Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rani hurries towards her car with the album. Raaj follows her but his tyre gets punctured. Rani recalls throwing nails on his way.
Rani brings the album and leaves it in Suminda’s room thinking she only wants to discover the truth from her mother. Raaj comes to meet Rani and asks if she has taken her medicines, Rani says she has and thinks how much he would lie. Rani peeks through the window wishing Suminda looks towards the album. Suminda hadn’t noticed first, but then watches the reaction. Rani notices she stood straight and thinks Suminda hasn’t reacted to the album which qualifies she is innocent. She turns around when Suminda breaks the vase out of rage. Rani comes in and asks Suminda how are they related to these people who are the one’s staying at their home. Suminda didn’t

reply, Rani swears her to share the truth with her.
Raaj thinks he must take his mother and Sakshi out of this house before Rani tells Suminda about his family. Suminda tells Rani these people are responsible for her father’s death. Rani says this means Raaj was… Suminda inquires what Raaj said. Rani says Raaj told her that her father died in an accident. Rani thinks there is a contrast in the statements of Raaj and Suminda. Suminda thinks about speaking to Sakshi and Jetra.
Raaj comes to Sakshi and makes her up to go to a hiding. He insists on Sakshi to hurry and run away from here. In the corridor, Raaj warns Sakshi not to make a noise. They leave through the backway. Suminda and Rani were shocked to see Sakshi and Jetra have left already. Suminda was alert what if they heard her. Rani says the woman was unconscious, her daughter was crazy. Suminda tells Rani they are only innocent by face. She would no more allow them to ruin their lives anymore. She tries to figure out where their son has gone, she suspects Rani’s accident was caused by their son. Rani was confused about whom to believe and what to do. She decides to search for the truth.
At Doshi’s house, Raaj thanks him for bringing his family. Doshi says he owes a lot to Raaj, there is no need for thanking. He shares three ways to get the property named after them.
Suminda was shouting at her servants and tells them to go and search for the ladies. Raaj comes there. Rani interferes that it’s not Raaj’s matter. Raaj still inquires. Suminda says the ladies were the part of family who killed Rani’s father. She shows Raaj the album and says they were friends first, later these people betrayed them and killed Rani’s father. Raaj says it didn’t happen this way, then qualifies Rani’s father was a wise man. Suminda says there was a guy in the family who is still hidden, she is afraid Rani’s life is endangered. Raaj assures Suminda to find that guy and bring him to Suminda. Rani thinks Raaj is still silent and didn’t speak while he heard a lot against his family.
The next morning, Raaj brings breakfast for Rani in her room. Rani thinks she is always afraid whenever he comes with his stupid smile. Raaj presents her with tickets of hotel bookings for them, he says a lot has happened in the past few days that they didn’t take time to spend time together. Rani says they can’t go as her mom is really tensed, they have a whole life to spend with each other. Raaj says he thinks they must go, he knows their past resides somewhere in them, they must revive those moments. Rani thinks its his new plan and wants to take her away from her mother. Rani tells Raaj to go if he wants to, she can’t leave her mother alone. Raaj thinks he won’t stop.

PRECAP: Rani denies to Suminda about going with Raaj. Suminda says it was Raaj’s love who brought her out of death. Raaj says he had already taken Suminda’s permission before going to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Raj is becoming more gruesome and negative with every passing episode…this honeymoon plan is only a facade.. His friend doshi has suggested him three ways to get his property back.. N those three ways are not yet revealed to viewers.. I think kidnapping n killing rani could be one of the ways… I am eagerly waiting to see how rani brings Raj on his knees n also to know the entire truth… Hope the writers will serve us a meaningful plot… RANI MUST NOT FORGIVE RAJ. SHE SHOULD MAKE HIM CRAVE FOR HER LOVE AND REPENT FOR HIS SINS..that has to be the crux of the future storyline… Today also the beast was sarcastically telling rani he doesn’t know if they have entire lifetime to spend with each other.. U dirty beast.. U are shameless to repeatedly plan n think of rani’s death..
    N once again thanks writers for serving us ghost stories n hate stories in the name of love stories..

  2. Hello Naz,you are really lucky to have those relatives who have so much interest to trace back your antecedents .Isn’t it really exciting to go back into history to trace our genealogy and discover new relations particularly in a world where life has become too mechanical and people spend hardly any time with their own children or parents? Friend,my mother was from a big family of 6 sisters and 9 brothers,imagine ,all of them with their families coming to my grandparents’ home for summer vecation ,the big house for a month would resemble a marriage venue.With the demise of my grandparents ,the family unions slowly faded away.Now my parents,,mausis(mother’sisters) mamas(mother’s brothers) ,all gone.I am in touch only with a few of my cousins,the rest are memory.So the May 21st reunion is going to be a once in a lifetime event,Have a nice time sister and let me know how it went off.
    Regarding ETRETR ,it is really distressing to see Sartaj acting as a villain ,he looks so sweet and charming that I feel this much negativity doesn’t suit him.But a true professional should either follow the script or leave the serial and I think he doesn’t want to leave at the fag end.But the actual problem is with zee channel,first they want the makers to wind up a three months track in 3 weeks and just a week before the deadline give the extension :how difficult to adjust the script is not their headache.On top of it ,our big screen as well as small screen actors want the story not to go beyond marriage ,they feel that once you tie up the knot ,there is no charm or romance left in those characters.So the our writers have no option other than writing some hilarious script to postpone the union of Raaj and Rani.Still they should not have brought so much antagonism into Raaj’s character.
    Tonight’s episode is interesting ,Ofcourse with the distortion of some facts like the death of Rani’s father.Before the extension buaji herself accepted that she killed her brother for property,now Rani’s mother says that Raaj’s family was responsible for his. Death.Poor Rani, she is really confused and sandwiched between her mother and Raaj.. By the way what happened to Dev,Raaj’s younger brother?Now Raaj is planning to take Rani somewhere out ,for what purpose ,I don’t have any idea..I don’t understand why the writers always make this couple’s life so difficult. Friend ,have a nice week end and take care.

