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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking about the medicines. Raman says I don’t know. She says I should have understood, Raman why do you do this, why do you try to fool me by these plans, who make mummy ji do this, you made her act ill. Mrs. Bhalla and Mihika defend Raman. Ishita says stop taking his side, accept he is doing wrong, why do you encourage him. Romi comes. Ishita says Romi, Raman made planning again and made Mrs. Bhalla act unwell. Romi says no, I swear Raman was not involved. Ishita says one more supporter, we got worried seeing Mrs. Bhalla ill, if I tell Mr. Bhalla, he will not forgive you. Neelu comes and says Shagun is getting unwell, come soon. Ishita goes.

Raman asks are you all happy now, I told you, anyone does drama, I will get award. Gaurav bribes a man. Parmeet

sees this. Gaurav asks the man to release Mr. Iyer’s pension. The man says its not easy, I did not stop his pension. Gaurav says give this money to him as pension, Mr. Iyer is worried, he should think its his pension. He goes. Parmeet says something is fishy, I have to warn Simmi.

Raman says Mani, relax, its normal. Mani says Shagun may need to be admitted in hospital. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is with her, don’t worry. Mani says its new for me, I m nervous. Raman says I handles this thrice. Mani says I know, hats off to you. Ishita comes and says Shagun is fine, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Mani says I m alone there, you all are here, we can shift here, I have to travel for new project, who will take care of Shagun, Aaliya is young. Ishita says I will come your home to take care of Shagun.

Mani asks are you coming my home. She says yes, Shagun needs me. Raman asks will you go to Mani’s house. She says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says you are angry on this, it was our plan. Mani says you don’t need to come. Ishita says why are we discussing if Shagun needs me, do you have any problem. Mani says no. She says I will come along my daughters. Adi comes and hears this. She says they can’t stay here without me, that’s final. She goes. Adi goes to talk to her. Ishita packs her bag. Adi stops her.

She asks what are you doing. He asks why are you helping Shagun, why is everyone happy for her pregnancy, we all know she can’t become good mum. She asks how can you say this about your mum. He says just you are my mum, she won’t change. She says people change, Shagun helped us in Ruhi’s matter, and its Mani’s child too, I don’t want to stay here, Raman does not realize his mistake, he thinks this is a game and he wants to win, please… Adi asks why are you supporting Shagun. She asks are you done now, let me do what I want. He says do what you want and goes. She says why are you not understanding Adi, Raman will never change.

Raman asks Mani to refuse to Ishita, if she stays here, we can sort our differences. Mani says I will convince her to come back here, I m not taking her for my selfish reasons, I have invested in a new company, my focus will be there, I liked their proposal, I m sure there will be good profits, I had much loss before. Raman says I did not hear about this company, I hope you thought well. Mani says I invested everything, so I have to concentrate, I will take care of Shagun as well. Ishita comes and says you focus on work, I will take care of Shagun, I will get Ruhi and Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to stay till Mr. Bhalla and Appa comes. Ishita says I m sure they will understand me. She sees Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays………….

Mr. Bhalla and Appa come to take pension. The man gives them pension amount. Parmeet looks on and thinks so Gaurav did this, I should tell them. He tells them that its not pension, its Gaurav’s money, he paid this clerk. Mr. Bhalla asks what are you doing here. Parmeet says I came here for work and saw Gaurav. Mr. Bhalla asks the clerk and warns him. The man accepts the money was given to pay them, but Parmeet gave the money, not Gaurav. Gaurav looks on and smiles. Parmeet asks what, did I give you money. Mr. Bhalla scolds Parmeet. He asks him to stay away from Simmi.

Appa gets a call and asks Mr. Bhalla to come, there is some problem. Gaurav gets relieved. Appa and Mr. Bhalla come home. They all discuss about Ishita leaving home. Mihika asks Appa to talk to Ishita. Raman says no, she is stubborn and will not listen. Mr. Bhalla says no, there will be some reason behind this. Romi says think how to get her back. Mihika says Ishita feels we are not on her side. Romi says if we say sorry to her, she will not come back. Appa says yes Raman, till she does not see change in you, she won’t come back. Mrs. Bhalla says husband and family are equal for a wife, if she left you, it means she is much hurt, you have to get her back. They all ask Raman to think how to get Ishita back. Raman gets thinking.

Mani goes to new company office. The lady says that office is sealed, it was not genuine company. He asks what nonsense, I had many meetings, I made big investment, why did you give them space if it was fake company. She says we got to know it now. Mani asks her to owner number. The broker comes and says I got to know about that fake company now, the owner is in jail. Mani says I have to meet that person in jail, I invested my life’s savings in this project.

