Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi getting food for Aaliya. Shagun says great, you have to feed Aaliya now. The lady says Aaliya, your groom is romantic. Shagun asks Adi to feed Aaliya well, and goes. Aaliya says guys change after marriage. Adi feeds Aaliya. He says I promise, I will never change and take care of you always. She says love you. He says love you too. She coughs and says its very spicy. Adi says sorry. Amma says you made her eat chilli. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to run and get sweets for Aaliya. Adi goes to get sweetdish. Mani and Romi see him. Romi asks is Adi gone. Mani says I think he is totally gone. Adi says I will go. Mani says congrats, you became member of our elite group. Romi says welcome. Adi asks what group. Romi says group of tortured husbands, remember one word, sorry. Mani says

yes, sorry. Romi says its fav word of husbands. Adi says sorry Aaliya. He runs. Romi says he learnt soon.

Ishita asks the matter. Shagun asks where is the lahenga, answer me. Ishita says there is a problem honestly. Shagun says see I knew it, how will we find lahenga now, tell me. Ruhi comes and says Aaliya’s bridal lahenga has come. Shagun says finally, lets see. Bala says we will show it to bride first. They all like the lahenga. Aaliya likes it a lot. Ishita says see even artists can make good lahenga, its not necessary we get designer piece. Bala says leave it, we shall have food now. They all go. Shagun says work detailing is better than mine, its gorgeous. She picks the lahenga designer’s card.

Ishita thanks Bala for getting such a good lahenga in our budget. Bala says its fine now, why this lahenga discussion now. Shagun comes and says you are such a big liar, why did you lie to me. Ishita asks what happened. Shagun says you are pretending as if you know nothing. Shagun asks Ishita to come with her. Mani asks what happened. Shagun says you lie so cleanly, how do you do this. Bala says I don’t know what are you saying, what’s the problem. Shagun shows the card. She says don’t lie, its a designer lahenga, its my friend’s store, you had problem when I chose 15 lakhs lahenga, now you got a costly one, what was the reason you did that. Ishita says this can’t happen. She asks Bala what happened, how did this card come. Mihika and Bala get silent. Ishita asks them to say.

Bala says its small thing, we should be in mehendi function. Ishita says we should know from where this lahenga came. Shagun says this is proof you are lying. Ishita asks is this designer lahenga, tell me. Bala says its not Mihika’s mistake, she stopped me, but I got this from designer store, I thought to get best lahenga for Aaliya, its all my fault.

Aaliya asks Roshni to get mehendi applied. Roshni says you are very nice, I will pray for you. Aaliya says I will also pray for you. Adi sees them and asks Aaliya to come and have family photos. He takes Aaliya. Mihika says Aaliya’s wedding lahenga got burnt in the shop, no artist was ready to give lahenga in short notice, we didn’t have any other choice. Ishita says you should have told me. Shagun asks her to stop drama. She scolds Ishita. Amma asks her to stop this. Mani asks Shagun to forget this for Aaliya’s sake. Aaliya comes. Mani says we are talking about lahenga, its good. Aaliya says its like I wanted, perfect, thanks Amma, I loved it. Adi asks them to come. They all leave.

Bala and Mihika talk to Ishita. Ishita says you took big decision and did not discuss, I wanted lahenga to be made in less rate. Bala says we had to hurry and take this decision. Mihika says I called you and could not connect, Raman called me and I asked his advice. Bala says Raman suggested us to take costly lahenga, marriage is a memorable event for Aaliya, if we got ordinary lahenga, if Aaliya did not feel good, would you feel happy, tell me, don’t be annoyed. Mihika asks her to end the matter her. Ishita says I understand, you had no option. Bala says Raman told me you will understand. She says how shall I handle Shagun. Mihika says its fine. Bala jokes. They laugh. Mihika asks her not to worry. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma hear them. Amma says everything got fine. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its haldi tomorrow.

Its morning, Roshni asks Neelu to help her. Neelu says you know many dishes, you make everything new daily. Ishita comes and says you are going to spoil us, you come here and make breakfast, its wrong. Roshni says I like cooking in morning. Ishita says we also like having tasty food. She sees Roshni’s dark mehendi and asks when did you get this. Roshni says Aaliya applied to me. Ishita says dark mehendi means husband will love you, I m sorry. Roshni says no need to be sorry, he has forgotten me. Ishita says we are glad you are here, let’s taste the kheer, I m thinking Aaliya’s mehendi will be good.

