Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sherlin escapes from the hospital

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Preeta and Karan are anxiously waiting for the Doctor to give the verdict about Doctor Semma’s health, Prithvi is standing in the corner he sees Sherlin coming and thinks that if Karan and Preeta see her then their plan will fail, he signals her to go back and she leaves, Karan goes to pick him up and asks as to what the matter is, Prithvi gets angry ad says that he must not interfere in his matters, Prithvi says that he believes that Karan always feels that he did something wrong and now will say that he was the one who orchestrated the plan on the doctor, Karan also fights with him. He says that he has some important work to do in his office and he must go, he asks Permission from Preeta and she agrees, Karan says that she also thinks like him, she says that she only wants to focus on the condition

of the doctor and must not care for anything else.
She says that doctor Semma was going to show her the face of her patient and she told her that the name of her Patient was also Sherlin, Karan says that he checked the room ad found nothing, he says that they will find the clue against Sherlin and Prithvi.
Prithvi is walking beside his car when he hits a Scoter, he gets angry and after getting inside the car he calls Sherlin and asks her if her mother is at home, She says that she is not and he says that they will both meet at her house, Prithvi also gets angry at her for not picking his phone at which she says that she could not because there was a traffic police personal and she did not want to go to the police station again.
Karan and Preeta are standing outside the room where Doctor Semma is being treated, Preeta is very worried and says that if something happens to her then they will be responsible for her condition. Karan says that how can she be so worried and takes her to the door, they look inside and he asks her as to what is happening, she says that she cannot as she is a physiotherapist and can only treat bones, she cannot say anything, she asks Karan if he did not know this to which he says that he did and he was only trying to make her happy, he feels that he should not have to bowl and only bat, Preeta says that she is very tensed at which Karan walks into the room where the doctor gets angry and says that does he have no manners and he must not have interfered with their procedure, Preeta asks for their forgiveness and asks about the condition of the doctor, he says that they cannot say anything until the test result comes back, he further says that there is a severe injury in her head and they do not know the extend off it, so now they must pray, Karan gets curious.
Prithvi and Sherlin are standing in her room and trying to make a plan for their escape from the current situation, Sherlin says that she doesn’t know what to do because if the doctor wakes up, she will tell everything and their plan will fail, Prithvi says that he will think of something as he always has, he calls the hospital saying that he wants to inquire about the health of Doctor Seem as she is his wife, the nurse says that he must not call again as the doctor is not married and cancels the phone, Prithvi get angry saying that he thought that the doctor would be married but she was not, Sherlin also yells at him saying that why did he do this stupidity and he must make a plan first.
Sherlin opens the door and it is Neil’s little brother, he barges in and starts yelling about Prithvi asking him to come down, he says that he went to his house and his mother told him that he might be at her house and that is why he came here, She says that he is not here when Prithvi comes from behind and pulls him asking as to how did he come in her house like this and why is he teasing them, he says that he is Neil’s little brother, he says that his brother is in a lot of trouble because of him, Prithvi must help him, Prithvi says that he is in trouble as he has a new problem to face each day, he and his girlfriend will get arrested at any moment for killing Tapsi and attempting to murder a Doctor, Prithvi says that has also wants his girlfriend t get married to another person and his fiancé is roaming with another person and these are the problems that he has to face every day.
Prithvi places the gun and asks that he must kill him because he will die of tension otherwise, Neil’s brother says that he will come back after Prithvi is rid of all his tensions and also says to Sherlin to something to Prithvi, Prithvi yells a lot of things but Sherlin calms him down and he asks Sherlin to close the door before someone else comes.
Preeta and Karan are walking when she stops, Karan asks her about the problem she says that both know hat Sherlin was in the hospital and the doctor also said that the name of her Patient is also Sherlin

Precap: Sarla asks Shristhri about the things that are happening in Preeta’s life and why she is so late, Shristhri tells her everything, Sarla also gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Didn’t the Doctor mention to Preeta that Sherlin came with the Luthra family, shouldn’t that confirm her identity

  2. too many narrow escapes for Prithvi and Sherlin
    they need to be caught out now
    Preetha wake up please?

  3. Areee yaar …..this hide and seek should now be ended ……..preeta try to understand prithvi’s true colours……..don’t simply call him Prithvi ji

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