Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 13)

After a night of pure bliss Ishita was in complete wonderment ……she like it when Raman couldn’t take his hands off her.
She loved feeling wanted…needed, being desired.

Raman had left for some meeting or something well she wasn’t really paying attention after the early morning ecstasy she experienced.

Where does he get the energy she wondered…….
At least his mood is better than it was at home…she said to herself as she got up.
She walked gingerly to the door as she was extremely sore…..and cringed in discomfort.
Looking at herself in the mirror she saw a small note…..

Thanks for last night…I have booked you for some treatments at the spa… ready at 11.

A smile crept on her face Raman is really thoughtful she said in amazement.
Looking more attentive at herself in the mirror she saw his mark he left on her skin, as proof that she was his.
She touched the marks following the trail of his forceful kisses……her cheeks showing how flushed she has become just by her thoughts.
Turning the music player on her phone on she pressed play……the music slowly start……

Totally lost in reverie

Tenu itna main pyar karaan

How they met….their marriage

Ik pal vich sau baar karaan

She smile as she remembered all the moments they have shared

Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke

All their dates
The Gifts
Love notes he left for her

Maut da intezaar karaan

Their first time together

Ke tere liye duniya chod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruche

Secret rendezvous…..

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon

The way he teases her with naughty texts during the day.

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake

Her phone went off as she had an incoming call…….causing her to snap out of the trance she was in.
Morning Ishima the voice of a very excited Ruhi made her heart swell.
Morning Ruhi,Ishita replied.
How’s my big girl doing she asked curiously.
I’m fine Ishima….i just miss you and Papa a lot.
Sharavan and I are going out for ice-cream with Mihika chithi, an excited Ruhi exclaimed.
Please come back soon Ishima.
Well your Papa has some work here this week and when he finishes we will come….my angel.
Be a good girl for Dadi and Dada….Ishita ordered.

Ruhi come now you will be late for school, a loud voice of rang in the air…
Ok Ishima, I have to go
Love you
Bye Ruhi she said smiling.

The spa was mind blowing….Ishita was so relaxed, she could just get lost in the tranquil environment. She was sceptical about the whole “massage” thing as she didn’t like random people touching her …but to her amazement she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Raman booked an Ayurvedic Body Massage for Ishita…

She chose Abhyanga Relaxing Full-Body Massage as she like warm herb-infused oils.
It was soothing, choreographed, and rhythmic as her masseuse used a variety of techniques, which enhances skin tone, and detoxifies and revitalise your entire body to induce deep relaxation.
Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience was just what she needed.
The treatment ended with an equally relaxing session in a steam chamber.
I was deep penetrating her essence, her innermost core.
It worked wonders for her body, and her mind too.
Raman messaged her to inform her that they were going out to dinner….
She decided to dress up and make herself pretty for him.

She went to the salon as well to match the way she felt inside with her way she looked outside.
Hair done…
Nails done….

Now an outfit she thought.
She found the ideal sari,
A Simple… Peach georgette sari with gold and silver thread showing the butterfly butti work across the length.
Its gold frilled border is adorned with sequins and the very provocative silver silk backless blouse had just a mere thin dori and three small pearl buttons to conceal her femininity.
She decided to dress a little more seductive…..
When in Goa she thought might as well make the most of it she said.

Carrying all the bags she made her way their room as she wanted to take a nap before dinner .She was exhausted as Raman didn’t let her sleep last night……
She went through the entire bag taking her sari out and neatly placing it on the sofa ….
She bought a stylish silver high heeled sandal to compliment the sari.

She also got some of that massage oil that they used on her…she just loved the smell ……this would be a great gift she thought.
Nap time! She exhaled and fell on the bed …drifting away …

(Later on)
Raman blindfolded Ishita to surprize her with a private candle-lit dinner, candles and lanterns surrounded their table on the secluded beach.
Ishita was astonished by Raman….
He was being super romantic and the location seems to be just perfect .He even switched his phone off to avoid all distractions.

The table was ready when she arrived and with a nod their dinner was brought.
Music was playing in very low volume setting the ambiance….
After the meal he motioned her to have a dance and she duly accepted his offer.

The feel of her skin made him tingle..

Chhuteya na chhute mose rang tera dholna

He gives her a sensuous and deep kiss …..

Ik tere baajo dooja mera koi mol na

He kisses the nape of her neck

Bolna mahi bolna, bolna mahi bolna

“I’m addicted to your scent”, Ishita he moaned as he moved to kiss her collarbone.

Their bodies moving in unison to the slow beat of the music….

Tere liye aaya main toh, tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal, jind di bitavaan

Ishita savours every tantalizing caress as Ramans hands explored her body

Kadi naiyo chhodna, ishq di dor na

I crave it. I need it. Raman groaned.

Saare chhad jaayen maahi, tu na chhodna

She loved sweet taste the of his lips against hers

Bolna mahi bolna, bolna mahi bolna

Raman! Ishita yelped
She felt Raman’s hand trying to undo the buttons of her blouse.

She was a sinfully tasty treat which he needed…

Needed badly.

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