Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying and explaining family. She says she has gone to terrace to have fresh air, she has been kept at home since long, she was rushing downstairs as she has seen Raman being hurt, they have hurt her now she can’t be here. Raman tries to stop her. Ishita smiles and wipes her tears. She leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says if she is Ishita, she will come back on her own. Abhishek says I will bring her back. Everyone worry.

Ishita goes to some place and meets Ashok. Ashok says he was waiting for her since long. She says she tried to come soon. She tells about her note, last time they met before her death, Ashok told her to kill Raman. Ashok says yes, but how will you do this. She says I will manage, I never break my promise, I m sorry, I m doing this for you, I hate

Raman as much as you hate him. Ashok says I knew this, you will support me. He says he will drop her. She says I don’t want anyone to spot us together, I will manage. She gets his car and he leaves. Abhishek looks on. She leaves in the taxi. Abhishek gets thinking.

He follows Ishita. Ishita comes to someone’s house. She sees the mirror and looks at her face. She asks who am I, what is my identity, is this my identity. Shagun is seen as Ishita’s reflection in the mirror. Shagun says its your face, but I m in you, we are incomplete without each other, you have done what I wanted, you became my shadow, you have to find the root of the matter and complete my dreams. Ishita agrees to stay as her shadow. They both get teary eyed.

The suspense breaks. They both hold hands and cry. There is no real mirror and the things are kept exactly opposite to show the empty space appears as a mirror. Shagun comes to Ishita’s side. Shagun says its happening as we wanted, our plan is working, but our destination is still far, we have to reach there. Ishita hugs Shagun and cries. Shagun calls her great, she is bearing so much, that’s not easy, to behave like she is being possessed by Shagun’s soul is not easy, everyone hates Ishita which Shagun deserves. Ishita asks why, you don’t deserve hatred, you have done all this for me and Raman, we both want one thing, I m stranger for my family, and you have shown your death to your kids, this was not easy, if you do this act, can’t I become a part of your act.

Ishita wipes Shagun’s tears. She touches her womb and asks how is baby. Shagun says your baby is fine, very special, he will be courageous like his two mums. Ishita says he will have two mums, Devi and Yashoda. They hug and smile. Abhishek walks in and says so you have come here for this. Ishita and Shagun look at him.

She asks Ishita why did she do this drama to meet her baby. Ishita says sorry to put plan in risk, I wanted to meet baby and Shagun. He asks did she come to see if he kept Shagun well. Shagun says I m very comfortable. Abhishek asks did Ashok agree Ishita has Shagun’s spirit. Ishita says yes thankfully. Someone rings the bell. Ishita asks Shagun to hide. Shagun goes to hide.

Abhishek checks at the door. It happens to be Prateek. Abhishek smiles and says you scared me friend, come. Ishita says Prateek, I m sorry as I could not thank you. Prateek asks how did he act. Ishita says Raman was not ready to believe this. Prateek says it was toughest to make Raman believe. Ishita says I had to do all those dramas. Prateek says Abhishek is my friend-brother, I agreed when he asked my help, I actually want to know why are we doing this drama. She says we are doing this as Raman’s life is in risk.

Prateek asks what. Shagun says Raman’s life is in danger. Prateek asks who will do this. Abhishek says Ashok is Raman’s arch rival. Prateek says Ashok, the one who came to calm Shagun’s spirit in Ishita’s body, why will Ashok do this. Ishita says Ashok wanted to kill Raman. Shagun says Ashok is mad, he can go to any extent for his revenge. Shagun says Prateek you know I m surrogate mother of Raman and Ishita’s child, Raman did not tell Ishita and they got distanced by misunderstandings, they were going through tough time, but don’t know how Ashok to know this, Ashok came to meet me at Manoj’s flat. FB shows Shagun asking Ashok to leave. Ashosk pushes her and shuts the door. He asks her to listen, else this baby won’t be born. He says she can get harmed in her home and threatens about the baby. FB ends. Shagun says I knew Ashok well, and he would go to any extent. FB shows Ashok asking Shagun to kill Raman Bhalla.