Aaliya sees her hands mehendi. She sees her feet mehendi darker. She says how did this happen, its dark on feet and light on hands. She calls Adi. Adi greets her. She says I got to know you don’t love me and love someone else. He asks what are you saying. She asks whom do you love, tell me. He thinks what’s Aaliya saying, did she know about my marriage.

Adi scolds Roshni for interfering in household work. Ishita sees Adi and asks how is he talking to Roshni, knowing she is a guest here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can’t producers find any other dialogue it it’s not lengtha it’s Roshni husband
    Lol I am getting fed up with this

  2. Hi All What a coincidence i just open the page after many many months yesterday & see our dear VP asking where i was.
    Yes VP dear i am not watching YHM any more.. i got sick & tired of Revenge, Hatred. anger Disrespect u name they had it after the seven Year Leap.. & after knowing the first part of the show this part was getting rubbish & just making me angry than enjoying the drama. So why bother getting my blood pressure up so stop watching but just happened to see what was happening the same old Hatred back again with all the marriages breaking etc anger revenge Back again. Thanks but no thanks.
    & the Acting of Karan & Divyanke is not good at all towards each other… there is no spark after their marriages.. it is not fare they became so popular not only in India but Internationally they should leave their private life behind & act to please their viewers.. not bring their personal problems to the show. At a dance recently when Karan & Divyanke dance i wonder whether anyone noticed they were so good together as actor & actress no issues there.. I am not blaming her husband Vivek .As a couple they match very well As Husband & wife. Even Karan’s wife Ankita is a lovely girl. they both are also good as a couple in their real lives. but why did they change .ok u can understand the love scenes must be a bit uncomfortable after marriage.. but now when they act it shows the distance not like the start..if u watch the start u will notice. Anyway i am sure all my friends are still watching.. How are u dear VP.. Hope ur are keeping fine with God’s blessings. & all my other friends. Shivani, Rithu, Magic, Shereya,Sindhu, Monique, Bahgya.. Congrats to u May God Bless ur marriage & may u have a wonderful Happy Married life.. sorry sorry loves have forgotten the other names but i know you are still fans
    here .
    So enjoy the show May You all be Blessed & have happy lives for ever .. God Bless U all & Loads of Love too…

    1. Mino sooo happy to see u in this site . You were not well , So i was little concerned . Yhm is rubbish very true … but please say hi at times . I am fine . Please tc Mino

    2. Hey mini .How are you?

  3. OMG …. Whats this Shaghun up to ? Irritating to the core with one Lehenga ? How Ishitha is tolerating her . We cant tolerate her ! Shaghuns dressing hairstyle talking all disgusting . Very cheap she is looking ! How long they r going to drag ? Raman is not there for Adis marriage . His son ! If Adi reveals the truth , its good Roshini too too much ! Looks really old . One Shaghun is literally yelling at Ishitha , no one could keep her on her place ! Missed Raman .


  5. Lovely episode.

  6. Sweetsameeksha

    Hey lunghile even i’m an international viewer but where r u from ??? U know what YHM is jus getting boring day by day cant handle this. ??And i m not going to spare anyone if they pair up roshni and adi. I mean jus look at them. They are not made for each other unlike adi-alia??

    1. azuka nkwonta

      They are already giving us the hints that they are going to pair up adi and roshni.

  7. If adi is marry to roshni how can he marry Alia

  8. Jaisa baap vaisa beta …
    Baap bhi do do biwiyan ghumata h
    Or aab beta bhi vohi karega

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishveer)

    hi Mino dear how r u thanks for your wishes

  10. This kamina Ashok planning to leak news to media and ruin bhallas … But he himself gets ruined…. I think somehow Ishita learns the truth and before media comes she gets ADI married to roshni again … Raman and others may oppose but when media comes Raman understand s

  11. azuka nkwonta

    If I am writing this yhm I would still pair up ashok with shagun even after ashok abandoned her rather than with mani. Mani should have been paired with simmi she would have been better as Mani’s wife than shagun. The truth is that they are going to make roshni and adi fall in love with each other in yhm. Pihu is no where to be found in this marriage even simml what is happening

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