Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman scolding Shagun. He says you knew Ishita is pregnant, so you came here to harm here, you were doing her accident. She scolds her a lot. Manoj comes and asks Raman to stop it. Raman says you don’t know her. Manoj says I know her well. Raman says you don’t know her truth, she is a bad woman who can do anything for money… Manoj says she works for a NGO, she saved such women, I will not tolerate if you say against her. Raman argues. Manoj says you don’t know the truth, don’t blame her. Raman says I know her truth.

Manoj says what we see is not true, she works in NGO and she got the escort service men arrested, she has come here for a project here. Shagun asks Manoj to stop it. Manoj says let me say, and tells Raman that Shagun wanted Ishita to

be pregnant, she was very glad knowing about her pregnancy, she has prayed for Ishita day and night, when she knew Ishita is my patient, she asked me to put my best efforts, it was her idea to send me to your home, open your eyes, she is not the one you are talking about, she is a great woman, her past is not imp, imp is what she is here, I don’t know your history with her, I just know she wants Ishita’s good. Raman thinks Shagun really changed, then who has tried to harm Ishita. Ashok’s driver Shyam/Chand Mishra asks Ashok to give money. Ashok scolds him. Mishra asks him to save his son. Ashok asks him to get lost. Mishra says I will never forgive you. Ashok beats him and asks him not to come here again.

Raman tells Ishita that Shagun wanted her pregnancy to be successful, Manoj said she is working for an NGO. Ishita says I m really happy for her, she changed her life and others too. She asks him to take her to clinic. Raman says I have meeting. She says I have to talk to Dr. Batra, why is he not taking my appointments. He says no, we will go home. She insists and asks is he hiding something. He says he warned Dr Batra, and asked him not to give you any case.

She says I know you are concerned for baby, I will go in depression to be at home for 9 months, take me to clinic. He agrees. Simmi asks Neelu to get medicines. Neelu is busy and Lata helps Simmi. Neelu gets annoyed. Shagun asks Manoj why did he take her side. He says I did this for you, I could not bear Raman saying bad about you. She says you did not need to talk in between. He says yes, I m fool, I feel I m something for you. She asks him to stop there, there is nothing between them, she did friendship with him, maybe it was big mistake. She leaves.

Sarika asks where is Lata, she is here for my sake. Simmi says Lata was free so I have sent here, I did not know you need her. Sarika says let it be, don’t make it issue, I m already late, I will go. Mr. Bhalla looks on.

Its evening, Mrs. Bhalla makes an announcement. She says its all good things and happiness in our home, I told Pammi and booked bus, we will leave tomorrow and visit temple. Ishita says I have to attend a boy, he had pain. Mrs. Bhalla says no, we will go together. Sarika says I have classes, how can I go. Mrs. Bhalla insists. Ishita gets a call and says the boy is fine now, so we can go. Mrs. Bhalla says Mata Rani called us, we will go.

Its morning, the family gets inside the bus. Mishra is the driver. Adi looks at him and does not notice much. FB shows Mishra losing his son. The doctor says I told you operation is necessary. Mishra’s wife cries and says our son died. He says Ashok Khanna, you snatched everything from me, I will also snatch everything from you. Mishra looks at Adi and recalls Ashok loves Adi a lot. He says Ashok will also cry for his son, he will not be able to see Adi again.

Mishra’s wife goes to police station and tells Abhishek that Mishra is going to do something wrong, after their son died. He asks where is he now. She says I don’t know, he did not come back at night. Abhishek asks what will he do. She says Ashok Khanna, Mishra will snatch something from Ashok, Mishra was very angry, stop him. Abhishek worries.

Mishra looks at Adi. The bus leaves. Ashok meets Abhishek and tells about Mishra. Ashok says yes, he was my old driver, why will he hurt me or my loved ones. Abhishek says his son died, and his wife told me that he will snatch something from Ashok. Ashok says he will be drunk and fallen somewhere, just relax. Abhishek leaves. Ashok says I know what is Mishra talking about, he feels Adi is close to me. He says he feels I m attached to Adi and I love him, he does not know I don’t love Adi, poor Adi got stuck, lets see how Raman will save his son. He smiles.

Mishra sees the family at Dhaba and damages the bus’ break. He says when the bus speed increases over 60, the bomb will start and blast when speed falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nimrit

    guys after bus accident there may be a leap….makers leap jarur lenge but it is not with very high drama….dont know makers me man me kya chal raha hai….. check it on raman ishita yhm fb …..plzzzz….

  2. jhanvi

    Don’t know what will happen tmr…..

    Aur wo duffer driver use lagta hai Adi ko harm phocha kar wo Ashok ko saza dega ..

    Aur WO kamina use to aur maza ayega ye sab dekhke….

  3. jhanvi

    What are u saying nimrit…..????

    Now I just hate dis word ” Leap “…

    Makers plsssss no leap…. Plsssss don’t do this …there is no need to leap…. Many things are in d show yet to happen….. Abhika love story…. Shagun’ s love story…. Mihir and Rinki ‘ s child….. What’s d need to leap….
    Adi aur ruhi bade ho jayenge ……noooo…plsssss no leap…..

  4. jhanvi

    Now its tooooo much……

    Shagun is given soooo much importance…. Age kya hone wala hai pata nahi aur ye leap wali khabro ne dimag kharab kar rakha hai…..

  5. jhanvi

    Hii nimrit…. Nd mizum bhagi tahira darshika ritu prayosha…. How are u all..???