  3. Yes this guy has gone stark raving mad,and I am worried for Rani.Atleast she has the protection of her mother and family in her house but somewhere outside with him all alone ,My god,Archana it is high time for Rani to tell her mother about Raaj’s truth,she should not keep it to herself anymore.He is too smart and cunning for her. I am happy that Rani is gradually losing her soft corner for this insane man which is very important to sort him out..I am curious to know the three options suggested by his friend,,If kidnapping and killing is one of them ,Rani should either confide in her mother or if she still wants to go out with him ,as a precaution ,leave a letter with preeti with instructions to hand it over to the police ,If something happens to her .Now the man is too dangerous for her to handle all alone.Yes,the story has taken an interesting turn and let us hope Rani will rise to the occasion and give Raaj a fitting reply.

    1. She won’t tell her mother anything now.. Bcos rani has some soft corner for this maniac… Plus our Tele heroines are jhansi ki rani and James Bond types.. So rani will go with Raj n continue to find truth.. N their love in reel life is very strong (at least they claim so).. So they will wait for their love to do wonders n tolerate every injury in the name of love… Gross stupidity… All I want is rani should not forgive Raju easily Bcos his sins are too big to be left unpunished… N the creation of dark rani ghost character has removed the onus of being 100% noble from rani’s character.. So rani can become Grey to some extent to answer Raju in his own coin… Hope writers don’t disappoint further..

  4. True Lakshmi, time is passing by and no longer do relatives keep in touch with each other so pretty soon the future generations won’t even know who their own are. I also remember the good old days when my brother and I would go to spend holidays my cousins, I do have very fond memories of those days, back then everything seemed uncomplicated, today is definitely different…that’s why we try to hold on to what we have left. We as descendants of immigrants are so proud of our heritage, we try to hold on and teach the younger ones to not forget the struggles and aspirations of those who have gone away from us…… Not liking the way this serial has become, I’m just going with the flow, Rani is now preparing for sangeet ceremony and Raja is being like a pig to her and poor girl is trying to appease him. Rani has always been depicted as making sacrifices and bending backwards to make Raja happy and is still doing it in this season. I don’t like his behavior. I do notice that when he smiles and looks as if he’s in love, he looks so young and handsome and when he scowls and is angry, it adds years to his face… It’s rightly said that laughter is best medicine but in this case, it’s giving Raja a facelift instead….. Good results anyway….

    1. C look at this forum.. Apart from us three all are gone.. Raj turning negative n trying to kill rani is beyond criticism.. Don naina were at least criticized but this hatred filled plot with rani still acting like a scapegoat completely killed the expectations of viewers.. Raj’s negativity would call for his death in the serial’s climax n a happy ending is totally meaningless.. Viewers have realized this n have stopped commenting.. Sad..

  5. Hey Lakshmi… Just commenting to wish you enjoy your Mother’s Day tomorrow. I know you wish your sons were with you but wherever they are, you know that you are always in their thoughts, I’m sure of it. While every day should be Mother’s Day, I do hope that your nieces and nephews can brighten up your day so that even though you miss your sons, they are the closest to being your children and will be there with you on this day. I’ll spend a quiet day tomorrow Sunday with my two children and my mother, my niece Saeeda and her brother Masood who I cared for till 12yrs old,also comes to visit with my sister. So…….Lakshmi, enjoy the day tomorrow and chat soon.. ???????

  6. Archana, I believe that you may be single so I can’t wish you Mother’s Day but still I hope you find the time in your busy schedule to spend time with your mother as well. Have a wonderful weekend my friend…

    1. No I m not single.. I have a 4 year old son… Happy mother’s day to you and Lakshmi too.. 🙂

      1. Oh dear!! Sorry Archana, for assuming that you weren’t a mom ??? , my apologies dear Archana….i know you’ll forgive me!! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well my dear friend, you are blessed. Enjoy your day as well… Chat with you tomorrow…

      2. No problem.. Thanks.. 🙂

  7. Naz ,Archana ,Thank you Friends for the Mother’s Day wishes and I wish you both the same The day will really be special and meaningful if your dear kids are with you’ on this day.Yes Naz ,I miss my boys on this day who are thousands of kilometres away from me and my dear mother who passed away 4 years back.Ofcourse both the boys called me in the morning itself and we had a nice long chat.Naz.both are very close to me ,they confide everything in me even about their girlfriends,sometimes my husband gets jealous,he says they talk very formally to him.
    Friends,I am sorry for wishing you late,the day has been hectic,calls from my nephews and niece( in our family only my sister has a daughter,she is a dear to all of us) and a visit from my Dear Radha’s daughter .She is a Rakhi sister to my sons and makes it a point to visit me on this day along with her parents Sid and Radhika.Together we prepared a sumptuous spread ,the mouth watering Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani ,stuffed kheema parathas,paneer butter masala and our Rani chauhan’s chocolate fudge.Played some badminton in the evening amped just now only ,they left.Right now. I am dead tired and going to bed.
    Naz .my day is over and your day has begun .My friend ,enjoy this special day in the company of your loved ones and convey my PRANAM to your mother.

  8. Second para,…..6th line read amped as and and sorry for any other ty .errors

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