Kalash 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Policeman tells inspector that i saw a tempo leaving, inspector says they must be close then, Ravi sees tempo going, eh shouts for DEvika, inspector tries to track them.
Goons are with Devika in tempo, one goon says that we got saved today from police, goon syas if we would have got caught then boss would have killed us, call boss and tell that we are safe, Devika asks for water, goon asks other goon to call boss while i will give her water, goon gives her water, Devika says your boss is Saket? goon says are you mad, he is MLA, why would he such thing, Devika get confused. Police van is close, Devika tries to shout for Ravi, goons ties cloth on er mouth, Ravi sees tempo, he asks policeman to run van faster, Van running behind tempo, van overtakes it and stops tempo, Ravi comes in tempo,

he opens door and finds no one in it, he is shocked, inspector asks driver why he didnt stop? he says sorry, Ravi thinks.
Savitri comes in house and its useless to talk to them, girl is kidnapped but no one is tensed there, they didnt even do drama of being sad, Shekhar asks her to go to her room, Savitri says i didnt say anything wrong, she leaves, Shekhar asks her Rekha to not worry, Devika will be found, Monty says that Ravi called and said that he is close to DEvika and police is with him too, he will bring Devika soon, Sakshi asks Pallavi to take care of Rekha, she leaves with Monty.
Shweta says to Manju that you did right by answering them, how that Savitri talks to Manju? Parmindar says they should remain in limits, Vikas says what are you talking about? in this tension, both families should work together, Shweta says didnt you see how Savitri was talking to Manju, we should not entertain people like them and see how Rekha was crying, Manju says she has daughters like Saksh and Devika so she must cry. Ravi comes back home and is sad, Shweta asks if he found Devika? Ravi says no, i think my fate is bad, goons took Devika to some godown, we reached there but they took Devika from there, i dont know how Devika must be, Vikas says dont worry, Devika will come soon, police will find her, we all are with you, Ravi leaves.

Scene 2
Ravi comes in his room and looks around in sadness. He recalls how Devika used to scold him for keeping clothes here and there. Flashback shows Devika saying to Ravi that there is so much mess in room when only two people live her edont know what will happen when two more people come here, Raiv says two wow? he comes to DEvika and pins her to cupboard, he says you meant to say that we will two kids? Devika says i didnt talk about kids, he hugs her and says only we two live here, Devika says i was just syaing that you should help me in cleaning room, we both live here, Ravi sits on his knees and says your all orders are my command, DEvika says i need your togetherness not your serving, Ravi says i will be with you whole life, Devika says i know you will fulfill this promise, you wont leave me alone, Ravi asks if she trusts him that much Devika says more than myself, she hugs him, fb ends, Ravi looks at clothes, she starts collecting them and recalls his time spent with Devika, Mujhe teri zarorat hai plays, Ravi cries. Monty comes to Ravi and takes him from room, he says to Ravi that police is doing work, dont worry everything will be fine,. Police comes in house, inspector says to Ravi that i know who has kidnapped your wife, he says call your whole family here then i will say, Ravi says i am her husband tell us, Sakshi says no need to call whole family, inspector says dont argue, Monty goes to call to everyone.
Manju says to Parmindar that i just hate that Savitri, Parmindar says they come here at any time, she spoiled our moods, Manju says i had so many dreama from Devika, i didnt get her property and she is problem herself, i pray that she never comes back, i will be more than happy, Monty comes and says what are you saying? Devika is so nice, she always take care of you and you both are saying all this about her? Parmindar says if you had brain then you wouldnt have married Sakshi, Monty says leave it but come out, police has come, they know who has kidnapped Devika.
All family members come in lounge, Ravi says all are here, now tell me who has done this kidnapping, Manju says tell us who has kidnapped Devika, inspector says Manju Garewal has kidnapped her daughter in law, all are shocked, he says we will arrest you, Manju says i havent done anything, dont arrest me, Shweta thinks that how can this happen? Ravi says my mother cant do this, inspector says every criminal say this only, Manju says someone has lied to you, inspector says we have done investigation, Manju says why would i kidnap my daughter in law? inspector says we know that you wanted property of your daughter in law, you asked her to give it but she denied so you kidnapped her, Ravi is stuned listening this, Parmindar says she cant do this for property, she has home why would she want property, Manju says she knows me well, i didnt do anything, inspector says lets ask other members of house too, he comes to Sakshi, she says i am daughter in law of this house, he asks if she know that Manju wanted DEvika’s property? Sakshi says Devika used to remain worried, she recalls how Rekha told her that Monty’s family asked property from Devika as dowry for Sakshi’s marriage and Devika agreed to them, she says Manju wanted Devika’s property but she cant.. inspector says she was pressurizing her? right, Manju says she is lying, i didnt do anything, inspector says your behavior changed towards Devika after she denied property, Manju says no she is like my daughter, inspector asks Monty if he knows that Manju used to pressurize DEvika to name her property in her name? Monty says yes, all are shocked.

PRECAP- Ravi says if i can give life for my wife then this is my mother who has given me birth, tell me who has filed complaint against Manju? inspector says its Savitri Deol, all are shocked. Manju comes and slaps Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Who’s savitri deol???nd y d hell is manju slapping sakshi??

    1. She is devika’s grand mom!

  3. What will happen very tense

  4. When kidnapping track will end ??

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