Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru and Mukhi ji hug each other under the water of tank. The elders open the lid and were shocked to see them. Later, Aru sat in the kitchen as Mummy prepares her tea and scolds her as there are relatives at home. Aru makes noise while sipping the tea from saucer. Mummy asks what the way is, she is not understandable. Aru says they got close only today and explains they have understood slowly in time that they are in wrong marriage but not wrong match; they fought, held differences but still remained each other. She understood today why marriage is called the meeting of two souls. Mummy tells Aru she is happy to hear this all, she was afraid for her relation, she was afraid Aru left her dreams, what if her marriage wasn’t also the good one. Aru says she is happy with what Dharmi did, that

made her Mukhi ji’s wife today. Mummy tells her to wait till tomorrow.
The next morning, Aru’s parents come to Mukhi ji. They say when Aru was married they were worried about Aru and ashamed about Dharmi. Now, their doubts have been removed, they couldn’t have ever found a son in law like Mukhi. Someone who would help Aru accomplish her dreams. Mukhi ji says he wants to ask Aru if her dreams would survive in Amboli, would she stay happy there. Aru recalls every time Mukhi ji protected her, she announces she is sure she would live happy with him. She walks out wearing a saree, her mother places a coconut on her hand. Papa asks if he accepts the proposal of their daughter, Mukhi ji holds his hand together and accepts it. He takes the coconut from her hands. They ask for something sweet and leave. Aru asks Mukhi ji for tea. He replies with a yes then leaves her hand. She turns to leave, Mukhi ji had to ask something but was nervous. He asks if she is hungry. Aru wonders what kind of question is this. She says her cheeks now ache by smiling meaningless. Mukhi ji suggests to eat honey and turmeric. Aru thinks about Sanvi and leaves the house.
At Dharamshala, Aru stops Sanvi. She was concerned but Aru tells Sanvi she is very angry at Sanvi. Sanvi says Mukhi told her that Aru isn’t angry, this child isn’t Mukhi’s. Aru says she doesn’t want to listen to a single word, she holds Sanvi’s hand and slaps herself. She says Sanvi was her elder sister, she should have slapped her; how could she be such a duffer and Sanvi be so nice. Sanvi asks Aru to smile, as she has no problems with Aru. Aru insists on Sanvi to come to her home. Sanvi asks why she is wearing a saree today. They hug each other as Aru shy.
Dharmi shouts at Anshu for ruining her life, he turned into a criminal and Anshu even didn’t marry her. People call her by false name. Anshu says only Dharmi insisted to run with him and came by her will. Dharmi wonders whom she must call.
Aru brings Sanvi home and asks Mukhi to see who came to meet him. Mukhi hurries towards Sanvi, Sanvi tells him not to apologize. She complains he forgot his friend after love. Aru tells her elders about Sanvi, she is Mukhi’s friends. Kaka had reservations that they are much close to each other. Aru explains such friendships aren’t seen anywhere as it is really pure. Sanvi comes to meet the elders. Mukhi ji joins hands to thank Aru from a distance, she gives him a flying kiss in return.

PRECAP: Aru asks Mukhi ji to teach her make Jalebi. Mukhi ji tells Aru their life is exactly like this Jalebi, like they can’t separate flour from milk no one can part them as well.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Awesome episode! At last!
    But … would you please add the conversation Aru and Mukhi have at the beginning of the episode (before they hug…): the dialogues seem great but are hard to understand for non-hindi speakers. Thanks in advance!

  2. @barb50
    Not Hindi speakers. But from what i understand. Aru ask Muhki to look in her eyes and tel the trued. She asked him do you care about me. Do you think about me al the time, do you love me. Mukhi nod and ask how to say i love you in English and the in return aak hoe do you say it in your village. I hope this helps

    1. Thanks a million!!!!

    2. Thanks a million! 🙂

  3. good arthit

  4. Khalid.ali

  5. Thank god Mukhiji n Aru have agreed they r in love. Hope they don’t have any mishaps through Raamiben who is very nasty. I hope Aru is not making mistake bringing Saanvi home.

  6. nice episode eventually aru understands sanvi but we have to know that who is the father of sanvi’s child.

  7. aru is looking beautiful in saree and just looking like a south indian girl. they have selected a cool and nice place(water tank) to express their love,

  8. chee. Leave alone Aru’s dreams what of her as a person. She married a boor and she has become like them. sipping tea off saucer and making slurping noise. She calls it love and enjoyment? What about others who listen to your slurping? It is excusable if Mukki does it . He is from village. Aru is from the city . She is a woman . Needs to behave with more decorum. This is not a “love story” it is a stupid story of a woman losing all her good things and becoming a boor. She is from city she cannot misbehave with Saanvi and call it love. What nonsense?

  9. Pardon me “vijju” Aru does not look like any south indian girl. Don’t insult south indians. Own up to one’s ancestry. This is an idiotic story.

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