Shagun says we had to save Adi and Raman, so I disappeared to fail Ashok’s plans, we had to do something big. Ishita says we thought to fake Shagun’s death to fail Ashok’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. I am speechless speechless speechless speechless I spend my whole day in good mood n now after watching yhm mera sar pain se phat raha hai ekta I salute salute u

  2. Anu

    Finally suspense revealed,episode is looking quite interesting but I didn’t watch it as I m watching swaraginii want to watch this episode
    So there is nothing like spirit in this

  3. diya

    Omfg !! I never knew they will disclose the whole pln so soon .but i was sure if its a trap abhisekh nd prateek both r involved in it. Maybe mihir too. Cause he is shown so less these days . Guys from the bigginning i had no such problm between surrogacy track.

  4. Reason Jo Bhi ho ishita u did completely wrong ya u hurt every one a lot specially raman ,ruhi yrrr aur ab hastay hastay kah rahi ho k Raman ko yakin dilana boht mushkil tha ufffff ekta tum ne shagun ko heroine aur ishita ko villain bana diya yrrr think I am just wasting my time aur apn e ap ko ye serial dekh kar torture kar rahi hn

  5. atu

    This is simply great….
    but i have one doubt how did ishita made raman to hover in air during karvachauth scene?

    • chiki

      i also agree wit u! how did she do that???? firstly i also thought that it ws their plan 2 reveal smthng,bt after watching that changed my mind. how did she??? that’s strange!!!

  6. Muj he nii lagta k ab yhm me kuch acha honee wala hai ekta u r soooooooooo dumb n ab phir se surrogacy drama start hone wala hai I don’t have any prob agar shagun change ho gi hai par WO ishra ki life se dor kyo niii Cali jati

  7. diya

    Omfg!!! I never knew they will disclose it soo soon. But i was pretty sure that if it is a trap ( which it is!!)
    abhisekh nd prateek both r involved in it nd maybe mihir too cause he is shown so less these days. I personally had no problem between the surrogacy track if evry thing is well nd good between ishra. It must not affect their relationship. i personally feel they will not end all thse so soon . But the plan is well executed . Guys i hv decided that i will leave this site nd wll also stop keeping tagg on the trps. Cause many ppl wanted this to happen nd many didnt. So its a 50 – 50 situation. Well …i love this show. Nd will continue to watch .. always evn after some years it will be off aired. this serial is the oxygen. I know many will leave this show nd many will continue to watch it. I know ishita did a lot of drama. but i dont think ishu tried to kill raman.its sarika i guess. I dnt think seperation will happen. maybe raman will be angry on ishita for a short period but not long i am sure . Yes she have hurt mny ppl thru her pln.nd the she is very much embarrsd of that we cn understnd thru the pain of her eyes. I know the tag #rip yhm will again start .but ekta knows how to control her audience. i am sure till ishra nd ishrarudi is together no one is going to quite the serial. Here …happy to see shagun changed for good. I think after this track there will her nd manoj’s shaadi nd the love triangle btwn mihika nd mihir na abhisekh will happen. i just want evrything to go in a good way. But am happy that jo bhi ho they didnt turn my fav serial in a atma wala serial. #yhm_rocks
    Atleast for me.

  8. sffg


  9. diya

    Siddhi i agree that ishu did completely wrong but i think she had a strong reason to do so. Want to see ishra ‘s baby . 🙂 .cute moments coming . by tommrw her full motive nd pln willbe revealed . Plzzzzzz … guys….. gussa mat karo. kabhi kabhi kuch bare chiz ko anjaam dene k liye ahsa karna parta. nd plz dont hate shagun soo much at least now because agar woh nehi hoti to sayad us din ishita raman k liye sajh dhajh k pArty mein jati. woh nehi hoti to sayad us din abhisekh ko us bomb wale bus k bare mein patahi nhi chalta. sayad ashoke ne ishita k rape kar diya hota.nd sayad ajj raman zinda nhi hota. No am not saying shagun is the lead now. Ishu shagun se v zyada acchi h nd pyaari h. No doubt she is the best but abhi shgun phle jaisi nhi rahi to y hate her so much. ???? I just sab accha ho jay…. love this show . nd i dnt thnk kuch anab sanab hoga kyn ki iss mein police v samil h. plz dnt bash this show thiz much. Rithushreee , jhanvi , darshika , cham , cv nd all yhm lovers i know u ppl must very dissapointed nd angry but no worry no ishra seperation is on the way after this track . I assure . Happy moments will come nd embrace ishra soon. Be happy that our fab show is not turned in to a joke like ssk nd qh .