Mani goes to jail and waits for that person. Niddhi comes. He gets shocked. He says so that fraud company is yours. She says so you got to know this, I m talented and smart to make many such fraud companies, Suhail helped me in trapping you. He asks why me, because I m Raman and Ishu’s friend, you can’t use me against them. She says I heard Shagun is pregnant, think of your baby. He asks what do you mean. She says you are going to become father for the first time, when Shagun knows you will come on road, she will get a big shock, miscarriage happens in such situations, can you take this shock to lose your baby, for saving Raman and Ishita, you won’t have anything, learn from Raman and Ishita, they have risked everything for their children, I want your help, I want revenge from them. He asks do you think I will get scared by your threatening, I will expose you. She threatens him.

She says relations matter to you a lot, Aaliya’s Dadi… He asks how do you know her. She says my men are with her to take care of her, don’t think its false threatening. He says you are lying. She says no, tell me does she not have bp and diabetics, shall I tell more about her, I don’t know kids game, I m not mature enough, if you act smart, then your aunty will die, you have to decide now.

Patients give roses to Ishita at her clinic. Ishita says I have a hint, but who is doing this. Lady says there is someone who knows roses gives you happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think that gaurav is ajnabi chandu I hope simmi will find out soon and again the stupid nidi drama…again she won’t leave bhalla family easily lagta hai ki janmon ki dushmani hai bhalla parivaar se..anyways waiting for Raman’s gulaaabooo appearance

  2. oh God what are Cv’s doing? Ishita is like a nomad packing her bag ,unpacking. Why they spoiling DT character. They already did that to KP character.

    What a ego too Ishita has, if it is really love for her husband, then stay home ,is dragging your daughters back and forth good for their stability?
    I was reading such a lovely YHM fan story. really wish Cv’s will use some of the ideas from those stories.

    Now I just cant wait for them to wrap this serial up.

    1. No jay , its not ishitas ego…’s only choice left for ishita to make raman understand her value…its true that raman did a lot to convince ishita but if ishita forgive him easily he will turn to horrible again when there is any problem…whatever ishita doing is right…she wants to see him as a good person because she loves him…in todays episode ishitas anger is justified because they were playing with her emotions…she felt cheated…

  3. Hello ,VP Rithu Magic Mino Sindhu Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya Bhagya Nish Priya Susan and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..

    Again nidhi won….now mani will help her ..means a storm is coming into ishras life..precap is good…but honestly i dont find Ramans gulabo avatar as exciting..disguising himself as a woman to win ishitas love may be funny but doesn’t make any sense.!!!
    .when param was negative, all circumstances favoured him…and everything happened as per his plans,but when he turned good everything is against him…

    1. Yes Shivani … in Yhm .. Have we ever viewed happiness in Ishras life … back again Nidhi won … I must say no character is shown with a spine here … instead of getting blackmailed , how to defeat the other person … no one cud .. whether Raman or Ishitha ..or Mani … Ashok Shaghun . Nidhi get away with their things . Very true Ramans gulabo also going to back fire .. I am sure . I really feel as you said a big storm is coming in Ishras life … Ekta and Sandhip is pshychic people I feel ..,First time I felt cheap of Ishitha taking a stern decision … she knows his love … leave his love .. she loves him … Raman deserves all this but the cheap story line is very disgusting …

  4. Hi all …. I really dont know what to commend … This SAndhip Sickend is a sick person I believe . From where to what he is dragging this story ….Raman was made characterless … we all liked him very much … started hating his character … same now with Ishitha … Adi is right how can she go to take care of Shaghun ? Ishitha is a maid now … she is a dentist , highly independent taking her kids and moving to her own apartment understandable . To twist the story line what cvs opted is totally wrong .. All scenes … Gaurav Param Mani Nidhi … what rubbish they are showing .. Ishithas character put all of us down today . The cvs want us to hate her and start liking Shaghun … Ektas favourite AH … sorry to say this … Production team has a big hand in the damage of these two talented actors . What logic is there for her to go nd stay in Manis house . She can stay away from Raman for her selfrespect .. what respect she is earning with Shaghun now … oh I feel like killing every body in yhm and be happy ..

    1. Well said vp… Cvs had gone brainless.. Ishitha will never learn frm her mistakes.. Always changing traits of characters overnight. They made raman arrogant nd now ishitha a hand maidrn for shagun… Making mani too neg.. Seems lyk noone can stay happily in yhm.. All villians are getting all previlages here.. Fed up with this… This voming gulabo track too is not fascinating me much..

  5. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiram, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp and many YHM fans..