    Bhot dino se prayosha nahi a rahi hai..and kuchh dino se mizum bhi nahi a rahi hai…miss u guys….

  6. nimrit

    ya janhavi…but in sbs they said that may be leap aayega but ruhanika will not leave the show….kuchh samaz hi nahi aa raha hai..kya hoga aage…………but by the way jnhavi r u frm maharashtra…….

  7. siddhi

    Very stupid concept WO driver mental ,stupid ashoke ka driver hone k bad Bhi use samaj nahi paya aur agar WO adi ko harm karna cahta hai to is tarah bomb laga kar sab ko urane ka kya matlab hai

  8. tahira

    Epi was good n precap dont know what is going to happen but i m little bit disapoint by today’s epi because ishra came hospital for sonography n there is no sonography scene mujhe laga tha ki aaj ishra ka baby dikhayenge ye long par nhi dikhaya koi baat nai better luck next time

  9. tahira

    Hi jhanvi mujhe nai lagta leap hoga bas hum longo ko dara rhe h ishita ko danger me dalkar par kuch toh gadbad hone wala h is baat ka darr mujhe bhi h

  10. Darshika

    hi jhanvi…..I’m fine
    Nice episode…… And I don’t want about shagun. That doctor is too much. Poor raman. He was blamed by doctor. Don’t like that scene. What does he know about shagun. ? Whatever…. I don’t care about it.
    And I’m scared about tomorrow episode. And I hope that nothing will happen to ishita and baby…..
    Ya…. I also hate this word….. “leap”
    really disgusting word…..
    By the way, Makers are surprising us nowadays. Because I don’t expect a bomb scene.
    From sri lanka

  11. jhanvi

    Ya tahira me bhi yahi soch rahi thi…. Hopefully next time…. Agar makers ko shagun se fursad mil jaye aur wo is bare me soch sake…

    No nimrit I m from Ahmadabad, Gujarat…..

  12. Cham

    That’s correct Darshika. I too wonder why those makers highlight Shagun this much. Anyway,hope there will nothing go wrong tomorrow, but I’m a bit scared about it because the thing is it’s a BOMB! The family is with the mentality about GODs, so they will become safe.

  13. Sm

    Of course ishita and everyone will be fine with abhishek and Raman saving them. This bus idea is from an American movie called Speed, where a bus explodes if it goes below a certain speed. In movie everyone is saved by taking them one at a time off the bus into another car.

  14. I read somewhere ishita vil choose ruhi nd adi then shagun vil take ishuram ka baby
    Then leap vil happen
    After leap ruhi vil be the ishuramka daughter
    Pata nai ye makers ethna imp kyu dera raha hai ye shagunko…?

  15. Sravz

    This upcoming track makes no sense. I hope the makers realise this. How can a driver with no money to traet his own son have the money and expertise to plan a bomb in a bus? This is absurd.

  16. gopu

    leap should be… Maybe all the family members will be saved but Ishita Falls from hill 2 down and everyone imagines that she is dead….

  17. parthy

    Somehow Bhallas family and Ishita will get saved from the bomb blast. No miscarriage, leap and surrogate track at present. Makers can reverse the story by way of Shagun. Let Shagun and Manoj get married and shagun could not able to convice, bcz of her vamp nature during the past and punishment given by Shagun to Ishra, Rudi, entire Bhallas and Iyer family during the past one year. Makers can show lots of FB. Let Ashok, suraj and Param together can do the vamp business to Shagun whatever they did for Ishra and everytime let Ishra save Shagun and Manoj from Ashok group and this has to be pinched in the heart of Shagun and she recollects everyting from FB, what she did to Ishra in the past. Now after delivering healthy baby by Ishita and after a year shagun and Manoj approach ISHRA about surrogacy and let their wishes be fulfilled by Ishita in concurrence with Raman and Bhallas.

  18. AAA

    Aaj SBB me dikhaya bhalla family bomb blast se bach jaate he bt ishita nahi bach paate aur ye kaha ki ishita leap ke baad aayegi apne baby ke saath….

  19. I don’t think there will be a leap after te accident. The accident will lead to ishita’s miscarriage and then Shagun/Ruhi will become the surrogate. Shagun will take advantage and get back to her true colours again

  20. Darshika

    *** Latest Spoiler (almost conformed)***

    The latest news suggest that the long awaited leap is finally going to happen in yhm in upcoming month. If rumours are to be believed then,the show isn’t going to take a long leap and there will be no ishra separation but to the story forward, yhm will be taking a short leap after which ishita will be shown with the baby bump and raman will be take take care of her.

    Nothing is conformed regarding this, we will have to wait for the insiders to revel if the latest rumours are true or not and no one is conforming anything to maintain the suspense and help the TRP.

    P.S: At present star plus has only 2 show other than yhm who are doing good in trp. So they won’t allow Ekta or Cvs to show ishra separation. So don’t worry and keep enjoying yhm.

    (credit :Ramona G )

  21. tahira

    chill guyys stop ur thinking n enjoy the show kyunki mujhe nai lagta leap hoga kyunki agar aisa hota toh yhm me kiski new entry hone wali h wo abhi tak leak ho jata aur adi ka role kaun karega iska audition bhi start ho jata par aisa kuch nai hua h ye sab fake news h iski trp kam karne k liye pls dont believe in them maine sbs pe dekha raman family members ko toh bacha leta h but ishu k liye wo khud bas me chad jata h aur jab raman uske saath h toh tension kis baat ki hamara super hero sab thik kar dega dont worry enjoy ramans action scene believe me it was worth watching

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