  10. chiki

    it’s simply amazing guys!!!! sorry 4 blaming u makers!!!! bt i still hv problems!!! will family forgive them so easily after doing that much drama??? i mean how will they react??? i knw they did it to save raman…..but 4 that raman had to beg infrnt of that idiot ashok!!!! it’s good 2 die than begging infront of a disgusting man!!!

  11. rakhi jana

    How did ishita did all the magic? On karwachauth? Hanging raman upside down? Anything rubbish… Though the suspense is quite good bt before that how ishita did the magic? ????
    Ekta kapoor ‘the fault in the script’
    Hope u make it right!

  12. Roshan

    Mujhe phele se hi pata tha ki koi spirit nhi hai its just a plan but aisa plan hoga I was never expecting agar sarika Ka real face bhi reveal kre tho or interesting hoga

  13. woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the truthhhhhhhh is out my bad luck dat I didn’t watch 2day’s episode wooooooooowwwwwwwww am getting tears happiness frm my eyesssssssss yippieeee I ws waiting fr dis epi bt 2day I missed it….am happiiiiieeeeeee…..

  14. ritu arora

    Our mother india celebrating diwali this truth is the real diwali for yhm fans. wish u a advance happy diwali guyz for one and all. And ur dan fictions are really great even ekta mam also dont get idea like u guyz . Keep uploading the ff am eagerly waiting for tht.

  15. kajal

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaar whats all this . Today i just laugh out loudly while wathing the whole yhm episode ??????????????no ghost??????????
    Yaaar it was jst

  16. Resh

    Yhm has shown a sensible episode after a long time.But I think the show has become too female oriented.I too think there is something fishy in that coat presented by ishitathat made Raman upside down

  17. Meenu

    Ashok always does bad for them.. But ishita wowwww!!! She went to a great extent to save raman..she ate chicken ..and even alcohol.. And also hurted ruhi and adi…but.

  18. Hi diya darshika , jhanvi , rithu n all where r u guys n diya I agree with u but ishu did too much n I don’t have any prob with shagun agar WO ishra ki life me kuch prob create niii karti

  19. diya

    Thnxx ramchin for agreeing . As long as ishra nd their love , support nd trust for each other is there i hv no problm with ny 1 .at first i was opposing surrogacy because it was creating a huge rift between ishita and raman.but now in that context at least evrything is sorted out. I hope in near future evrythng else aslo goes smooth. Love yhm till death .:) :*

  20. MSD

    R these ppl kidding us by this show,really its amazed. The story written by MANJU is not at the ending for it. But really awesome story guys

  21. Darshika

    hi rimchun…… You are an one of the oldest member of this site……. Welcome back.
    Oh my gosh……!!!!! I loved it……. Specially ishita shagun friendship. Everything is very nice……
    But bit sad about surrogacy. But if this is tha nature(barren) of ishita….? What can she do…..? But really sad.
    And I told this before. If shagun has changed actually, she needs justice. And now she got it…….. Ishita’s trust is her justice.
    but worrying about ishra…….coz ishita is too much. I’ll comment about it later.
    Happy with today epi…….
    But cvs, plz make raman character as a strong one……
    Hope that there’s no separation.
    From SL

  22. khushi

    Why everyone comparing shagun nd ishita dono hi achhi hai apni apni jagah pe btw kavyanjal serial me shagun kafi sweet dikhti thi nd she is very beautiful

  23. jhanvi

    Thank God … least they revealed d truth nd now we will not waste our time thinking that what is this ??? A trap or spirit or SPD… ???

    Actually it’s a trap BT not for sarika nd not to find rinki’s killer BT for Ashok… now what about sarika’s truth nd when it will reaveal…???

