Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…ff..(Episode 4)

Recap – Misunderstandings Cleared Between RUHI & Her ISHIMAA

Ishu : RUHI,What Happened Actually??? How u both escaped from the Blast??
RUHI : That’s all are well planned by Nidhi…How Perfectly she Executed it all??
Ishu : Which means??

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RUHI : We r in the car when it fall off from cliff..But ..When it starts to fall,Nidhi Pulled me along with her out through door…& We got saved by the People arranged by her there…..
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RUHI : She very well know that Bhalla family never leave her with Me….Soo She Created such an accident & Believed u all that we r dead…….
Ishu : I will not leave her…She have to pay for her sins….Just Some more times u have to stay with her.I will be back soon.Don’t worry.
Ruhi : OK Ishimaa .I will wait for u…
Ishu goes along with Aliyah from there& come back to home.She informed about RUHI to Mani & Aliyah.Both were Surprised by knows that RUHAAN is RUHI.
Mani : Ishu,we have to inform this to Police.
Ishu : Yes u r wright.
They informed Police about this & along with Police Ishu & Mani reached Nidhi’s Home.Nidhi get Shock by seeing Ishu there.Ruhi is Soo happy to see her Ishimaa & Ran towards her.
Ruhi : Ishimaa,Aap aa gayi.
Ishu : Haa
Nidhi : You??
Ishu : Haa Mein…Ishitha..I will not leave u for these 7 yrs.U have to Pay for it..
Nidhi : I will be back soon… Dekh Lena tu….
Police take statement from Ruhi & arrested Nidhi in charge of Kidnapping.
Ishu : Sir, Can I go back to India with my Daughter?
Officer : Of course u can.But u have to come back with her for the further Proceedings of Case.
Ishu : Sure…Thank u so much.
Mani : Ishu,Now U can go back to Ur family with Ur Princess…
Ishu : Ha
Mani : I will book tickets for you both.
Ishu : Noo Mani,Book 4 tickets. We all r going.
Mani : But…
Ishu : No but’s & if’s…
Mani : Okay Madam…
Aliyah : Amma,Aap Mujhe Bhool jaaongi Kya?
Ishu : Hey, Who told this??U r my Daughter. U can stay with Always.
Aliyah hugged Ishu in Happiness. By seeing them like that,Mani & Ruhi gets Happy…

Thanks for those who have commented on my FF.Thankz a lot.I know that its a small update.But today is Sunday na…I have some works.But I will give long one Tomorrow.. Promise….If it have any mistakes,I am really sorry for that…..

Credit to: Navya


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