    Yes Jay, I felt the same. That is why I commented yesterday saying she keeps shuttiling her daughters back and forth. The daughters love Raman. So at the the cvs had made Ishita as a horrible mum who is depriving father’s love. Why the sudden care and concern for her daughters? Remember she left Pihu too… I am not saying to spite Ishita or what… She also must understand that she too made mistakes. Raman of course made more mistakes. He is realizing it and give him a chance. I was angry at Raman during Ruhi’s trial but after seeing that Raman is trying his best to mend his ways I was thinking at least Ishita should see he is trying. Poor Pihu first she was shuttled back and forth with Raman and Shagun and now she is shuttled back and forth with Ishita and Raman. Can’t Ishita realise how it will affect Pihu? Stupid cvs……. What are they showing? They can have Ishita in the same house but show her limiting her conversation with Raman and Raman trying hard to get close to her. That will at least be nice to watch than she running off to Shagun to help her. In the end both Mani and Shagun are going to betray Ishita. Hope the matadevi will realise then whom to trust. Adi loves his Ishimaa very much and she does not even want to listen to him.

    VP you are right. I find that she is distant with Adi but Adi is the one who loves his Ishimaa more than anyone. Shagun will definitely try to backfire Ishita. She can’t be all that good. She has said before that Ishita is not her friend but she is doing this for Ruhi.

    Oh man…. Niddhi is another hopeless fool..

  6. Really true ishitha character spoiled in just one week the person who cared and loved her husband so much now not caring for his feelings we know that this the matter of ishitha self respect but self respect should not turn into ego she tells that whatever she is doing for her daughter well upbringing then where it is written making chidren away from fathers love is it good she was telling ran that he always blame her but today she blamed raman without his fault after left bhalla house she didnt even went to ruhi or pihu and didnt explain her daughters that for what purpose she took this step there ruhi blaming herself for ishra spereation she least bothered about her chidren condition by thjs fight serisously i am not liking this ishitha and yesterday she was thinking that how could she be with raman in the same room has if like raman will molest her doesnt she trust her husband and nowadays ishitha is not respecting anyone felling and today she was so rude to adi and i saw a new video that raman will dress like a girl and goes to ishitha and will share a apartment with her this drama is
    too convince i really pity on actors and actress who work for ekta kapoor tv shows because by seeing these type of cheap drama for half an hour we will get head ache think about about actors who work will get mentally stressed i ekta kapoor she has a habit to drag a simple story for years but in other serial they finish up it one or two episode because of ekta kapoor hero and heroine will loose there fame becauae she wil book the actors for 5 years and in this 5 years many new comer come into tv indusrty and will become famous and after leaving leaving ekta kapoors show they will not have much value for that heroines

    1. Hi Abhishek Sindhu shivani and Jay …I dont feel sympathy for Raman … he has to reform … Going to Manis house to take care of Shaghun … that too who troubled her a lot taking kids is wrong step . Ishras annuversary and valentine day will be a crap this year … I feel sorry for KP and Dt …to act so cheap like this … Whats taking care of Shaghun … I think Ishitha and Raman have no work …at all … why do cvs want to show so much negativity … really … i love the character Ishitha v much but today cvs made her characterless .

      1. That is what I have been saying all along. As soon as there is some traditional event coming up which in the past have always been very romantic moments for IshRa they do somethin or the other to separate them. As will be the case with the wedding anniversary and valentines day. By doing this they are avoiding romantic scenes.

  7. Yah even I am trying to tell u the same thing that ishita doesn’t love adi… she sidelines her children. Ruhi pihu on one side and adi on other side… no matter what adi tells her she cares a damn. I am saying ture coz the devi maata ishita is going to take care of that shagun. Has she no shame? Shes talking abt self respect when she doesn’t have it. Mani is there to take care of her. Poor raman.. agreed that he made many mistakes but he is repenting on it. And that egoist ishita is misunderstanding him and distancing him from her daughters.. it will definitely affect them. Adi shld have not supported ishita as she hates him. A mother,.who sidelines her kids cannot become proud of herself. Let ishita die…

    1. very true thm … when it comes to Adi and his love to her … Ishitha is neglecting .. cvs must be having some poor story line on the way to spoil their bond . What to tell . Cvs are really playing with fans emotions too much to tolerate …

  8. Loveleen

    Can anyone clear me if Gaurav is postv or negtv ?? He is helping them bt m confused of his character….

    1. Def Gaurav is negative loveleen

  9. Candiva007

    I have a great story line for the CV’s. Someone should bomb the jail and it kills Niddhi and her brother and everyone lives happily ever after and no babies or children gets killed. Then you can do your storyline about Simmi and her love triangle between Parmeet and Gaurav. I’m tired of seeing Niddhi and her revenge on the Bhalla family.

    1. Yes thats a good idea!

  10. Rahul96

    Hii guys
    I do very less comments here but I am regular commentor on the page of YRKKH. I am 20 year old and I guess Most of you here are more than 20. YHM has become a crap .

    Actually guys I want your advice on my pov regarding my serial . I know that I am not a part of your yhm family. And I am not forcing you guys to give advice . And I have posted the same thing on page of tellyupdates of YRKKH and is posting here also. Because it guess almost everyone here is more than 20 .