    Bt still one question how can ishu lift Raman in d air.???? I think there is something fissy in that jecket , she gifted him… May be…
    BT oh she ate chicken….!!!!!!

    So abhishek , pratik nd Manoj also r involved in dis drama…..,

    Guys our pridction were right at some points like abhishek is helping him…

    Now I jst hope after all dis drama at least Ashok will be punished….nd will go far from ishra nd nvr come back… Nd sarika’s truth will be revealed otherwise this drama will become a useless…!!!!

  24. i missed this episode .bechaara raman ishitha ke liye uss ashok ki humiliation seh tha raha aur ab yeh shagun ishitha abhishek aur prateek ka bada plan .really scared ki jab raman ko saara sach pathaa chalega toh raman kitnaa hurt hoga aur patha nahi kya hoga .hope ki sab theek hi ho.

  25. shagun ke liye ekta ne surrogacy ke waqt raman ke character ko barbaad kiya ab ishitha ki. phir dono ki lagtha hai .lekin agar iss drame ki wajah se leap aur ishraruhadi seperation hua toh iss se zyaada ghatia aur iss serial ka nahi ho saktha.

  26. jhanvi

    Hi ramchin , diya nd sidhhi….nd where r u guys rithu nd Darshika ???

    Nd ya onether question who has thrown d sillbatta, dfntly not ishu then who ???? I think ishu was trying to see that who has thrown it BT she can’t see …

  27. jhanvi

    BT I really hope Raman nd family will understand this coz ishu did too much for dis.. I know she did all dis for a strong reason…

    Raman wanted ishu’s happiness nd he did surrogacy nd hides this from ishu nd d same thing ishu wants Raman’s safety so she did this drama nd hides this ….I hope he will understand….

  28. lagtha hai raman ko udaana sab ,inn sab mein koi science mila hai aur woh chiken bhi asli chicken nahi hoga .vegetable soya type ka kuch hoga chicken ki tarah .patha nahi aage kya kya hoga.

  29. gopu

    so… surely their may be leap after Ashok episode… Raman and ishitha will be divided by their egos and more drama with third kid vs ruhi and adi…

  30. scret mystry toh reveal hua lekin ekta aur makers zaroor leap aur sepedation ke baare mein soch rahe honge.mujhe toh yeh sab soch ke hi darr lagtha hai .aur ekta aur makers itnee bhi fans ke liye nahi sochthe ki agar hum fans leap aur seperation na chaahe toh unka zidd leap aur seperation par hi hoga .aur kya hoga harr serial mein .pehle leap phir seperation phir reunion phir problems etc. fans ne kitnee protest kiye lekin leap aur seperation toh woh log apne dimaag se nikaal the hi nahi hai. phir chaahe kayi tracks na hua ho .leap aur seperation aur reunion ekta ke harr serial ka moto hotha hai phir uss serial ki story .

  31. Everyone’s favorite star plus show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not leaving a
    single stone unturned to attract the
    audience with it’s twists and Turns.
    From the day shagun died ,the show
    turned into a horrow story showing
    ishita has been possessed with
    shagun’s spirit.
    While the audience left confused on
    what to believe.But now we bring the
    true story behind this BHOOT Drama.
    As we all know once Shagun tries to
    find out illegal activities at his factory
    but gets struck in a cold storage with
    According to a source,”Shagun finds
    out that Ashok is trying to kill
    Raman.Shagun discusses this with
    ishita and also reveals her that a
    family person is helping him “.
    So ishita and shagun make a perfect
    plan that shagun died to take revenge
    and she has possessed ishita.So that
    they can find the real culprit.
    In the coming episodes,We will see
    Bala’s Mother comes to Bhalla house
    and tries to tell them that she has
    seen Shagun and she is wearing a
    But before she tells everything,ishita
    takes her to room and reveal the
    secret behind shagun’s death.
    There is also a good news for Ishra
    fans,If Shagun is alive,it means that
    Raman and ishita’s baby will be safe.
    Keep reading for more updates.

  32. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally truth came out…..
    But I thought it was for reavling rinki’s murder…
    and why manoj is not invovled in all this???

