Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Takes Drunk Anushka To His Home

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vedant calls Siddhant and tells that Anushka called him and said that she will surprise me. He tells that she will say yes to him. Siddhant says ok. Vedant says he is on his way to meet her. Siddhant asks waiter to make drink for him and thinks wine is a useful thing to speak out heart. Anushka comes and sits beside him. She orders wine and says she needs it to speak out her feelings. Siddhant says you never drink. Anushka drinks and asks for more. She warns waiter to give her more wine else she will send him to jail for s*xual discrimination. Siddhant tries to stop her. Anushka gets heavily drunk and tells waiter that she will send him to jail. Siddhant calls Vedant and asks if he is coming there, tells that he is also there. Vedant says he is coming there. Siddhant says Anushka is waiting

for you. He comes back and asks where is she? He sees Anushka. Anushka says she will refuse Vedant and do pack up of his love story. Siddhant calls Sweety ji and asks him to manage Vedant. He says he will handle Anushka as she is refusing for marriage. Anushka orders another drink. Siddhant signs the waiter. Anushka says she don’t to marry Vedant. Siddhant sees Vedant coming and asks Waiter about the back door. He asks Anushka to come. Anushka says she will not go without talking to him. Siddhant pretends to talk to Vedant and tells that he is outside. Anushka says we shall go out and send him off. She sees Vedant and tells Siddhant. Siddhant turns her and says he is outside. Sweety tells Vedant that Anushka waited for you and left. Vedant says I got stuck in traffic. Sweety says Siddhant also left and asked me to wait for you.

Sidhant brings her home. Anushka asks him to leave her hand and says she wants to fly high. He says he will not leave her hand. Anushka asks will you never leave my hand forever. Siddhant leaves her hand. She gets Vedant’s call and says she will refuse him. Siddhant takes phone from her hand and asks her to talk to him in the morning. Anushka looks at the house and says it is yours. Siddhant says if I had taken you to your house, then KK sir would be angry. He checks for his keys and tells that his mum and Purva went to madhurima’s wedding. Anushka teases him and asks why he didn’t tell that Madhurima is getting married. Siddhant says he will ask his mum to tell her before going. He climbs on stairs so that he goes inside and opens the door. Anushka insists to go first. Siddhant says you will fall and asks her to get down.

Karthik calls Purva and thinks if she felt bad about his words. He thinks to go to her house. Anushka talks to the statue outside the house and says she will take selfie with her when she comes there again. Siddhant opens the door from inside and comes out. He calls Anushka and looks for her. Karthik comes there and says he was going from there. He says he will meet Gayatri and Purva. Karthik thinks that’s why call was not connecting. He says he wants to talk to purva regarding designs. He says weather is good and they shall go inside and talk. Siddhant says they shall sit out and enjoy the weather. He gets tensed seeing Anushka coming.

Siddhant sees Anushka dancing in the rain. She opens up his shirt. Siddhant takes her to room. Anushka asks Siddhant if he loves her. She asks him to say. Anushka and Siddhant are about to get closer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Precap is awesome.

  2. Fenil

    Talli Anushka was so cute.
    Palak nailed it.
    siddhant as typical vamp hahaha

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