swaragini a new chapter (epi 3) budding love

In the previous episode we saw swara and laksh fighting and laksh getting call from his bhai.his bro ask him to meet him immediately .laksh asks him about the matter but he just says its very urgent.when laksh comes and meets his bro he is tall handsome and his name is sanskar
laksh:bro y u hv called me? is everything fine
sanskar:how could you do this laksh.i am going to kill u
laksh : what?????…..
sanskar : yes,you dont have any brains , i had asked u wait for me na today is ur birthday i want give u something
laksh and sanskar hugs eachother
swara and ragini plans to go for an outing.sanskar and laksh comes to a cafe where swara and ragini also comes
they crosses eachother .sanskar asks laksh about his future plans..then laksh jokes saying sanskar will be the first to marry,i’m the second
they both laugh.after a brief chat laksh asks sanskar about his futre wife ..how she should be ..sanskar gives a brief explanation about it swara who is sitting behind him listens and she loves it but she didn’t see his face.meanwhile while coming from washroom ragini notices laksh .at the time sanksar asks laksh about how his future wife should be
ragini listens to his explanation with her eyes closed..she smiles to herself then aftersometimes they bot secides to go,ragini goes first and sees lakssays hi to him while coming swara slips and falls into sanskar’s hands they have an eyelock (teri meri playsin the background) suddenly she come to her consiousness they both move on their way saying sorry
while driving sanskar thinks about swara ,laksh asks him what happened he says nothing and they drive home
in sumi s residence sumi thinks about her happy moments with shekar .a fb is shown where sumi and shekar disscussing about how they wanted to celebrate the 1 st birthday of their kids…shekar also thinks about sumi and the screen freezes on their face

precap: once again swara and sanskar collide with eachother.on the other side ragini feels jealous seeing laksh with other girls

  1. Can u give a link of previous episode??
    Nice plot?

  2. Wow yr plss continue …..

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