  33. lagtha bahuth logon ko yeh drama pasand aa raha hai .i hope ki agli trp mein yhm first ho .mujhe toh leap aur ishraruhadi seperation jo hogi ya na hogi uska darr hai .lekin agar ab jo reveal ho chuka hai mystery to track theeh hi hai .

  34. dnt know wt to say it is gud that shagun change for gud bt i request ki surrogacy ke baadh shagun aur manoj ki shaadi ho jaaye bec i dnt want to see ishra’s relation at risk nd i really request ektha plz make hero’s character atleast somewhat powerful aaj kal raman ko sirf aur sirf ronadona ka hi action dhe rahe hai k.p was really quite gud whe he does some hero type action nd i really wish family will understand ishu and shagun i think mrs.bhalla will understand ishu bec ishu did all this to save raman bt i had a doubt when did ishu come to know all this i mean about shagun and ashok and all…..??????? i hope e baby ki wajhese ishra ki life me sirf kushiyaa hi kushiyaa hi ho bec tbere is high time we r nt getting ishra’s scence more over we r only getting raman’s crying am hating it when raman cry……….

  35. shagun agar aise hi acchi bani rahe toh theek hai .aur waise bhi shagun aka anitha hassanandani ne toh kaafi awards jeethe hai yhm ke liye . lekin phir se surrogacy sab utnaa accha nahi hai .

  36. Cham

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS?????
    Anyway,nicely revealed the truth. Apart from it really happy about the present situation and also more confused and feel unhappy in another side. Happiness is because of Ishitha’s work to save both Raman and the baby. But never forget that there were so many things which affected negative on this!!
    Raman was the one who got hurt at the highest level.
    How many times did Raman cried for Ishitha?
    Somehow he was threatened by her and finally got injured!
    Ruhi and Adi were affected too.
    Raman was lifted in the air, may be something was inside that overcoat as jhanvi said.
    SHE ATE CHICKEN!!!!!and that was wrong.
    She hurt AMMA!!!! But also feels like Amma knows the truth but she asked help from Prateek so she might not aware of this.
    The way she behaved with Ashok err…yack!
    Did she really drank on Shagun’s birthday?I don’t think so..but that was disgusting!
    Some how she was to take to the mental hospital and she escaped in a nice manner,and THAT PISTOL!!!! It caused a lot of problems for Ruhi too.I think that pistol case was related to another…later we’ll see…

    This is soo sad to say but I feel like Ishitha PLAYED A COMPLICATED GAME WITH RAMAN’S LOVE and it would be a twisting part and I’m confused as I cannot imagine how will he behave after knowing the truth!
    Sometimes he will be OK because Ishitha did all these to save Raman and their baby and finally he will ask the same question from Ishitha, which she always used to ask from Raman, HOW COULD YOU HIDE THINGS FROM ME???
    But the serious thing is Raman suffered a lot because of this, and he became down in front of Ashok!!
    It’s too bad that I feel again and again,that Ishitha played too much with Raman’s heart, his LOVE!!But she did all in love!
    From SL

  37. may be sarika and dr.manoj also helped ashok to kill raman this truth may be revealed by ishita and shagun but the culprit is sarika means what will be the reaction of abishek will he punish his sis or not i really sure ishra seperatio will be happened because if ishita get to
    know that raman was begged with ashok for her she will really make a move from raman’s life she may be feel quilty
    At the same time ishita was not wrong what raman did in surrogacy the same only she is doing
    for raman and that new baby’s life but she never throw the stone from up to raman it may be
    some other in bhalla family.
    whatever it is i dont like ishra seperation and today episode is too good

  38. Darshika

    yes….. Plz don’t compare Shagun and ishita….. Both are beautiful…… And shagun is shagun. Ishita is ishita…… Both are beautiful in different ways……. (but i like ishita most)

    And surrogacy,,,,,,, it’s too early to comment about it now…… It’s depend on the story.
    No new spoilers about upcoming……

  39. diya

    I dont know about the rest of the family but i dont raman will leave . He loves her yaar nd ishu have all done for raman’s safety .abhisekh v involved h iss mein.maybe raman will be angry on ishu for hidding all these for such a long time. But i find ny cause of leap nd seperation here. Rithu,jhanvi , siddhi ..tum log chinta mat karo.kuch nehi hoga. Cz abhi raman ko to apna baccha v mil jayega nd ashoke v jail m chala jayega. Dont worry . Be optimistic . Support yhm . Gunnit all.

