Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi talks to her mother about how weird Rahul is behaving these days. I have seen something different in his eyes. I feel scared. Shilpa says he must be worried about something. Manvi denies. when I told him about Niru’s death, he acted as if he knows it already. He dint react at all. The very next second he could not remember it. Shilpa says you might be thinking a little too much. Manvi is sure something has happened to Rahul. He has changed. I have to find out what’s happening. I will have to do something. She ends the call.

Raj receives Guru ji’s call. Guru ji tells him the solution that he found to save Rahul’s life. Come to my ashram tomorrow morning along with Sonali. I will tell you everything. Raj agrees to come tomorrow. Sonali is relieved that Rahul will be

fine now. Guru ji wants to save Raj and his family at any cost.

There is lightning outside. Rahul sees the same dream again and sits up suddenly. He leaves from the room. Manvi wakes up as well and decides to follow him. Rahul is walking towards the jungle. She is tensed as it is very late. She still continues to follow him. Her dupatta gets stuck in some plant so she loses track of him. She loudly calls out for him but there is no reply. I am mad to come here. How will I go back from here now? She yet again calls for him. She thinks to call him. She turns and finds him standing there only. Thank God you are here. He asks her if she is following him. She says no. What are you doing here? He says I came to hunt. When animals can do it then why can’t I? She reasons that they are wild animals. They do it to quench their huger. Who do you want to hunt? He asks her who he will hunt. He jokes that he wanted to go for a walk. I cannot walk in the park as I am a rock star. People will gather around. what are you doing here? She shares she felt he is sleepwalking. He replies he noticed her in deep sleep when he left from the room. Tell me the truth. You really wanted to know where I am going. Do you think I killed Niru? Is this the reason you followed me? She declines. I know nothing and who to trust. I can neither understand nor myself. He points out that she followed him and not Sujoy. This means you doubt me. you could have waited for Niru to give witness. You could trust me. She says I want to but you are behaving so differently since past days. I felt like you are hiding something from me. I followed you as! He knows she has no answer to that. Go home MAnvi. I will come when I will feel like. Manvi leaves from there sadly.

Sujoy reads the news of Niru’s death in the newspaper. He is thrilled to know that the only witness to his act is dead. Dibakar scolds him for laughing. Sujoy shows him the news. That girl who was going to give witness against me is no more! Diabakar doubts him for killing Niru but Sujoy denies. maybe destiny is supporting me this time. He gets a call from Inspector. He tells his father he will go for basic enquiry. I have solid proof that I was not here. Make preps for the party.

Raj is shocked to see the same news article in newspaper as there is a mention of animal’s footprint as well. He gets a call from someone. Shaleen is given the responsibility to finalise the marketing plan for Rahul’s next campaign. Raj leaves. Nisha taunts Shaleen. You got the chance to be rock star Rahul’s assistant. He tells her not to do so. The servant asks them to eat food without Sonali. She left early morning for somewhere. Nisha is intrigued.

Sonali tells Guru ji she came here as Raj had some important work. He is happy as being Rahul’s mother, even if not biological, she only has to do this ritual. Guru ji gives something to her. I have kept everything in it. Add one of Rahul’s nail in it somehow. Dip it in a lake or river before midnight tonight. This is the last chance to save him. You don’t have to eat or cook flesh today at home. She agrees to follow whatever he has said. He advises her to wear a green colour saree when she will go to a lake or river. You only have to do it. She asks him if it will work out. He nods. this is our last hope. Don’t let Rahul find out anything about this or the spirit of the tiger wont let this ritual happen. She assures him she will follow his words.

Manvi tries to wake up Rahul. He asks for 5 more minutes. she says papa wants to meet you. He will come anytime soon. She pulls at his hand to wake her up when she gets hurt. He wakes up with a start and says sorry to her. She checks his nails. They are pretty grown up. Why don’t you cut them? He is clueless about it. She offers to do it for him. he finds it irritating. She points out that people will mock him if they notice it. he keeps on saying it is irritating. She tells him to sit quietly. He makes faces.

Sonali comes outside Rahul’s room. She hears their convo. Rahul says I slept for the entire night but still feel sleepy. Manvi is confused. Outside, Sonali thinks of what Guru ji told her. Manvi hurts Rahul by mistake. He sucks at his wound when the tiger awakens yet again. he tells her it is done and leaves. Sonali comes in just then. She picks up rahul’s nails even when Manvi offers to do it. Manvi notices the potli in her hand. Sonali says it is puja’s ingredients. She gives the nails to Manvi before leaving from the room. Manvi notices one nail missing. Sonali adds the nail in the potli. I will have to throw in a pond tonight. Rahul will be free of the curse then.

Precap: Manvi asks Rahul honestly tell her about his whereabouts on the night of Niru’s murder. He understands that she still doubts him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Manvi started doubting rahul. did rahul really killed niru. his hads were ful of blood d day he was found in d jungle . Wil Sonali save rahul. Karan ur acting is good. we want to see better sceens of u n not to see u as murderer.

    1. Rahul as a tiger killed niru… Think soo… He wanted blood…

  2. sonaina swati

    Nice episode…

  3. Spirit of a tiger haunting rahul! Wah! What crap u write writers. And where’s the ‘hum paanch’ wali ekta kapoor! How low wl d standard of her serials fall….?! GET A LIFE! Promoting superstitions in indian society. Shameful and dissapointing.

  4. I would rather watch short stories by rabindranath tagore on epic channel at this time. Quality entertainment that makes sense.

  5. why are u watching this if your going to hate?????Hater?

  6. Nt watching anymre! I stoppd. Any sensible persn wont watch this nonsense. Previously it was gud, when this serial startd. It was a musical love story. Gone frm bad to worse.

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