    My pov is that:-
    I think that serials like YHM , YRKKH , Ishqbaaa are also misguiding youth ( including me also ) . I do agree that YRKKH is the only serial that gives values of family relationships and rituals. But it is misguiding in the way of Akshara, Naitik , Ishita ,Naira , Kartik , Raman etc. By watching this serials youths generally starts dreaming that every girl deserve kartik like husband and Naira like wife. And when they will meet with their partner in real life or when they will get married it might be possible that they will try to find Naitik’s or Akshara’s quality in their partners and will be disheartened in not finding such characters in their partners!!!!
    Because in real life no girls are like akshara , Ishita , Naira etc and no boys are like Naitik , Raman , Kartik etc. And I think in this world of “money” , “well settled” , “fraud” , “beautiful” love exist only in dreams. I guess this is bitter but in my opinion it is true.
    Serials like ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , YHM are only creating a fake world of romance and love in the imagination of youth . But in real truth is just opposite !!!! …. ( To be continued …. This is part 1)

    1. Hi Rahul96 very true what you are saying … All stories are imagination only … and tv serials are for entetainment . Many people are watching … something to make them happy away from their stressed life . I am the eldest member here … I had never been fond of any serials in any language . I read a lot … but Yhm when I used to see the promo and its based on the novel Custody by Manju Kapoor and when I saw DT is the female kead role … I started watching and sad to say addicted to this YHM .Even today I will tell till Surrogacy it was superb … even though so many twists were not acceptable . After that oh my God it is totally a crap . In between for minutes I see yrkk or Isqbaaz or any serials are near to yhm what it was before surrogancy . Today whatever happens in Yhm is a crap and feel sorry for not able to stop watching it due to Diwan . without negatives … a storyline cannot move … but not like this showing the poor system of our police judiciacy jail and govt organization . Bribe and get your things done . There are million housewives in India … they are really after serials .. thats their life … but I fully agree with you … all these characters are misguiding to the youth … Ishithas many steps we all appreciate … the whole world loves Ishima … a step mother can be better than own mother … we all understood … but ex wife current wife … mixing everything .. totally rubbish … to me yhm has become like yrkk saath sathiya .. the horrible one .. all in fact . but Kp and Dt is the truth . Nobody can come to one percent of their talent and their acting . The sad thing is cvs cud twist the track positively … Adi is right here … his values are not taken into consideration . Anyways I appreciate your observation and thank you …

  11. Rahul96

    … ( This is part 2….)
    Serials like ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , YHM are only creating a fake world of romance and love in the imagination of youth . And I guess that fan fiction , which are written on page of tellyupdates , are outcome of these imaginations only , where we try to give our hero and heroine our favourite personality and character !!!
    ( I am really sorry to all the fan fiction writers and you all are excellent writers and does a lot of thinking and hard work in writing fan fiction but I hope you guys understand that I am pointing to some other points . I am again saying sorry to all fan fiction writers )
    But in real life truth is just opposite . Love exist only in these serials , love novels , imagination , dreams !!!
    In serials it took only 30 minutes and few words ( which are written as after 7 years )
    to show a leap of 7 years . But in real life 7 years is too long!!!
    In a nutshell Serials like ishqbaaaz , YRKKH , YHM are only misguding youth by creating a fake world of romance and love in imagination of youth . Because in real life there is no one Ishita , Akshara , Naitik , Raman etc.
    I hope till now you guys must have understood what I am trying to say !!!
    And this is my pov !!! I am extremely sorry if I have hurted anyone feelings and extremely sorry to all the fan fiction writers!!!!
    Now guys I want the advice of elders that is my pov wrong or right ??? Even my younger brother and sister can also give me advice !!!

    Please guys don’t take me as rude!!! I am humble and kind hearted it is just that I want to clear my oiv

  12. Oh Oh My gosh what Crap & Rubbish is this.. Have not watched this for some time but read up dates from here & there. Goodness me this is degrading Marriage , Exp The life between Husbands & Wives,Family Life, Kids feelings etc.. Misunderstandings never ending… Why only Bhalla Family suffering from Blackmail family crisis etc. What has happened to the other families??? who is Niddhi anyway why so much prominence for her & Shagun, Why couldn’t they make Ishu Preggy. She is very young not like Shagun who has a twenty one yrs old Son … So are the rumours true that KP & DT can’t see eye to eye?? Why??? they are doing their job nothing personal here…Anyway this Ekta & Her crew has messed up big time now they can’t find from where to get positive. Still they can make it so well get Ishu & Raman back together & start happy times.. but i doubt it as their minds are Sadistic. Full of Venom, Revenge etc. someone in the crew is screwing up the whole story as they must be having lives as the show is… what is the point even commenting.. all interest gone .
    Hi To All God Bless All Of You all.

    1. How is your health Mino ?

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