  40. jhanvi

    Yes totally correct ….don’t compare ishu nd Shagun… Both r beautiful nd both have their own aswome personality…. ( BT I like ishu d most , she looks sweet nd cute nd more cute when she cutely fights with Raman…..)

    Nd yes I also don’t have any problem with Shagun if she is really changed nd really wants ishra’s happiness… If she will live happily with Manoj nd nvr turn ngtv nd nvr come in btwn ishra I also don’t have any problem… Coz I strongly blv that if some one wants to change nd correct her mistakes ..ppl shld help her for that and give her a second Chance…. Now I only want that soon family will learn bout this nd forgive ishu so that we can take a breath of rlf…..

    BT I m still confused nd worried bout Raman’s reaction…, hope there won’t be any separation nd leap…

  41. Ajisha dipak

    Oh, really, today’s episode was awesome, from last one month, we r in shocking after watching yhm, surrogacy, r

  42. Ajisha dipak

    Oh, really, today’s episode was awesome, from last one month, we r in shocking after watching yhm, surrogacy, raman hiding, then shagun changeover, then her suicide, then vampire …but today after a long one month waiting, the suspense revealed in a nice way, hatsoff u , director of yhm , and ishita and sjagun , abhishek and prateek, this all guys are acting for shagun and ishita ?oh my god. Anyway, aaj aaram se so saktha hai

  43. sham

    hahaa!!! sorrrry ektha j most of us scold you a lot and my favourite drama was came back to it’s own track.but it’s better if they show that raman knows everything before and be a part of this ghost it was disgusting when he beg to ashok and his ego has broken.also what about raman’s thousands of tears for ishu? their is some clear faults in scripts. anyhow ghost drama was ended. also i think the stone was not thrown by ishu but by sarika who helps ashok to kill raman and same thing might happened raman’s tiffen scene

    • V P

      Very true sham , at least if Raman knows before well . But too extreme the drama was . Taking Raman for a ride . Wife and ex wife together reveals the truth … No logic at all . May b to prove Ishitha can act negative roles and Shaghun can act positive …. No family can accept this drama to find out the truth . My opinion

  44. pushpa

    plz anyone tell in which episode did ishita get phone call from shagun.when was that episode aired on tv

  45. i have a strong feeling that sarika is only the real culprit who is helping ashok and who killed rinki .but they didnot even showed rinki ‘s body to the veiwers .it is a suspense or not i dont know.

  46. Rianaa

    That’s good…truth can’t be hidden for so much long time…finally no bhoot n all..great episode

  47. Darshika

    Totally agree with you cham…. I also wanted to tell it.
    But I have a doubt. Family may be forgive ishita…… But raman….????? Totally confused about it. Coz most important thin is, he was humiliated like a DOG by ashok…..!!!!! After knowing the truth, how will raman react…….? How much did he tolerate because of ishita…….? Poor raman,sad about him……. I also like, if raman is a part of this plan…..
    And this is about ekta,
    now we all know, this is a plan of shagun and ishita……. And they try to save raman……. But behind this, surrogacy also comes out again……. And guys, now I can’t against with surrogacy……!!!!!! Can you,…..? Ekta has played great, unimaginable,unbelievable,crazy game with us……! We’re speechless about surrogacy.
    And plz don’t separate ishra…..! But I like, if they take a SHORT leap(4,5months). Coz I’m not satisfied with shagun’s pregnant period, I’m NOT ok to SEE her whole pregnant period.
    And ishita didn’t throw that stone….. I’m sure about it…… She went to see that who did it….. But I think,she couldn’t.
    And what about mihir,mihika and manoj…… Do they join with ishita……? And what about that gun….? I think manoj also join with Shagun, and gun was bought by manoj. Then he hide it in shagun’s bag…… Ishita take it to the home. But what is the purpose of a gun….? Is it for scare Sarika….?
    Let’s wait and watch.
    Hope to the core that there is no ishra separation……!!!

