….

    Hey rahul bhai u r right abut music. I gave music 1st level on 1 may……now will prepare fr 2nd level
    So i know all dis
    Many rags r der in music
    But how do u know this much?????
    Many of d boys r not interested in music

    Hey all how r u?????

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