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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi reaches the spot (bridge). She cannot see Rupa anywhere. People talk about a girl who jumped down in the river. Manvi asks them what they were talking about. Did a girl jumped in the river? They nod. A while ago, a girl jumped in the river. She is alive. Someone rescued her. a girl took her to city hospital. Manvi thanks the guy.

Twinkle gets Rupa admitted in the hospital. Doc cannot start the treatment without a guarantee from a family member. Twinkle takes responsibility.

Manvi collides with a lady while running. Manvi apologizes to her. Actually my friend is in a problem. The lady says how a problem can touch a person who has a friend like you. I have full faith in Ma. She will always help you. Manvi thanks her for her kind words. You feel like one of my own. I forgot

to ask your name. The lady says I am Laxmi. Manvi thanks her and goes inside. Ma Laxmi comes to her original avatar.

Raj scolds Rahul for acting like a superhero. Rahul is messaging Twinkle. Raj snatches the phone from him. He calls Twinkle. He reprimands her for doing the work for which she is not paid. Complete all the formalities and get out of there.

Manvi talks to the receptionist. Twinkle overhears them talking. She hides her real name from Manvi. I am Miss Khurana. She takes her to Rupa’s ward.

Raj tells Rahul not to get involved in all this. A scandal can pop out of it. I know poor people more than you. they are always looking for an ooportunity to gain publicity. You wont get in any controversy from now on. Rahul sadly nods.

Manvi thanks Twinkle for her help. She also speaks angrily about another lot of people with a bad heart. Twinkle has cleared all the bills. Take care of your friend.

Manvi walks inside the ward and slaps Rupa. They both share an emotion hug. Manvi scolds her for taking such a step. Dint you think about anyone once? Rupa says sorry to her. How will I face everyone now? Everything will be over by now. Manvi says your intention wasn’t wrong. We have to handle things together. Nurse comes to inform them that Rupa is perfectly fine. You can take her home with you.

Manvi and Rupa are on their way to Agra. Rupa is in tears thinking about her parents. Manvi says don’t blame yourself for it. You are not at fault. Rahul is to be blamed. He cheated you. He broke his promise. You only trusted him. He is the culprit. Don’t worry, everyone at home will understand.

Rupa comes home. She can see no one there. She panics. Everything is finished. Maybe the engagement broke. My parents would have to bear so much. What did I do? I shouldn’t have come back. It would have been better if I had died. Manvi gives her hope. We will take care of everything. Rupa’s parents come there. Rupa says sorry to them. Mr. Singh refuses to forgive her so easily. All the other guests also join them. They had received a call from Miss Khurana. She had cooked up a story. Rupa’s mother is happy. You wont two return tickets for Hong Kong. You could have told us. Both of the best friends hid the matter from us. She hugs Rupa. What was that contest? Rupa lies to her. Rupa’s mother asks her to get ready. Manvi and Rupa go to Rupa’s room. Rupa and Manvi are thankful to Miss Khurana. Manvi is angry on Rahul though. It all happened because of him only. I wont spare him if I ever see him.

Twinkle tells Rahul about the idea of tickets to Hong Kong. Rahul still feels guilty for Rupa’s condition. They should never find out that I am behind all this. Avanti is amazed that he still helped that girl, even when uncle scolded you so much. He replies that family is above everything else. If I hadn’t done it then her family will be finished. It is good if I can help her a little.

Manvi blesses Miss Khurana (Twinkle) as she gets Rupa ready. Such good people are still alive in today’s world. On the other hand, Rahul talks to Twinkle. You must be getting all the blessings while I will be getting curses. After all, that girl got in that situation because of me. I wish I could help her personally. Sometimes it happens that people can do as much good as they want to but they will end up receiving only hatred in return. Manvi talks about her hatred for Rahul. He will never get anything from me except hatred.

Next day, Manvi is very happy for Rupa. Rupa thanks her for all her help. It all became possible because of you. You saved me from Rahul. He came to my house to ask me personally to come and sing in the audition. He walked away while I was still singing. I hate him. He is the worst person on earth. Manvi wipes her tears. Forget about that guy. He will get punished for his deeds one day. I saw him taking use of the girls that came for audition. Thankfully, Rahul dint harm you personally. Promise me, you will never fall in his words again. Rupa promises her. She also takes promise from Manvi. You will never think of him and get angry on him. Manvi agrees. I wish he never crosses my path. I will not even look at him if he is the last person on earth. He will be rock star for world, but in reality he is a very shallow person. They share a hug. Manvi’s mother overhears their convo. I will have to get Manvi’s alliance fixed soon. The world is not good.

Raj is not happy for Rahul has completely lost himself in the practise. His wife agrees to talk to Rahul. Rahul keeps guiding Jiya for stretching the notes. She gets irked as he constantly
I thought we will enjoy working together but this is becoming a punishment. Raj steps in. Think from people’s point of view. She looks good. Her albums are already released in the market. Rahul is only concerned about the sync. She cannot sing in sargam with me. Jiya too refuses to work with Rahul. Raj tries to make understand but Rahul sticks to his point. He sends Jiya away. Raj asks Rahul what he wants. Rahul says I am looking for a partner. One voice that will take this song to a completely different level! This song is very close to me. that voice will take this song to another lever. I heard that voice in Agra. It still echoes in my mind. I don’t know how I lost it. I don’t even know if it was real but I want that voice only. Raj thinks of recording it in male solo voice. We will do a female solo version when we find that girl. I have put ad for chorus singers. I wish you find that voice today only. Rahul too hopes for the same.

Precap: Manvi tells her Baba that they have received a notice from lawyer. Raj and Talwar talk to each other on phone. Raj wants to see Upmanyu all broken and devastated. Talwar agrees to take good care of Upmanyu if he comes to him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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