  48. Mihir

    Its a total bullshit. If Ishita is a good and devoted house wife, she should not have done this, There are so many other ways where she should have tried to save her husband and her family. How come a top police officer support such a crap.
    How much she hurt Ruhi, the youngest of all, at least Raman can tolerate but how that kid’s mind going to accept this.
    And Ekta, if you are making a family show (THM started as a beautiful family serial) , just try to be little realistic. Can these things really happen in a family/home. Sorry to say but I feel Ishita overacted in all, she hurt her family members a lot. This is disgusting.
    I repeat it, the beauty of old YHM is no more there

  49. Darshika

    And one more lesson from yhm,
    “If someone want to change indeed, definitely he/she can do it”
    -Shagun and of course suraj(May be)

    But too much drama. I’m sorry, but this time ishita is wrong……. It’s ok. Coz ppl do mistskes…. It’s not the point now……. How will cvs correct her mistakes……?!
    Plz…… Don’t take hurtful decision. We watched sadness long time. We want to see happiness now…..!!!
    Plz HEAL everything……!!! Don’t IGNITE this any more…..!!!

  50. jhanvi

    Ya guys I also will be happy if she told Raman…right may be family will forgive ishu easily BT don’t know nd can’t imagine bout him….

    Nd I also want to say smthing about surrogacy…. Ekta did surrogacy coz she wanted fans to accept Shagun BT actually we can’t accept her nd Ekta know very well that if she will cntnue like this she will lose fans…. So she changed d story nd did d drama so can fans can take some place nd after sometime fans can accept Shagun…. Ekta is very smart she knows very well how to deal with us..that’s y she is called a “queen of television”……

    Guys I m not against Shagun nd not talking bout her.. I m talking bout Ekta’s smartness….

  51. swapy

    Way d hell.. if abhishek ws knwing d truth y dint he tke legal action against asok. Ishita ko itna over drama karbe ki kya jaroorat thi. family is nt gonna forgive her. Yhm is loosing track

  52. Darshika

    ya,,,,, agree with you jhanvi about surrogacy…… But if Shagun has changed now, we don’t have a reason to against with surrogacy…… We all hated shagun surrogacy in the past because of her evil actions…… But now, no reason…….. Ya, sad,coz ishita’s own motherhood is lost now. But I don’t want to see again miscarriage now. Coz then ishita will be sad again…..

  53. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Subbu’s mom
    return from Landon and is
    shocked seeing Shagun
    Subbu’s mom comes to
    Bhalla house and tries to
    tell about Santoshi but
    Ishita brings Subbu’s
    mom into her room.
    Subbu’s mom tells Ishita
    that she saw Shagun in a
    taxi and she had covered
    her face by Burqa.
    Ishita stops Subbu’s
    mom and reveals her that
    she knows that Shgaun is
    alive and it was her and
    Shagun’s plan to do ghost
    drama. hand
    Ishita and Shagun make a
    fake story of Shagun’s
    death and also pretend of
    Ishita is possessed by
    Shagun’s evil spirit.
    Ishita tells Subbu’s mom
    that she did Shagun’s
    ghost drama because
    they found out that
    someone from Bhalla
    family is helping Ashok to
    kill Raman.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.

  54. Subbu’s mum tells Ishita that she has seen Shagun in a taxi and was wearing burqa. She came to give this news to
    Raman and everyone, but Ishita stops her. She calls Shagun and informs her that Subbu’s mum has seen her in taxi.
    Shagun and Ishita’s truth have come out in open. Ishita requests the lady not to tell anything to anyone. The lady is
    shocked to know that Ishita knows the truth that Shagun is alive. Ishita tells her that someone is trying to kill Raman
    with Ashok’s help, and says they want to catch the guilty and to protect Raman.

  55. jhanvi

    Ya Darshika…….. I also said that…. Sad for ishu BT what can we do..???? BT actually I m happy that Shagun is alive that now ishu will not blame her self nd I m also happy that Shagun is still pstv……I like their chemistry nd that line bout DEVAKI nd YASHODA….!!!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.